Feb 122010
Can I Be Fired For Consuming Medical Marijuana?

A question that I often hear is ‘Now that I have my medical marijuana card, I can’t be fired for failing a drug test, right?’ As with almost every medical marijuana question, the answer is ‘It depends on which state you live in.’ There are currently 14 states that have a medical marijuana program (Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Michigan, Montana, Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island, and New Jersey). Out of these 14 states, only Rhode Island protects against employer drug tests. A patient can make an [...]

Feb 112010
Colorado City OK With Dispensaries?

Fort Collins, CO dispensaries will likely be allowed to stay open until the city figures out how to regulate them (see link). A majority of City Council members said they are open to “grandfathering in” currently licensed dispensaries until the city sees what rules are enacted by the Colorado Legislature later this year. Fort Collins city staffers came up with proposed temporary regulations in order to find a good balance for the time being. Fort Collins placed a ban on issuing licenses for dispensaries back in December. Fort Collins currently [...]

Feb 112010
How Much Should I Be Paying For My Weed?

How much does weed cost? I don’t have a medical card nor do I grow illegally so I have to go out and find marijuana on the “black market.” One question that comes up often when talking to weed smokers all over is “how much should weed cost?” It’s an interesting question that depends on a lot of different factors. Here are a few things that go into determining the price of the weed you put into your bong bowl: 1.How good is the weed? Obviously, the dankest of the [...]

Feb 102010
Missouri Shows Support For Medical Marijuana

It’s a big day for marijuana fans in Missouri. Members of Sensiblemissouri.org, along with some prospective medical marijuana patients, met with state lawmakers in Jefferson City to show support for HB 1670. The bill, which seeks to legalize medical marijuana, is sponsored by Representatives Meiners and Schaaf. Missouri HB 1670 would: 1. Make marijuana a Schedule II Controlled Substance (currently it is Schedule I). 2. Provide legal protection to a qualifying patient who possesses a written certification for the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Qualifying patients who are minors [...]

Feb 092010
Grower Tip of the Week - How To Get Rid of Spider Mites

I am starting a new series for ‘Grower Tips.’ Essentially, I will post a question on my Facebook wall and see what responses come up. These tips don’t come from me; they come straight from Facebook fans, so take them for what they are. The question posted this week was ‘What is the best way to get rid of spider mites?’ Here were the responses: Shaun Paton — “F.Y.I. ladybugs hunt down spider mites, also the ladybugs do not harm the plant in any way, much better than using pesticide.” [...]

Feb 082010
My Chong Bong and 'Operation Pipe Dreams'

My favorite possession is my ‘Chong Bong.’ I have talked about it on Facebook quite a few times, and for good reason; it is the best bong I have ever smoked off of. But there is more to my bong than meets the eye. Because of this bong, and others like it, the legendary Tommy Chong had to do hard time in federal prison. I’m sure by now most of the readers already know about ‘Operation Pipe Dreams,’ and how dumb it was, but for those of you that are [...]

Feb 082010
Sunday Interview - Smokey's Gift Shop

  Smokey’s Head Shop In Salem, Oregon One of my favorite activities is going to Oregon’s capital, Salem, and harassing politicians. They are elected to serve the public, and I pay taxes, so might as well get my money’s worth right? Another reason why I go to Salem is to hit up the finest head shop I have ever seen. ‘Smokey’s Gift Shop’ is located at 285 Liberty Road NE Salem, Oregon 97301 (right downtown), and it is my favorite place in the world. This Sunday I sat down with [...]

Feb 062010
Washington State to Expand Medical Marijuana?

On Friday, the Washington State Senate passed a bill (SB 5798) that would allow more medical professionals to authorize medical marijuana use (see the link for the actual bill). The bill would add physician assistants, naturopaths, and a few other positions to the current list of practitioners. Currently, only physicians are allowed to authorize medical marijuana. Similar bills in other states have been introduced in the past, via the initiative system, but they have always been voted down. This bill is interesting because it was initiated by politicians, not voters, [...]

Saturday Stoner Comedy 2/6/10

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Feb 062010
Saturday Stoner Comedy 2/6/10

It’s Saturday so grab some weed and check out these videos! P.S. May contain some cursin’. Harold and Kumar smoke with the President: Here is some stand-up from Dave Martin: This is a great clip from Super-High Me: This intro from Pineapple Express is great! More Cheech and Chong on Fox News. This never ceases to be funny.

Feb 052010
Stoner Boycotts

Recently, you may have heard something about a stoner boycott against Starbucks. For those of you that haven’t, here is the breakdown; Last month, the organization ‘Safer Alternative For Enjoyable Recreation’ called for a nationwide boycott of Starbucks after the coffee company appeared on the “sponsor” page of the Colorado Drug Investigators Association (see the link). The CDIA is a group of law enforcement officials lobbying to end the state’s voter-approved medical marijuana system and revert back to the old laws. After word of the boycott spread on the internet, [...]