Nov 062012
 November 6, 2012

vote for marijuanaby Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Director

Oregon’s Measure 80 is Voted Down in a Tight Race

Despite trailing in the polls for most of the previous months, Oregon advocates and reformers were able to close the support gap for their marijuana legalization initiative to a respectable 45% in favor and 55% opposed (with 55% of the vote counted). Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough to push Measure 80 over the top.

What this effort did, however, was elevate the discourse in regards to marijuana legalization in Oregon and set the stage for future efforts. We would like to thank all of those who dedicated countless hours into supporting this reform effort in Oregon and will be following up in regards to the future of marijuana law reform in the state.

Arkansas Voters Reject Medical Marijuana Issue

Issue 5, which would have legalized the medical use of cannabis in Arkansas and made it the first southern state to do so, was rejected by voters in a projected defeat with 52% voting NO to 48% YES (with 73% of the vote tallied).

NORML would like to thank all the dedicated activists and supporters on the ground in Arkansas who fought very hard for this initiative. We will keep you posted on future news regarding Arkansas and cannabis law reform.

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  • Ryan mobly

    Arkansas stil sucks

  • Scott Smith

    AR is a backwoods bumfuck hick state. there are still counties there that cant sell alcohol. bunch of fuckin kicks stuck in the last century.

  • Burlwood Barry

    I’m surprised it got all the way to 48% in the Bible Belt. this is good news for the next time around. It’ll probably pass easily in 2014, or earlier

  • Julia Whitmore

    Well, the only thing to do is start the next round of championing for the cause. I don’t smoke — anything — but marijuana should be legal: