Feb 202016
 February 20, 2016

I attended the 2012 SoCal High Times Medical Cannabis Cup when it was held in Los Angeles. Due to various reasons, the event was later moved to San Bernardino to the NOS Center. I have attended other events at that venue, but never a Cannabis Cup. It’s a stellar location, and when the Cup is involved, I’d imagine it was nothing short of fantastic. Below are entries to the Cup, from edibles to concentrates to various flower strains. If you are like me, and couldn’t attend the Cup, this is a great way to live vicariously through others that were in attendance:

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  • master eleven

    Not sure what the rules are on the forum about new business’s. But I have been working on a new bong design and it’s almost ready to be shown to the world. But first I would like to have a cool name for it and that is where all you guys come in.

    Post some cool names for a new innovative bong design, the likes of which has never existed. If the name you post is the one we choose, then we will reward you with on of our new bongs.

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    • michael_ellis

      Vaporware? Sorry, couldn’t resist. Seriously, post a video of your new gizmo in action when it’s ready you’ll get a ton of names.

      • master eleven

        I know, but its just so exciting and i can’t believe i haven’t come up with a name for it, so i decided to let the people decide, after all everything that went into its design was with everyone in mind. the People’s Bong so to speak, wait till you see it.

        • exbioman

          Sounds like Out of this World.
          Transcendental. I was just listening to Apollo 10’s lost tapes on Huff Post. Sounds from the Dark side of the Moon.
          Mesmerized by the PC.


    Enjoy these edibles while you can… Ya’ll’s gonna have to make edibles
    that aren’t attractive to CHILDREN once full legalization hits. Bye-bye
    candy canes, gummies, teddy bears etc etc… Also they’ll have to be
    wrapped in child-resistant packaging and sold only in SINGLE DOSE (10mg)
    packages… Make them in a form UNATTRACTIVE to kids…. broccoli,
    brussel sprouts… Kids HATE veggies ! For those of you who can’t live
    without their 250mg THC gummy bears, two words…. grow up !

    • DeeperDish

      There will still be a black market and people will still be able to make gummy bears in their own kitchen. Regulation will not stop people from their own treats.

    • Josef Forrester

      Remove stick from ass…

  • Nanga Rody

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