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One of the worst negative consequences of the global war on drugs is stigma – join our campaign and count the costs with us!

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  • Ahnlaashock

    I participated in an online discussion about legalization yesterday. It is shocking how little those discussing what are the best policies for legalization, know about the subject matter. When confronted with the fact that their policies preserve and protect the black market, and that they destroy the fundamental benefit of legalization for society by doing so, they say it is for the good. The fundamental benefit of disenfranchising the black market, eliminating those who would sell to our children, is the very rock the house is built on, But the “experts” are worried that if prices fall enough to threaten the black market, then more people might decide to try it, so they think keeping the prices high, so that usage is discouraged is best. They have little or no clue where the damages to society come from, much less problems like those covered in the Stigma video.

  • incogneatow

    All very good information.

    Time code 7:41 – Jill Reeves makes a very, very important statement regarding a person’s ability to determine what they can do with their own body.

    There are those that exist to control the thoughts and actions of others to preserve all that they have accumulated over time. They are both overt and covert in their methods and ruthless in their enactment. They lay waste to peoples lives and destroy communities without conscience or consequence. With all of our former days of suffering by their hands, this too will end…