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Attend The Marijuana Business Legal Seminar In Colorado


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Colorado Marijuana Business Models Legal Seminar

Attorney Robert J. Corry, Jr. will discuss the legal issues related to marijuana businesses in Colorado. With the passage of Am. 64 in November 2012, there are new opportunities outside of the medical marijuana industry that are available to people right now. This 4-hour class is designed for those who want to thoroughly understand all the legal issues in Colorado marijuana law. Topics to be covered include:

1) A64: Colorado Marijuana and Hemp Regulation Act
This seminar will cover the following business models allowed under A64:
– A64 Assistance Agreements
– A64 Private Cannabis Clubs
– A64 Medicinal Hemp CBD Medicines
– A64 “Pot for Donations” schemes:
– A64 State-Licensed Marijuana Cultivation Facilities, Marijuana Testing Facilities, Marijuana Product Manufacturing Facility, Retail Marijuana Stores

2) A20: Colorado Medical Marijuana Regulation Act
This seminar will cover the following business models allowed under A20:
– Medical Marijuana Caregivers:
– State-Licensed Medical Marijuana Centers (MMC’s), Infused Products Manufacturers and Growers
– Medical Marijuana Patient Collectives

3) Colorado Marijuana Statutes and Regulations

4) Federal Law

5) Other Topics
– Which offers more protection: A64 or A20?
– Cities and counties that have banned marijuana
– Confidentiality and Privacy Issues
– Cannabis political updates
– Lawsuit updates


Get all your questions answered and make sure you stay within the law!


COST: $295.00 per person / 2 for $500.00
Includes course workbook with sample forms and contracts. CLE Available: This course has been accredited for 5 general CLE credits by the Colorado Continuing Legal Education Board.

Attorney Robert J. Corry, Jr. is one of the most experienced medical business attorneys in Colorado. Rob is the attorney for dozens of marijuana-based businesses in Colorado. He has been involved of hundreds of other cases concerning medical marijuana criminal law and return of confiscated property.


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