Dec 202010
 December 20, 2010
Another Marijuana-Based School Will Help Arizonans Get on Track

As the people of Arizona usher in Prop 203, which will make available 124 dispensary licenses for the state, 420 College will be on the scene to help blaze this new trail with it’s brand of knowledge and professional expertise. 420 College is a California based Medical Marijuana Training Institute, which focuses on marijuana law, medical marijuana business, and provides an extensive discourse in general cannabis education. With such a limited number of licenses up for grabs, time is of the essence. As a result, 420 College will be taking [...]

Dec 192010
 December 19, 2010
Marc Emery Prison Blog Post Number Twenty

Marijuana Activist Marc Emery Prison Blog Thursday, December 16 2010 [Editor's note: This letter was sent from Marc Emery to CC Editor Jeremiah Vandermeer on Dec 3, 2010.] Dear Jeremiah: D. Ray James is a bizarrely run prison — excuse me — “correctional facility”. Of the many wrong things here: Security The facility is designated low-security for INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) ‘deportable alien’ inmates. It is, in fact, run and controlled like a medium-high security prison. But in regular BOP medium-security prisons, you get a two-bunk cell to share; [...]

Dec 192010
 December 19, 2010
A Tribute to the Great Jack Herer

The Hero of Hemp Jack Herer Jack Herer’s widow recalls the life of the cannabis movement’s most beloved icons By Paul Rogers Jack Herer was never an elected law-maker who could formally shape policy. Nor was he some billionaire who could buy influence. Yet his rare combination of brilliant intellect, endless curiosity, scholarly diligence and passionate people skills made him a force of nature whose impact is perhaps only just beginning to be truly felt. All but complete Johnny-come-latelies to cannabis culture probably have some awareness of Jack “The Hemperor” [...]

Dec 192010
 December 19, 2010
Will 2011 Be Marijuana Friendly

As the New Year holiday approaches, conversations I have been having with friends almost always turn to 2011 questions and projections about the marijuana industry. What will 2011 have in store for marijuana? Will the political climate be friendly, or ruthless? Will the market see more innovations, or will supply and demand get too far out of balance? Will law enforcement go after real crime, or will they increase raids and busts? The legislative climate is murky for 2011. It’s an off year for the election cycle, so only special [...]

Dec 172010
 December 17, 2010
New Mexico Makes Changes To Increase Medical Marijuana Supply

The New Mexico Department of Health has approved changes to the state medical marijuana program that would allow for more marijuana to be produced. The changes come with a steep price as policy makers also approved new fees for producers, as much as $30,000 in some cases. Health Secretary Dr. Alfredo Vigil also agreed to license eight additional growers. This increase is on top of the 17 producers currently operating in the state. This increase is to feed the demand of the roughly 3,000 medical marijuana patients in New Mexico. [...]

Dec 152010
 December 15, 2010
Washington Tries to Collect Tax From Medical Marijuana

The Washington Department of Revenue has launched a statewide effort to collect sales tax from medical marijuana dispensaries – even as some prosecutors and the Health Department maintain such dispensaries are illegal. Spokesman Mike Gowrylow said Tuesday the Revenue Department mailed letters to 90 dispensaries and related organizations, insisting that medical marijuana is not exempt from state sales tax and that dispensaries must collect that money and turn it over to the state. The letters, sent Friday, said dispensaries must also pay the state business and occupation tax. “We were [...]

Dec 142010
 December 14, 2010
Canada Senators Have Reefer Madness

Canada Senators Want Mandatory Sentences For Marijuana Charges As an Oregonian, I have seen the failed policy of mandatory sentences first hand. Even with the best intentions in mind, it just never works out. Here in Oregon we have ‘Measure 11’offenses which require mandatory sentences for certain offenses. While it punishes many deserving guilty parties, it is so inflexible that it leaves no room for a judgment call in a grey area case (isn’t that the whole point of the court system?). Since mandatory sentences have no place in any [...]

Dec 132010
 December 13, 2010

This article highlights a very important issue that I have been preaching about lately — taxes on medical marijuana. As you will read in the story below, the largest dispensary in America is being audited by the IRS. There is an old provision in the tax code that could possibly be used against not only this dispensary, but all organizations that sell marijuana (dispensary, collective, club, etc). Every dispensary that I have talked to, in an honest effort to be legit on the books, have been deducting business expenses like [...]

Dec 132010
 December 13, 2010
New Marijuana Legalization Group Hits Washington DC

A new trade group, called the National Cannabis Industry Association, is an attempt to bring together sellers, growers and manufacturers and to promote marijuana on Capitol Hill. “Our intent is to be the go-to organization in Washington for this industry,” said Aaron Smith, the group’s executive director. For the past five years, Smith worked as the California director of the Marijuana Policy Project. “Coming out of California and expanding into this national field is pretty exciting,” he said. “There’s been a lot of enthusiasm. . . . It’s pretty clear [...]

Dec 122010
 December 12, 2010
San Jose Experiences Marijuana Tax Implementation Issues

San Jose voters decided to tax pot, but the question is how? This is a solid article by a new guest post writer. The feds have always used taxes to combat things that they don’t like, and it looks like marijuana could be the new target as the industry continues to grow. Here is the article: By Dean Schaffer It’s funny how elections work sometimes. On the day Californians defeated Proposition 19, voters in 10 cities authorized taxing marijuana. Because Prop. 19 would have legalized the recreational use of pot, [...]