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 March 30, 2015

Gavel marijuana miami prosecutorOpponents of marijuana will try everything they can to try to stop marijuana legalization from happening. Even after marijuana has been legalized, and the benefits of that reform have been made obvious, opponents will still try to cling to failed policies of the past. That is what is occurring right now with the lawsuit filed by Oklahoma and Nebraska against Colorado. Oklahoma and Nebraska are suing the State of Colorado, claiming that marijuana legalization there has increased crime in their states.

The Attorney General of Colorado responded late last week, and was joined by the Attorney Generals of Oregon and Washington. Per Marijuana Business Daily:

Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman filed a formal response with the U.S. Supreme Court on Friday regarding a lawsuit from the attorneys general of Nebraska and Oklahoma, who are asking the nation’s high court to nullify Colorado’s recreational marijuana law.

The Washington and Oregon state attorneys general also filed a joint “friend of the court” brief in support of Colorado’s position on the suit.

The plaintiffs allege that Colorado’s rec industry has resulted in a spike in illegal cannabis trafficking across state lines.

As many activists pointed out when the original lawsuit was filed, Colorado doesn’t have a marijuana problem, Oklahoma and Nebraska have a prohibition problem. I have seen a lot of legal analysis from very smart people that have looked over the case, and all of them agree that the lawsuit doesn’t have the legs to win. It still worries me though because when something involves marijuana, it seems to always be treated differently. We will just have to wait and see what happens as the case proceeds.



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  23 Responses to “Attorney Generals File Responses To Marijuana Legalization Lawsuit”


    I am ashamed to live in such a backwoods bible state as okla. Sometimes I wish this state would get blown away by a tornado.


      Look at North Carolina.


        N Carolina, Arkansas… there’s a whole lotta backward states got it going on.


        And I may be moving to north Carolina due to my job. We tried to get it on the ballet but there is more against it here due to the bible belt and not willing to listen. But than again we now have more earthquakes than calif. Due to fracking. And people argue it has nothing to due with fracking.maybe if oklahoma fell into a sink hole we be better off….. lmao


    Such a waste of time and money. As if these states didn’t have a black market to begin with? They’re just pissed off that they can’t stop the Black Market in their own backyard, and sitting on state lines to search cars coming from Rec states is easier than dealing with the real problems. I’m pretty sure that if these politicians had to go to the people of their state for money or permission to do this kind of shit, it wouldn’t happen.


      True. They are wasting money. Almost like theft. Oh wait it is theft.


      I agree that’s pretty arrogant of those states to blame Colorado for their inability to create good laws and regulations for their states. the citizens of those states should sue their own state for not giving them a safe environment to live in and promoting an unsafe illegal black market.


      I don’t think they want to stop the black market. If they wanted to stop the black market they would legalize. Black market growers in Colorado must basically sell out of state because legal bulk prices are too low to compete with.
      They are interested in a continued war on drugs.


    Should be Attorneys General, not Attorney Generals.


    There’s always a dick or three in every crowd


    Crime is down in Colorado and supposedly up in Oklahoma and Nebraska. Maybe many of the bad guys have found the atmosphere, since legalization, less friendly in Colorado and moved to the other two states, where it is more friendly.


      I wager the only “crime” that’s up in Neb and Ok is related to prohibition of Cannabis. So sad and twisted. What a pointless and useless distraction. Let’s get back to healing the sick – mind body and soul… Free Cannabis


    Wouldn’t be a problem is they legalized it now would it? Reap on those tax revenues.


    Ironically, if Nebraska and Oklahoma win this case, it will only stop Colorado from enforcing all the regulations regarding legal recreational marijuana sales, but will not make marijuana illegal in Colorado, thereby creating a lawless free-for-all. Oops!


    These idiots should see a video on YouTube called “Who’s the Pusher Now”


    This lawsuit is ridiculous. If people in Nebraska and Oklahoma had much sense, they’d legalize it, too. Let’s be honest, though. The problem is that not very many people in those states have much sense. Seriously, how many people in their right minds are living in some widespread flat farmlands that get hit with a lot of devastating weather every year? I’m not trying to sound like a dick. I’m just stating the sad but obvious truth.


    The main complaint states have is problems prohibition has created. Funny parts are slight differences during prohibition of alcohol most police and judges received their money in paper bags. Now they make it from grants and confiscations. While the substances changed the driving forces are the same . Money both the government and the cartels are addicted too it.

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