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Advice For Newbie Marijuana Buyers


grandma marijuana senior seniors cannabis grandpaWe all have to start somewhere! With legalization slowly crawling over the US as well as the rest of the world, it’s possible that more people will begin to smoke weed (or not, we still aren’t really sure as to what’s going to happen with that). But even if you’re not new to smoking, buying weed in a store for the first time might be a bit weird… So here’s a list of things to pay attention to when you’re going to shop for bud, according to experts in Colorado.

– Don’t start with the strong stuff! Edibles and concentrates aren’t for the weak, newbie stoner! These products are strong and have the potential to really mess your day up so if you’re not used to smoking flower, don’t run in to the legal stores and buy an armful of medicated Rice Krispy Treats.

– Ask the budtender questions! Don’t be afraid, they’re not going to bite! It’s like asking what’s the best shot of vodka to order at the bar. While you may know what you like, there may always be something better for you to try. Ask questions, learn new things!

– Driving out of legal states? Don’t. Troopers are watching the borders of Washington and Colorado closely to make sure that people aren’t taking the legal weed elsewhere. While it’s okay for you to have it inside the states, as soon as you leave, it’s illegal. Don’t transport weed out of the legal states if you want to avoid getting caught!

– Just like shopping for clothes, be sure to shop around for bud prices! Some stores will have sky high prices (sometimes over $600 an ounce for top shelf strains) and others will have the same strains for way less (around $100 an ounce). If you think you may be able to find a better price, try it! You don’t want to spend all of your rent money on bud, right?

– Keep calm! It’s just buying bud! At least now, you won’t have to fret over the people in the parking lot watching you buy weed from your friend. There’s no more sketchy meet ups, no more freaking out about sirens chasing you on your way home. Just chill out and smoke your legal weed. Enjoy it!

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