May 262016
 May 26, 2016

walk to remember lansing michiganIn the absence of a Memorial Day parade in the city of Lansing, area veterans and activists will hold a walk from the Capitol steps to Adado Park in resemblance of the fallen and the lost.

The City of Lansing chooses not to hold any sort of honors or ceremony to honor our nations fallen on Memorial Day; there is a small honor ceremony the Saturday before Memorial Day. Veteran Dakota Serna hopes to rekindle the meaning of Memorial Day to the citizens by honoring the dead on the day they were given so many years ago.

The Walk will feature a starting speech in front of the State Capitol building, followed by a march down Michigan Avenue to the park, where a gathering will be held on a hill.

The public will have opportunities to share their stories of loss and their hopes for the future. Attendees are encouraged to bring photos of those they honor.

“Walk to Remember” is organized by Dakota Serna, a Marine veteran who fought in Iraq. Serna is a national speaker on veteran’s affairs and recently testified before a Michigan House committee. “The City of Lansing holds a ceremony the Saturday before Memorial Day. I wanted to honor our fallen on the day that was given to them many years ago. I’ve lost brothers in combat, and I feel it’s the least I can do to ensure their memory lives on,” Serna said.

WHO: Local veteran and Lansing native Dakota Blue Serna, All public welcome

WHAT: “Walk to Remember” Memorial Day Remembrance Event

WHERE: Lansing, MI Starting at the East side of the Capitol building. Walking to, and ending at Adado River Front Park

WHEN: Memorial Day May 30th, 2016. 1200PM-3PM

Source: The Compassion Chronicles



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