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 April 1, 2014

Arizona medical MarijuanaCourtesy of The Joint Blog

In a ruling handed down without comment, Arizona’s Supreme Court has refused to overturn prior court rulings stating that the Yuma County Sheriff must return cannabis that was seized from a California patient. Arizona’s medical cannabis law is one of the only in the country that legally recognizes patients from other states.

The ruling came as a response to a case where Valerie Okun, a qualified medical cannabis patient in California, had cannabis seized by a border patrol agent in Yuma County, in 2011. She was charged with cannabis possession, with the charges eventually being dropped when she provided proof of being a medical cannabis patient. However, police refused to return the seized cannabis, even after a court ruling ordered them to do so.

Now police will be forced to return the lady’s medicine, as the highest court in the state has made their ruling clear (it was Yuma County police that brought the issue to them on appeal).

This ruling will set immediate precedent throughout the state.

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    Can’t return it cuz the f’ers smoked it!


    This is yet ANOTHER setback for AZ LAW ENFORCEMENT! Good for them. Now we just need to convince Maricopa County Attorneys office, how to read the same ruling


    Michigan has reciprocity for out of state registered patients, I believe

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