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A Fifty Five Year Prison Sentence For $350 Worth Of Marijuana?


weldon angelos prison federal mandatory sentencingThe story of Weldon Angelos is one that every marijuana reform supporter should know. Weldon Angelos is currently serving a 55 year prison sentence for selling $350 worth of marijuana while having guns in his home in 2004. A lot of people don’t know that possessing a firearm while selling marijuana results in huge federal penalties.

If you get caught possessing a firearm during a drug transaction, federal law requires a mandatory minimum sentence of five years in prison for the first offense, and 25 years for each subsequent offense. Also, there is no parole for federal offenses. These rigid guidelines are way to harsh, and don’t allow any flexibility when it comes to sentencing. In Oregon we have minimum sentencing for some offenses (not marijuana), and they are horrible public policy.

“There is no question that Mr. Angelos committed a crime and deserved to be punished. But 55 years?” Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy said, according to Fox News. “Mr. Angelos will be in prison until he is nearly 80 years old. His children, only 5 and 6 at the time of his sentencing, will be in their 60s. American taxpayers will have spent more than $1.5 million locking him up.”

Mr. Angelos lost his original appeal, and his case was denied by the United States Supreme Court. The only option now is a pardon by the Obama Administration. A 114 person coalition is asking for exactly that. An ex-FBI director, former judges, prosecutors, scholars , politicians, and celebrities have signed a request asking for the Obama Administration to step up. I’d go one step further and urge federal lawmakers to reform mandatory minimum sentencing in addition to a pardon for Mr. Angelos.


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  • Kathryn McElroy

    I wish it were cookin!

  • Kathryn McElroy

    Preach it brother. I used to innocently wonder how so few can control so many and now we have discovered that they do not care about right and wrong. That authority figures are duplicitous in their actions. We must figure a way around that. It would take some good renegade cops & lawyers to expose some hypocrisy and start busting the congressman for coke and all the drugs & things they do instead of letting them skate. But hey…that takes courage. They would be the new heroes. I’m real happy that the Florida tea party senator got busted. THAT WAS A FREAKIN MIRACLE.

  • Mary Jane

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am so sick of my hard earned tax dollars going to this kind of nonsense. Where’s the petition to help this guy, and so many others? I’ll sign in spades and if anyone has some suggestions for other ways to help I’d love to hear them.

  • William Clinton

    Damn right! We take that dangerous plant seriously, hell, it gives people the MUNCHIES ohhh god, the horror!!! And he had guns, no, that’s just totally unacceptable, the second amendment was meant for drunks only. You know the same drunks who get so hammered their brain functions get lowered and they shoot some innocent person. But that’s besides the point, He sold an ounce or two of a plant!!!

    I hope the judge and jury members and anyone else that has a bit of responsibity in this sad case people they care about get raped by someone sent to prison and let out on good behavior (in 3-5 of course, because well damn he wasn’t selling pot, just raping people..) maybe that would make them think about the poor guy whose life they took away, for a couple measly ounces of a plant while using the 2nd amendment rights. (note the founding fathers never said, right to bear arms, unless you are using/selling weed). Also noteworthy, a felon in possession of a firearm, gets 5-10 years, where the hell does this guy get 55 from? Oh wait, that super dangerous and addictive substance that’s killing the fridge’s food supply, and making people sit on the couch for extended periods of time.

  • William Clinton

    Yep, when a rapist does less time than someone who sells a ounce of pot, that’s when you know the laws are fucked up, as to how the government keeps claiming the american people, they majority of California voted to legalize medical use, and the feds were raiding them left and right. Hell CNN or some other news outlet had a poll (mind you not everyone in america voted, but I think quite a big number did) anyways, more than half of American’s voted that they would like to see marijuana legalized, MORE than half that voted voted yes. It’s all about money, tobacco and alcohol companies give the American politicians money, and in return they want certain things done a certain way, Keeping cigarettes legal (totally stupid) keeping alcohol legal (slightly less stupid) and keeping pot illegal (very stupid compared to the other two) all because change to anyone of those things would fuck up sales.

    Instead of saying the american people, they should just tell it how it is, My campaign funders! Honestly, if everyone who supported legalization just started blatantly growing and smoking it, either laws would get changed or more than half the country would be imprisoned and the government would collapse (from lack of citizens paying taxes, and tons of people in prison eating up taxes)

    TL;DR FUCK THE GOVERNMENT (at least until they fix these fucked up laws where people selling pot get more time than rapists and murderers)

  • William Clinton

    Lets see, have you ever known a pot head to get super violent and want to kill someone over some stupid bullshit? Hmm, now take the same person and make him drunk, and the guy starts trying to fight someone for nothing at all. More than half the country supports legalization of marijuana, so it looks like your view of (potheadhippiegotwathedeserves) is a minority view. Most liquor store owners keep a gun by the cash registe, 90 years ago, they would have been hardcore criminals.

    Rapists can get out in 3-5 with good behavior, and you’re saying this guy deserves more than someone who raped someone? I hope your wife or daughter gets raped, THEN you can tell me this guy selling 350 dollars worth of pot deserves more than the rapist.

  • William Clinton

    Selling 350 dollars worth of pot probably 2 ounces(please note the price is only that high because of prohibition), nets him 55 years without the possiblity of parole, meanwhile the rapist gets out after 3-5 with good behavior. Do they really fear this plant this much? Hopefully he is seen as more of a martyr then super criminal…

  • dustin oliver

    i honestly think that the goverment is twisted and just trying to put money in there pockets. with that being said idk y they wouldnt just let us smoke medicinal weed i have a eating disorder and weed helps me eat ya i love to get high but if i could quit i would but i cant without going without eatin. i love my country but i hate our president and goverment. our goverment aint no better then the ppl we are fighting against just a bunch of greedy money hungry retards.

  • Johnny Rocket

    You should burn in hell for your stupid thoughts.