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marijuana stock stocks marketShould You Buy Stocks In The Emerging Marijuana Industry?

Marijuana stocks have been around since I started this blog in 2010. Many companies have come and gone. Some have changed their name, some have remained the same. But things have changed a lot since 2010 in the marijuana stock world, especially this week when the world got it’s first taste of what legal marijuana sales looks like.

As is the case in almost every sector of the marijuana world, the game changed for marijuana stocks after Colorado started selling legal recreational marijuana. A lot of media outlets pointed out that marijuana stocks surged this last week as interest rose along side rising marijuana sales in Colorado. The stock prices aren’t staggering, but they have improved no doubt.

I have received more questions about marijuana stocks this week than I ever have before from readers. People want to know which stocks are ‘good’ and which ones are ‘bad’. To be perfectly upfront and honest, I don’t own any stock, marijuana company stock or otherwise. So take my advice for what you will.

I may not know much about stock, but I know A LOT about the companies that are offering them. I haven’t seen anything that is impressive enough for me to pull out my hard earned money and invest it with any of these companies. That’s not to say that I never will, or for that matter I’m not even saying I’m right in my investment strategies.

What I’m saying is that I have an above average knowledge of the marijuana consumer, the marijuana industry, and where things are headed, and I’d rather invest my money in dabs right now than marijuana stocks. But I’m willing to open this up for discussion and debate, and I challenge anyone out there to persuade me to purchase marijuana stocks. It can be the companies themselves, people that have already purchased marijuana stocks, or anyone else that feels like I’m missing the boat.

I have $1,000 set aside right now, I challenge people to convince me, the biggest skeptic of marijuana stocks on the planet right now, to invest that money into a marijuana company owning stock. If someone is successful in persuading me, I will absolutely post an article about why I chose to invest, and with which company. Until then, invest wisely, and know that I haven’t purchased a single stock due to the fact that the companies I’ve seen selling stock don’t have a solid business model and/or their company is mostly smoke and mirrors in my opinion. Yes this is the gold rush of our generation, but a lot of people got ripped off during the gold rush. Make sure to remember that when you are considering investing in the industry.

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About Johnny Green

Johnny Green is a marijuana activist from Oregon. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Public Policy. Follow Johnny Green on Facebook and Twitter. Also, feel free to email any concerns.
  • http://www.reallifesolutions.ownanewbusiness.com Bentina

    Looking forward to the follow up to this post, and if you can find a worthwhile company to invest in :D

    • http://www.theweedblog.com Johnny Green

      I will definitely let people know!

      • Guest

        You guys should check out Alan Brochstein at 420Investor (on Marketfy). if your’re buying stocks you need to at least check it out. He is the “CANNABIS FINANCIAL ANALYST”. Very enligting!!

        • Norman Gates

          … 420INVESTOR.COM seems to have a conflict of interest with the success of naturopathic cancer therapeutics …

  • Deborah Plumeria Brown Bohne

    If It Were Me, I’d invest in hemp!

  • rob

    If i was to invest in this would i be braking uk law

    • Klim

      You should be able to buy GWPH without a problem

  • lee

    There will be plenty of versatile investment opportunities in the near future in the marijuana industry. If I were to invest right now I would probably invest in a company that has their hands in a few of the services, products and agricultural aspects. The manufacturing of equipment, the grow, the retail, the employment, education, bi-products….. not to mention the packaging, advertising, holy shit a whole new list of investments that will be profitable for a while. But with all good things some greedy industry ying yang with political backing will ruin that too…..but that’s years away. For now,.. I’m getting me some of this cash cow.

  • http://www.wiseworldtalk.com/ Wise World Talk

    Investing in Cannabis Hemp can be much more interesting and profitable http://www.wiseworldmanagement.com

  • closet smoker

    I am a relative newcomer to stock trading and own some cannabis industry stocks. The stocks in question are all micro cap stocks traded on the oc or pink sheets. Very volitle high risk stocks. If you invest, do it with funds you can live without. The only two fully reporting companys right now are PHOT and TRTC. I own PHOT, it is up over 300% since I purchased it.

  • mikegino

    Yo Johnny, I have been researching & investing in pot stocks since July 2011. Many people are finally realizing that this going to be a massive growth industry for years to come. You need to interview Alan Brochstein from http://www.420Investor.com as he is on top of this sector.

