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marijuana stock stocks marketShould You Buy Stocks In The Emerging Marijuana Industry?

Marijuana stocks have been around since I started this blog in 2010. Many companies have come and gone. Some have changed their name, some have remained the same. But things have changed a lot since 2010 in the marijuana stock world, especially this week when the world got it’s first taste of what legal marijuana sales looks like.

As is the case in almost every sector of the marijuana world, the game changed for marijuana stocks after Colorado started selling legal recreational marijuana. A lot of media outlets pointed out that marijuana stocks surged this last week as interest rose along side rising marijuana sales in Colorado. The stock prices aren’t staggering, but they have improved no doubt.

I have received more questions about marijuana stocks this week than I ever have before from readers. People want to know which stocks are ‘good’ and which ones are ‘bad’. To be perfectly upfront and honest, I don’t own any stock, marijuana company stock or otherwise. So take my advice for what you will.

I may not know much about stock, but I know A LOT about the companies that are offering them. I haven’t seen anything that is impressive enough for me to pull out my hard earned money and invest it with any of these companies. That’s not to say that I never will, or for that matter I’m not even saying I’m right in my investment strategies.

What I’m saying is that I have an above average knowledge of the marijuana consumer, the marijuana industry, and where things are headed, and I’d rather invest my money in dabs right now than marijuana stocks. But I’m willing to open this up for discussion and debate, and I challenge anyone out there to persuade me to purchase marijuana stocks. It can be the companies themselves, people that have already purchased marijuana stocks, or anyone else that feels like I’m missing the boat.

I have $1,000 set aside right now, I challenge people to convince me, the biggest skeptic of marijuana stocks on the planet right now, to invest that money into a marijuana company owning stock. If someone is successful in persuading me, I will absolutely post an article about why I chose to invest, and with which company. Until then, invest wisely, and know that I haven’t purchased a single stock due to the fact that the companies I’ve seen selling stock don’t have a solid business model and/or their company is mostly smoke and mirrors in my opinion. Yes this is the gold rush of our generation, but a lot of people got ripped off during the gold rush. Make sure to remember that when you are considering investing in the industry.

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  • VIN Devilskyvin Wu

    give him a break, he is medicated, so am I.. lol

  • Daniel

    A couple of new marijuana penny stocks I came across that on many listings ICBU and EXMT. Any one out their familiar with these companies?

    • Gees

      These two stocks have strong buy ratings.

  • Daniel

    I meant are not on many stock list

  • Richard S. Bank

    Do you know any stock symbols?

    • harold

      mjna,trtc,phot,grnh , cbis,canv are the leaderrs

  • TD1000

    I bought stock in Altria, which is one of the major cigarette manufacturers. I thought that once the states started approving the sale of medical marijuana this stock would go through the roof. Cigarette sales are down due to the decline in consumer sales I thought that now the major cigarette companies would jump on board as they have the land and cultivating equipment to produce “Greens”. I don’t understand my stock is just going down, down! What seemed like a no brainer to me just isn’t panning out. Can anyone out there explain to me why the cigarette companies are not taking advantage of the opportunities that are rapidly becoming available?

    • George

      Because they make cigarettes not weed.. its not even close to the same process and most of them are not located in states that allow them to grow pot. Obviously with states making pot legal significantly less people will buy cigarettes because who the fuck would smoke bogies when they could be smoking the ganja

  • Michele

    I want to start invest in stocks, not any stocks weed stocks… but I need some learning to do first. Someone here can give me some homework? Thank you. Peace!!!!!!11

  • think about it

    1 reason to invest…profit… we know these some of these company will make a lot of It .. its nature… living creatures will fill any gap they can to survive…. economics works the same way.. if there is profit to be made… it will be made… and as marijuana is the most popular crop cash crop in the world, there is a huge demand, and we have an untapped market, we know some company’s are about to become big time… and there stocks will skyrocket…. we just need to math out the good picks and how much to invest were.. and when to cash out when ready.
    We know, that a bunch of marijuana stocks are going to be coming out and sky rocketing… we know a bunch of baby company’s are about to grow up fast… we need to find the areas and company’s likely to hold it together and have good or explosive growth. we know we have an untapped market that will prove very popular… sales will be abound…. company’s that grow quickly and there stocks with them will be plentiful… now just math out what stocks are likely to do best and diversify for protection and opportunity

  • MrKevinSD

    I’ve been investing in Marijuana stocks for over a year. I have made some insane gains. We are at the beginning of a new commodity – The Marijuana Commodities market. This billion dollar industry is going mainstream. The opportunity for profit is insane!