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Johnny Green is a marijuana activist from Oregon. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Public Policy. Follow Johnny Green on Facebook and Twitter. Also, feel free to email any concerns.

Apr 242014
Topping Marijuana Plants Can Increase Your Yield

By Robert Bergman Topping marijuana is typically misunderstood by most growers. A single growing shoot might produce a larger individual cola, but topping the plant gives you 4 colas that can soak up the best light intensity. The entire plant, in general, is allowed to get more light and produce bigger buds. Although individual colas might not be as large, the cumulative yield is much greater than an un-topped plant. It’s vital that you top the plants early on so that you get a solid start. When my clones take [...]

Apr 242014
Attend the HighNY Meet-Up To Help Legalize Marijuana In New York

By Barry Poppins Since Weedmaps launched its campaign to legalize marijuana in the Empire State, New Yorkers have rallied behind the cause, showing their support and asking us how they can get involved with this cause. While anyone can sign up for Team Weedmaps, there’s now a more direct, interactive way for you New Yorkers to meet your fellow cannabis enthusiasts and unite together for our common cause. A riff off of Weedmaps’ #HighNY hashtag and a sweet coincidence, some local, passionate New Yorkers will launch their HighNY Meet-up series tonight in New York. [...]

Apr 242014
Arizona: Supreme Court Rejects THC DUI Law

By Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director The Arizona Supreme Court this week rejected a 1990 state law that classified the presence of inert THC metabolites in blood or urine as a per se traffic safety violation. Carboxy-THC, the primary metabolite (breakdown product) of THC is not psychoactive. Because it is lipid soluble, the metabolite may remain detectable in blood or urine for periods of time that extend well beyond any suspected period of impairment. As a result, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration acknowledges, “It is … currently impossible to predict specific effects based on THC-COOH [...]

Apr 242014
Spring 2014 Missouri Cannabis Law Reform Conference This Saturday

By John Payne This Saturday, April 26, we will co-host the Spring 2014 Missouri Cannabis Law Reform Conference with Missouri NORML, MU NORML, and MU SSDP. The event will be held in Allen Auditorium at the University of Missouri in Columbia, located in the Arts & Science Building at 9th St. and Conley Ave. The intended schedule for the conference is as follows: 10:00 a.m. Opening Remarks with MU NORML & SSDP Chapters: Benton Berigan, MU NORML Chapter President, Duell Lauderdale, MU SSDP Chapter President 10:30 a.m. Missouri Chapter Updates [...]

Apr 242014
Former California Deputies Charged With Planting Guns At Cannabis Dispensary

Courtesy of The Joint Blog Two former Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies have been charged with multiple felonies, including conspiracy and altering evidence, in connection with planting guns inside a medical cannabis dispensary in 2011 to justify two arrests. Julio Cesar Martinez and Anthony Manuel Paez were both booked Friday and released on $50,000 bail; they’re scheduled to be arraigned on June 17th. They’re being charged with one felony count each of conspiracy to obstruct justice as well as altering evidence as a peace officer. Martinez was also charged with two felony counts [...]

Apr 232014
What Is The 'Sea Of Green' Marijuana Growing Method?

By Robert Bergman Sea of Green, usually abbreviated “SOG,” is a method of growing marijuana that forces flowering at a young age. The plants will have only been in vegetative state for about two weeks. This method allows you to harvest much earlier than growing your plants normally. So, what are the benefits of the SOG technique? It’s really used when space is limited in a grow room. It allows you to maximize your space without sacrificing on yield. When you put the plants into flowering stage with a 12/12 [...]

Apr 232014
Alaska Marijuana Legalization Vote Moved To November

By Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director Alaska voters will decide this November on a proposed initiative to regulate the production and retail sale of cannabis to adults. Although the measure was initially scheduled to go before voters during the state’s primary election in August, state officials this week decided to push back the vote to the November general election. The postponement was required because lawmakers failed to adjourn this year’s legislative session within 90 days, the standard time allotted under state rules. Under Alaska law, ballot initiatives must go to voters no [...]

Apr 232014
Washington State Marijuana Retail Licenses Lottery Rolls Out This Week

The Washington State Marijuana Retail Licenses Lottery begins today with a total of 334 retail licenses to be awarded. Washington State University’s Social and Economic Sciences Research Center will be conducting the lottery for the state’s liquor control board, which oversees the marijuana retailers once they become licensed. Approximately 1,500 applicants are in the lottery pool. With such a large applicant pool, the lottery process is expected to take all week with the board reviewing background checks on not only the applicants, but also their investors and financiers. The Washington State Liquor Control [...]

Apr 232014
'Life Sentence For Marijuana' Billboard Posted In Missouri

By John Payne As of this past Monday, April 15, motorists traveling east on Interstate 70 from Kansas City near the mile marker 63 encounter a billboard featuring Jeff Mizanskey. As you likely know, Jeff is serving life without parole for a non-violent cannabis offense. The billboard is located about 17 miles west of the junction of I-70 and U.S. 65, which goes south to Sedalia, Jeff’s hometown. The billboard is already generating more attention for Jeff’s case in the media and more calls to the Governor’s office asking for clemency. It is also [...]

Apr 222014
What Are The Best PH And EC Levels For Marijuana Plants?

By Robert Bergman All living things on earth need water (H2O) to survive. Plants (just like humans) require water and are made up of about 2/3 water. It’s important to have a good understanding of the type of water that your plants receive in the same way that it’s important to know how different foods have different effects on our own bodies. Water content is always different, so we’ve provided a few guidelines to understand how it’s used. The pH scale essentially measures the acidity and alkalinity levels in water. [...]