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Does Marijuana Enhance Creativity?

Does Marijuana Helps Get the Creative Juices Flowing By Sean – Herbal Incense | Spice Incense We marijuana smokers often attribute many benefits to our beloved weed. Many great writers, musicians and thinkers throughout history have used marijuana, including Oscar Wilde, Carl Sagan, Bob Dylan and Hunter S. Thompson. We smokers are admittedly keen to […]

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Medical Marijuana Access Initiatives Filed In Five Cities In San Diego County

Citizens for Patient Rights, in association with the Patient Care Association, is pleased to announce that they are expanding their direct democracy campaign for safe access to sympathetic communities around San Diego County. In the last week, initiative proposals to allow compassionate use dispensaries have been filed in Encinitas, Solana Beach, Lemon Grove and La […]

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Medical Marijuana Policy

Washington, DC, Announces Six Locations Medical Marijuana Will Be Legally Grown

Announcement Comes as Obama Administration Escalates Attack on Medical Marijuana Patients and Caregivers in California, Colorado and other Medical Marijuana States Drug Policy Alliance Commends DC Policymakers for Respecting Voters and Standing Up to Federal Government to Protect Patients, But Calls on Them to Allow Patients to Grow Their Own A nearly 15-year fight in […]

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Interview With Northwestern University Students For Sensible Drug Policy Chapter

Northwestern University Students For Sensible Drug Policy Chapter I was inspired at the 2012 Cannabis Law Reform Conference hosted by Oregon Students for Sensible Drug Policy by what college students can do if they put their minds to it. I sent out e-mails across the nation, and even to some international Students for Sensible Drug […]