Sep 202016
 September 20, 2016

Missouri is my home state and particularly dear to me. I would love more than anything to see this state get a medical marijuana law passed, as passage of a law like this in a state in the middle of America’s heartland could do wonders for Cannabis law reform on the federal level. This week the 2016 Missouri Medical Marijuana Vote is in a Judges Hands. Cole County Circuit Court Judge Daniele Green will decide if Missouri’s medical marijuana proposal will make the the ballot in the Show-Me-State. Backed by the nonprofit New Approach Missouri, the measure would allow doctors to recomend cannabis to treat patients with certain conditions, including cancer, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Celeste Bott from the Post Dispatch writes:

“Election authorities in a district encompassing Jefferson, St. Charles and St. Louis counties invalidated 10,700 signatures collected for the petition, leaving the campaign 2,000 shy of the required 32,337 they needed for that district.”

“Supporters of the effort say the sheer number of signatures tossed out was cause for concern, questioning if overworked or inexperienced staffers made a mistake.”


I agree that this is cause for concern, and hope that the judge will implement what is clearly the will of the voters. Missouri’s voice stands to be loud in the bigger picture of who has legal weed on the ballot this November.

Find out more about this discrepancy and about the court case regarding Missouri’s medical marijuana initiative, here:



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