Jan 312012
"Regulate Marijuana Like Wine" Finds 62% Support In New California Poll

by Phillip Smith A voter survey commissioned by California’s Regulate Marijuana Like Wine (RMLW) initiative campaign suggests the initiative could win at the polls in November–if it manages to make it on the ballot in the first place. RMLW is one of handful of proposed 2012 California marijuana legalization initiatives, all of them ill-funded. For any of them to make the ballot, they have to come up with more than 500,000 valid voter signatures by April, a task that is considered almost impossibly to accomplish by volunteer efforts alone. RMLW [...]

Jan 312012
Cannabis Science Presents Photographic Evidence Showing Cannabis Shrinking Cancer Tumors

Cannabis Science, Inc. a pioneering U.S. biotech company developing pharmaceutical cannabis (marijuana) products, is pleased to share new photographs from this cancer patient with severe squamous cell carcinoma. These pictures clearly show that this patient, with previously treatment-resistant tumors, continues to make obvious improvement. The tumors appear to be dying and then healing after treatment with cannabis-based extracts. Cannabis Science has been working closely with this patient who has multiple squamous cell carcinoma tumors on his head. The latest pictures indicate that this patient is making dramatic improvement using cannabis-extract [...]

Jan 312012
Why LED Grow Lights Are Ideal For Indoor Gardens

One of the most important decisions faced by an indoor gardener is what type of grow light to use. Plants need specific types of light in order to photosynthesize. Leafy, green plants need light from a different spectrum than do seedlings and flowering or fruit-bearing plants. Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium, Fluorescent and Incandescent are a few of the available options for grow lights. Some produce light on the ‘blue’ spectrum, while other produce light on the ‘red/orange’ spectrum. Full-spectrum Fluorescent lights are just that, but since plants do not [...]

Jan 302012
The Top 10 Obscure And Forgotten Stoner Snacks

By Barry Blunt of kushsmoke.com One of the HIGHlights of a quality smoke session the wave that hits you about 10 minutes after: a severe case of the munchies. But let’s be real. While Harold and Kumar’s adventure to White Castle made for a timeless stoner classic, the premise is inherently flawed. Stoners don’t want to move more than 10 feet to get their grub on. There’s pretty much two options: work with what’s in the kitchen or dial 9 digits for some delivery. Thus, it’s part of the stoner [...]

Jan 302012
Union Of Medical Marijuana Patients Offers City Of LA Alternatives To Proposed Dispensary Ban

Help Fight The Pending Motion to Completely Ban Medical Cannabis Dispensaries In LA – Press Conference Tuesday at 9:30 am James Shaw, director of the Union of Medical Marijuana Patients, announced that the Union has provided the members of the Los Angeles City Council and City Attorney two motions to regulate medical cannabis dispensaries as an alternatives to the City Attorney draconian solution to City Council’s concerns (the initial drafts are posted at www.Unionmmp.org). “We have had extensive meetings with Council staff over the past two months and heard their [...]

Jan 302012
LEAP's Marijuana Legalization Question Ignored By YouTube And White House

YouTube Ignores Cop’s First Place Marijuana Legalization Video Question for Obama Well, the YouTube/White House “Your Interview with the President” livestream just wrapped up, and unfortunately the web giant did not find the time to present President Obama with the marijuana legalization video question from a retired police officer that received, by far, more votes than any other video in the contest. They did find time, however, to pick the president’s brain on pressing national issues like…. late night snacks, singing and dancing, celebrating wedding anniversaries and playing tennis. Seriously… [...]

Jan 302012
Could Anxiety Be Treated With Medical Cannabis?

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older For the government to accept cannabis use as an acceptable recreational drug, it’s clear that something needs to change. While opinions of marijuana have become more lax over time, the degree of change is moving far too slowly. Part of the problem is that those that oppose the drug are the ones with the loudest voice, and they carry with them the appearance of authority simply because [...]

Jan 302012
Vermont Medical Cannabis Dispensary Rules Released

The Vermont Department of Public Safety has released the guidelines for medical marijuana dispensaries to operate within the state, according to a report by WCAX in Burlington. Patients and advocates are pleased to see progress being made to bring medical cannabis dispensaries to Vermont. Currently, the roughly 450 medical cannabis patients in Vermont must grow their own medicine, or have a registered caregiver do it for them. This policy leaves many people without quality medicine; since growing good cannabis is not easy. The plan is for up to four dispensaries [...]

Jan 302012
More Doctors Should Recommend Cannabis To Cancer Patients According To Israeli Study

By Steve Elliott of Toke of the Town More than two-thirds of cancer patients who were prescribed medical marijuana to combat pain are satisfied with the treatment, according to a comprehensive new study from Israel. The study involved 264 cancer patients who were treated with medical marijuana for a full year, reports Dan Even at Haaretz. The research was conducted at Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer, in conjunction with the Israeli Cancer Association. About 61 percent of the patients reported a significant improvement in their quality of life as a [...]

Jan 292012
What Is Your Favorite Kind Of Joint-Rolling Papers?

What Rolling Papers Do You Use To Roll Marijuana Joints? Choosing a type of rolling paper is much more complicated than it used to be. Back in the day when smoke shops weren’t as prevalent, I pretty much only bought my rolling papers at the local 7-11. It had the standard selection of Top brand papers and Zig-zags. My how things have changed. Now, whether you go to a head shop or look on the internet, there are dozens if not hundreds of different options. As any of my friend’s [...]