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Anchorage Official Wants To Ban Marijuana Sales In Alaska’s Largest City


alaska marijuana legalizationAlaska voters approved marijuana legalization earlier this month during the 2014 Election. Alaska joined Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Washington D.C. in doing so. But, despite the will of the voters, an official in Alaska’s largest city, Anchorage, wants to ban legal recreational marijuana sales. Per Marijuana Business Daily:

Assemblywoman Amy Demboski has prepared an ordinance to prohibit marijuana cultivation, production, testing and sales in Anchorage. The measure was slated to be introduced on Tuesday during an Assembly meeting, and a draft of the proposed ban is available on the Assembly website.

Demboski told the Alaska Dispatch News that she doesn’t want Anchorage to be the “guinea pig” for the rest of the state, and wants to wait until there are clear regulations for the industry before deciding to give marijuana businesses a green light.

The ‘delay tactic’ is one that is used early and often by marijuana opponents. Opponents like Amy Demboski don’t want to ever see legal marijuana sales occur, no matter how many ‘clear regulations’ are created. Marijuana sales in Anchorage, or any other part of the state, will not occur until after regulations are in place Ms. Demboski. Expressing your opposition before the process even starts demonstrates that you are not going to approach the issue with an open mind, and likely will instead do everything you can to derail the process. Ms. Demboski’s tactic is nothing new, and I hope there are enough sensible individuals in Anchorage to overrule her obvious intent to keep marijuana sales from happening.


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  • Xia Qiu

    Marijuana is now like the rallying cry for the grass-and-roots of all masses like what the Internationale used to be for the proletariat and communists. “Rise up, those who don’t want to be slaves and oppressed. All my blood is boiling and I will fight for the truth. Lets break the old world order and rise up, slaves! Instead of saying we possess nothing, lets make sure we will be the master of the world. This the final struggle, lets unite and fight for tomorrow when the Internationale will be fruitful.”

    I am from NY and wish I could meet you.

  • Xia Qiu

    A vote for weed is an act of emancipation of nature.

  • psi2u2

    Thanks for the video.

    My analysis of this is that Boticelli is backpeddling as well as lying at the same time. He seemed pretty desperate to whitewash the DEAs continuing activities to go after medical marijuana patients and dispensaries in a number of contexts very recently. This is a good sign. He was feeling the heat, and its about time.

    He may not even realize how twisted the “science” is that continues to support prohibition. It is all a shell game. Because it is schedule 1, we will conduct research to prove that it belongs there, and will close our eyes and cover our ears against any science that says otherwise, including the anecdotal testimony of *thousands* — or maybe millions — of patients. And then we will say “our hands are tied, it’s schedule 1,” like a bunch of helpless bureaucrats who lack even the spine to just pull the plug on schedule 1 and let it die a dignified death before it harms any more people.

  • Dar Dedar

    Which is why he gets taken to the woodshed.

  • So much for getting the government off your back.

  • Another Republican for prohibition? Mon Dieux! She’s touted as a “rising star” in conservative circles. Noxious gasses also rise, don’t they?