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A Special Thank You To Unpaid Marijuana Activists


marijuana prohibitionDedicating your life to something that doesn’t reward you monetarily is not an easy thing. Sure, it’s great to get high fives, hugs, and words of admiration and encouragement. However, sadly, you can’t pay rent and other bills with ‘thank you e-mails.’ In a perfect world, all marijuana activists would get paid to do so. But, unfortunately, there are only so many dollars in the marijuana activism world, and those usually go to ‘professionals.’ There are many, many activists out there that dedicate long hours and pour their souls into fighting for reform, and do it while making no dollars. In a lot of cases, they actually spend their hard earned dollars to get to legislative hearings, to attend events to raise awareness, and other vital activism efforts. I know first hand what it’s like to pour your soul into something and dedicate long hours at the expense of family and personal time for zero dollars. It’s not easy.

If what I have described fits you, then I want to say a huge THANK YOU for your efforts. You may be wondering if your efforts are worth it. I know what it’s like to attend activism meetings and have no one listen to you because they are an ‘expert’ in their mind and don’t value what you say. I know what it’s like to pour your soul into something and do something amazing, just to have one or more other people swoop in and try to take credit for it. I know what it’s like to eat peanut butter sandwiches and Top Ramen all week just to afford to put gas in your car to attend a rally. Again, it’s not easy, and I thank all those that have done it, and are doing it, because it’s vital to reform.

Without unpaid marijuana activists, we wouldn’t be achieving the victories we are achieving. That’s not to say that paid activists aren’t significant, because many of them are. I’m just saying that it’s a combo of both, and whereas paid activists get a lot of credit, unpaid activists are usually left behind. Unpaid activists don’t do what they do because they want credit. Unpaid activists don’t fight for reform so that they can be strategically placed to profit from the end of marijuana reform. Unpaid activists do what they do for one reason – because it’s the right thing to do.

I want to personally thank each and every one of you, from the bottom of my heart, for doing what you do. If you are like me, you probably get ridiculed by a lot of people for putting in so much time for no monetary reward. These same critics offer up examples of how you could better spend your time, point out that the time you are dedicating to helping people for no credit could be spend with your family, and are the first people to say ‘I told you so’ when you struggle to get by. In a rare use of french on my part, fuck those people. Fuck them and the horse they rode in on. Keep doing your thing, and at least know that there is one person out there that appreciates your efforts. Again, thank you, from the bottom of my heart! Legalize it!


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  • Cory Bjerke

    Thanks Johnny Green for all your hard work. Much respect!

  • MzGreenJeans

    Thank you So much for these words. When people learn: Freedom is not free. We might win.

  • paulsilvan

    My pay will eventually come in the form of legalized, readily available, and affordable marijuana.

  • JAPentz

    Thank you so much for writing this. It gets discouraging sometimes. Especially difficult in an apathetic state. :) Really thanks for writing the above. :) Every once in a while a thank you makes a huge difference. – Judy, Exec Director, Maryland NORML

  • Buddy Duzy

    You’re welcome!!

  • Deborah Joan Coleman

    Cannabis changed my life. I’m pain free from fibromyalgia pain. I replaced every pill I’ve ever needed with cannabis. I have to do this. I was unable to care for myself about 18 months ago. Pharmaceutical drugs almost killed me. They destroyed my family. Almost destroyed me. I’m grateful to be blessed with the passion to fight for those who don’t know they need it yet….and those that desperately need it right now.


  • Andrew Glazier

    I sold grow lights for wholesale to cancer and aids patients for seven years until my store “Four Seasons” went out of business. If I still had it, I’d still be doing it. We were pretty much the first grow shop to openly help patients grow their own medicine avoiding the profiteer assholes.

  • At least it seems to be a growing club, rather than the shrinking one that it used to be.

    I guess more people are simply getting fed up with “the moneyed interests” always finding new ways to “rename” prohibition “so it sounds a little bit better than it did last week” instead of REPEALING IT!

    Have a spot o’ tea for your efforts. d;o)

  • She’s a force of nature! She and Junior make a lot of events far more “bearable.” d;o)

    Supporting Evidence:

  • Basically, we are expected to follow the Orwellian path…thinking is bad…shut up and beg for more taxes, because that’ll solve everything. The less rights you have, the freer you’ll be…blah, blah, blah.

    The sad part is that so many people refuse to think for themselves, they keep following the propaganda, nd haven’t even a hint of a clue why things keep getting worse…


  • Peter

    Wondering where my comment went. Will try again. Have forwarded this to Julia who works tirelessly to promote the memory of Peter McWilliams. This article made me think of her and others like her :)

  • You’re welcome. d=O)

    Just try to at least pass along what those few of us are trying to do…eventually, maybe one or two of the scumbags who are only in it for the “fiat debt notes and zeroes and ones” (it ain’t “MONEY” any more, people!) might accidentally repeat what we’ve been TRYING to tell people for the last decade or five…

    Remember: It is a CONSCIOUS CHOICE to continue to refuse to help those who want cannabis prohibition to END (you know…like what everyone “says they want to see happen?”) while you keep paying those who only want to keep it alive, for their own personal financial benefit…no matter who it hurts.


    Then its OVER.


    Then we keep it FOREVER.

    It’s time to stop spouting wind and make the RIGHT decision for a change.

  • Peter

    Julia of petermcwilliams.org is a lovely example. Her speeches about Peter McWilliams are moving. (I was named after Peter, myself!) She does so much to keep the memory of that hemp hero alive. :) Will forward this to her.

  • Yes! There’s no way we’d be where we are today without the unpaid marijuana activists, especially people who talk to their friends, neighbors, bus drivers, grocery shoppers, PTAs, etc every day, the people who sign and share the petitions, the people who show up at rallies and hearings, and ask for nothing in return. I second Johnny’s thank you even though he’s near the top of the list of people who should be thanked.

  • Diane Kuroda

    Thx for this – I was feeling unappreciated.

  • KathieZ

    Doing the right thing might not reward in material wealth but in treasures for the spirit. The many miracles that have filled my life, manifest from the passions I have learned as an activist. All needs met and so much more.

  • Helen Turman

    Thank you ,speaking out on Unpaid marijuana activist, I wouldn’t have any other way even through I’m on disability and I pay my an way, I know where every penny is coming from.I don’t have to worry if some Pham., is behind-the-scenes paying.. I will always pay my own way. This is for MO 2016 MCRP..

  • Frank Wolf

    Thank you! To me, my passion here is more important than money…although it will be nice when income starts to…um, flower.

    I like Freewheeling Franklin’s quote (from the “Three Freak Brothers” comic books) best: Times of dope (pot) will get you through times of no money much better than times of money will get you through times of no dope (pot).”

  • Jesus Bytchburg

    Thank you for the acknowledgment & Respect…PpP :-)

  • Kim Cooper
  • Jonathan Waldin