    • Norman Gates

      … Lots of tickers and the Director lets this purge 800k until ultimately the ship goes down. Just look at that DirectTV trade and ask yourself why they didn’t set an exit at $50/share like any short-term novice would. Anyone who values this guys advice is obviously uninformed! …

  • Choom Gang
  • Mark Fane

    Using technical analysis, fundamental research, and risk management, Cannabis stocks are incorporated in my trading system. Currently four rate my BUY recommendation PHOT, GRNH, GWPH, TRTC. Three are grow related, and one small Pharma. Using trailing stop loss orders, take profits on large up moves, but keep a core position if bullish, always. Example: sold 30k of GRNH .108(+145%) and 15k PHOT @ .2155(+121%) and still own both for about free. “Being bullish, and not being long does not make sense” to quote another. When I get my sell signal, I drop them quick. best advice: Find an advisor to work with.

  • Wildman

    Mediswipe is a very good Company to invest in ,they had a very good week . They gained more than any other cannabis stock in the sector .Hippa complaint ,Banking, mobile apps,and a very dedicated CEO also they have a Dr.Jayme Canton who reports to governments ,Large cooperation’s and sits on the board of 800Commerce here is the website http://www.mediswipe.com/ read all about them

  • tofarmer

    I own Mediswipe stock right now ,just like anyother stock it has it’s up’s and down’s .It is HIPPA complaint and has banking also, mix this in 800commerce and it very well rounded stock

  • tofarmer

    I own Mediswipe stock right now ,just like anyother stock it has it’s up’s and down’s .It is HIPPA complaint and has banking also, mix this in 800commerce and it very well rounded stock

  • Norman Gates

    Medical Marijuana Inc. (OTC: MJNA) does not own any direct THC bussiness. Red Dice Holdings/Medical Marijuana Inc. is a licensing deal only.

    Watch this video for some information on how licensing works.

    A licensing agreement grants a manufacturer the right to develop, market and sell approved products (typically leveraging a company’s brand name, logo(s), mark(s) and/or licensable assets) to approved retailers in return for payment — typically a royalty and guarantee based on wholesale sales as specified in the license agreement.

    Typically, Licensing royalties represent 10% of wholesale sales (5% of retail sales) and are paid to licensors on a quarterly basis.

    Medical Marijuana, Inc. (OTC Pink:MJNA) is pleased to inform shareholders and the general public that HempMedsPX™ — a corporate portfolio company of Medical Marijuana, Inc. and the exclusive master distributor and contracted marketing company for CannaVest Corp. and Medical Marijuana, Inc. — represented CBD Simple by PhytoSPHERE Systems — a CannaVest Corp. brand — at the 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup competition in Amsterdam and accepted the Cannabis Cup award for Highest CBD Concentrate. This international judging event featured entries by the most prominent growers, breeders and producers of cannabis and cannabis products worldwide. HempMedsPX™ also represented the winner of the 2013 Seattle High Times Cannabis Cup and 2013 Michigan Medical Marijuana Conference “Green Cup” contests for Highest (hemp) CBD Concentrate.

  • Dennis Coyle

    Still to come in 2014 Washington. Next year California, Oregon & Alaska with dozens more to pass new laws. Fed & Sec policy will change there is no going back now. The green rush has begun. TRTC could be one of the first publicly traded companies to grow. What will happen when thats announced? One word, parabolic. There is so much news that still needs to be reported! I know this industry and the businesses in it. I have been studying this for 36 months. Everyone has a hobby and mine is investing into the future. A pop yes. Okay so Waves of investors will buy in at many times over the next 36 months. Next massive event to take place is Banks and Credit Card companies able to finally do transactions with dispensaries! By then Washington will have laws implemented for the recreational program. News after that will be the Fed changes policy. They remove Marijuana off the Schedule 1 drug list (next to Crystal meth, Cocaine and Heroin) It would have been changed 30 years ago. But DEA agent over through the courts decision. I dont care what anyone says at anytime Obama could change the policy. Later in 2014 California will finally add more laws for recreational use. In 2015 New York, and many other states will come on board. This time next year when Colorado reports HUNDREDS of MILLIONS in Tax Revenue states will all hop on board. Our country needs the tax dollars more then ever. There is no going back now, the government CANNOT control it if they wanted to. All in all the next 36 months will have massive news to keep the sector flying with hundreds of thousands of investors getting in on the “Green Rush” Tony my timing was off last year with TRTC. Glad I started more positions and loaded up at the BOTTOM .07 and .08ts not the future it’s the present time. Colorado is History next to Uruguay being the first country to legalize and control it. You know what’s funny? You know how many people in the world want to go to Amaterdam to smoke? Well Colorado is the new Amsterdam. I said $100,0000,000 tax dollars for the state. But I think I am underestimating the industry by 10X. So yes this time next year Colorado reports $100,000,000-$1,000,000,000 in tax revenue. More states will follow year after year. Thousands of investors will invest in the industry and you my friend bought at $.10 hold till $1.00 add along the way up. TRTC growing fresh produce 365 days a year in multiple green house locations around the country. Looking to obtain an Industrial Hemp License in NJ and a Medical Marijuana License in Nevada. Fed & SEC law will change and TRTC could be one of the first publicly traded companies to grow Marijuana. Either way this company will become a massive corporation with Edible Garden produce. Holding for another 24 months or longer. TRTC is actively pursuing a license to grow in multiple states! It’s not about the growing equipment. There’s no money and selling equipment. With a 1 acre growing facility year-round they will do $30 million

