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Official Results From The High Times Medical Cannabis Cup In San Francisco

Here are the official results from the Medical Cannabis Cup in San Francisco — June 25 & 26: BEST PRODUCT Solace Meds LLC, The Incredibowl BEST BOOTH 1st Place — Magnolia Wellness 2nd Place — Nor Cal Genetics Seed Collective 3rd Place — Element Wellness EDIBLES CUP 1st Place — Greenway Compassionate Relief’s Baklava 2nd […]

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Marijuana Tips and Tricks Medical Marijuana Policy

New Dispensary Research And Comparison Tool Available For Medical Marijuana Patients

As most Medical Marijuana Patients know, there are tons of dispensaries out there, and it can sometimes be hard to find the best one for you. Don’t make the mistake of assuming they’re all the same, as different dispensaries can specialize in different things, or practice more discretion than others. While there are tons of […]

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Massachusetts Lawmakers Considering Medical Marijuana Bill

Massachusetts lawmakers are considering a bill that would legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Sen. Stanley Rosenberg of Amherst and Brookline Rep. Frank Smizik are co-sponsoring the bill. They say it would establish a registration process for patients suffering from chronic or debilitating illnesses, according to Freedom Is Green. Representative Frank Smizick issued […]