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420 Disc Fatty Spoon Pipe With Switchback


420 Disc Fatty Spoon Pipe with Switchback

From time to time I get ad e-mails from online head shops. I thought these pipes were pretty cool for a concert scenario or hiking. If you have a bong or pipe that you would like us to post, send me an e-mail! The info is below

These 420 spoon pipes fit perfectly in your pocket and are set upon colour changing glass. The deep glass bowl is decorated with three glass beads on the right side of the pipe. Moving into the main ‘fatty’ disc shaped chamber, there is a large and colourful switchback design which gives this piece a vibrant overall look. The mouthpiece is at the top of the switchback ‘fatty’ chamber.

Colours vary with these pipes; they are all set upon colour changing glass. A simple, functional yet eye catching design. These pipe are perfect little travel accessories for smokers worldwide.

Weight: 90g

Size: 100mm x 60mm

Available at EveryOneDoesIt.Com

420 Disc Fatty Spoon Pipe with Switchback



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