    TRTC will be the industries leader. They have 4 growing operations in 3 states. Florida, Indiana, New Jersey x2. They have contracts with retailers such as BJs, Fairway and Shoprite. Many more major retail partners will come in 2014 and 2015. The edible garden national expansion plan will be identical to the marijuana growing.

    Right now TRTC is focusing on growing Edible Garden Hydrponic Brand around the country. They are working hard to get a Marijuana License. Once Fed and Sec laws change. TRTC will become a leader in the growing business.

    Good luck to all in the worlds biggest emerging industry.


  • Michael Scott Peterson

    I think if there’s anything to invest in its the banking aspect of it. Because regular banks like Chase and Wells Fargo aren’t trying to take the risk. So I’d say pot your money into cannabis banking

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/mickswagga Benny Blaze

    I invest my money in the Marijuana stock which three different company offer the stock it’s going to be a winner people.

  • Bill T

    Most of these pot stocks are trading for less the 3 cent a share. For $300 you can buy shares in every pot stock out there. You only need one to succeed. Very minimum risk for very high potential return considering I have pissed away more then $300 in a single night on strippers.

    Pot stocks are so cheap right now, you don’t need to figure out which is a “good” one. Buy them all…. one of them will be good one. There are only about 10 to 20 of them. Drop about $30 to $50 on each on of them. Very few penny stocks make it big… but the one that does yields returns so large that you forget about the money you lost.

    Repeat… They are trading for less then 3 cents a share. Buy them all.

  • Ziyal Ochs

    Hi, I have never had any stock, but I am very curious about it. Especially when I get the chance to invest in hemp!!! My focus would probably be on companies that use hemp to make day-to-day items…. Hemp; the new oil industry? Well it would make my heart jump. For now I would just like to know a little more about the mentioned companies.

    Also I live in Denmark, so can’t be an “illegal” company for me either :(

    Imagine this…. A little girl dreaming of living in Kalli some day! She grows up and finds out she is sick. Marijuanna helps her, but it is illegal where she lives. She decides to invest in her medication and makes half a million! Now she can move to her dream place and be legal at the the same time ;)

  • painkills2

    The company with the best consumer product (and ad) will corner the market.
    Like, Sativa Monster Energy Drinks (Budberry, Green Ganja, and Gold Nugget flavors).

    • Norman Gates

      … No advertising to kids even NORML is against that not to mention Monster drinks and Redbull recently had a congressional hearing about targeting the youth on c-span. I am not saying I am against flavors and candies, but I think that it has to be done in a mature manner at this point in history …

      • painkills2

        I looked into the future, thinking that some low-grade marijuana drinks might have the same advertising equality as beer, wine, alcohol, sugar and caffeine. I just don’t see how you can keep kids from seeing all kinds of advertisements, especially on the internet. You could argue that direct-advertising to kids should be curtailed, but what exactly does that mean? Will commercials need a rating system now?

        • Norman Gates

          … Consumers need to avoid predatory packaging aimed at our children like I said I am all for flavors and such, but the products should be marketed to a more mature demographic in my opinion. I know cannabis is safe, but as a community I think we should learn from the mistakes of other industries and make them raise their standards …

          • painkills2

            You’re right, of course, cannabis should rise above the status quo (while, at the same time, questioning that same status quo)…

          • Al Wolf

            you may want to learn more yet. imo everyone from birth to death should be allowed to consume some form of cannabis.

          • Norman Gates

            … I agree which is why I invest in MJNA who like to say, “It’s About Getting Healthy Not Getting High.” If you have an endocannabinoid system then you require cannabinoids to run efficiently. Just like a cigarette shop needs cigarettes to run effectively …