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 January 6, 2010

Founded in January of 2010, The Weed Blog was created for one purpose; to facilitate a constructive conversation about marijuana in America. This includes both medical and non-medical marijuana policy, as well as the marijuana industry and culture. The Weed Blog (TWB) is 100% independently owned and operated by three friends in Oregon. TWB has no obligations to any company, corporation, or political campaign WHATSOEVER. The only obligation we have is to the greater movement, and we will do whatever we can within the scope of our skill sets to do exactly that!

TWB strives to be the number one source for important marijuana-related information. All political views are welcome at TWB, as long as you are open minded and have constructive ideas. You can post ANYTHING, but you alone are responsible for what you write, and you may be called out by the masses if you are an idiot. If you follow TWB regularly, you will be so educated on the topic of marijuana policy in America, that no stranger, politician, lawyer, or law enforcement official will be able to take advantage of you, at least not without you knowing it!

Finally, TWB hopes that, in the future, some of the ideas on this blog will be used in legislation to fix our broken system. We strive everyday to be the best resource for marijuana related issues. If there is anything we can do to improve your experience, please let us know!

Do you have a story you would like us to publish or content you would like to share? Email Leah Maurer  leah@theweedblog.com and she will check it out!


Please do not use our comment section to buy or sell marijuana. Your comment could be deleted and you could be banned. Your comments could be deleted and your account banned if you are verbally abusive, post inappropriate content, or for any other reason our moderators determine is valid.

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