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I have been smoking marijuana for almost twenty years and I have no plans to stop anytime soon. My life was turned upside down in 2009 after getting arrested and tossed in jail for being in the wrong state with legal medical marijuana. I got fed up, and I now devote all my time to ending this insanity.I am responsible for the technical side of this project, but try to chip in when I can, either with syndicated articles or original content.Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and Digg and feel free to email. any questions or concerns. Peace!

Dec 112013
Over a Year After Amendment 64 Passes, Voters Still Support Cannabis Legalization in Colorado

Courtesy The Joint Blog A new poll released this week shows that public opinion still favors cannabis legalization in Colorado, more than a year after Amendment 64 passed. Public Policy Polling surveyed almost 1,000 Colorado voters, asking the question “In general, do you think marijuana usage should be legal or illegal?”. The results found that 53% of voters remain in favor of legalization, with just 38% opposed (9% were unsure). The favorability of legal cannabis extended beyond gender lines, with 51% of women in support, and 55% of men – but although men polled slightly higher [...]

Dec 112013
World's Leading Experts Issue Standards On Cannabis, Restore Classification As Botanical Medicine

American Herbal Pharmacopoeia monograph lays scientific foundation for quality assurance and expanded research By Kris Hermes In an historic move, the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia (AHP) released the first installation of a two-part Cannabis monograph yesterday that classifies cannabis (marijuana) as a botanical medicine, alongside many other widely accepted Complementary and Alternative Medicines. Written and reviewed by the world’s leading experts, the Cannabis monograph brings together an authoritative compendium of scientific data, including long-awaited standards for the plant’s identity, purity, quality, and botanical properties. The monograph provides a foundation for health care professionals to integrate [...]

Dec 112013
Marijuana Legalization Bill Introduced In New York Senate

Public Opinion, Wasted Tax Dollars and Racially Discriminatory Arrests Push Legislators to Fix Broken Marijuana Policies Colorado, Washington, and Now Uruguay Offer Sensible Models and Precedent for Reform New York — Today, New York State Senator Liz Krueger introduced a bill to tax and regulate marijuana for adult use. The bill would end the criminalization of adults 18 years and older who possess up to two ounces of marijuana and would create a regulatory system allowing for the retail sale of marijuana to those over the age of 21, much [...]

Aug 012013
Illinois Becomes 20th Medical Marijuana State

by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn this morning signed legislation (HB 01) into law making Illinois the 20th state to authorize the physician-recommended use of cannabis for qualified patients. (View numerous pictures of today’s bill signing ceremony from Illinois NORML here.) The new law establishes a statewide, four-year pilot program regulating the production, distribution, and possession of medical cannabis. The program creates up to 22 state-licensed cannabis cultivation centers and up to 60 state-licensed dispensaries. Qualified patients participating in the program must have a preexisting relationship with their physician prior to [...]

May 082013
DOJ Files Forfeiture Lawsuit Against One Of California's Oldest Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Advocates, Berkeley officials Voice Opposition to Federal Intimidation at Noon Press Conference Today One of California’s oldest medical marijuana dispensaries, Berkeley Patients Group (BPG), was served with a lawsuit Friday in an attempt to seize the property in which it operates and to ultimately shut the facility down. In the forfeiture complaint, which is similar to one filed against Oakland’s Harborside Health Center last July, U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag makes no mention of local or state law violations. Several elected officials have come out in staunch opposition to the Justice Department’s legal [...]

May 062013
NJWeedman Launches His Jury Nullification Tour May 8th In Washington State

NJWeedman Launches his Jury Nullification Tour in Washington State During Protest March to Support the “Bellingham Cannabis 3″ on May 8 When Martin Nickerson opened Northern Cross Collective Gardens (NCCG), a medical marijuana collective garden, he had the health and well-being of his patients in mind. Operating under the jurisdiction of State Law Rcw 69.51a, his Bellingham, WA location is supported by over 1300 patients, many of whom are disease suffering and seek the protection of the state’s newly implemented medical marijuana legalization laws to use cannabis as natural source [...]

May 062013
California Supreme Court Rules Cities And Counties May Allow Or Ban Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

In a unanimous decision, the California Supreme Court ruled that local governments may ban medical marijuana dispensaries. In the decision, City of Riverside v. Inland Empire Patients Health and Wellness Center, the court ruled that California’s state medical marijuana laws do not preempt the authority of local governments to regulate or bar the distribution of medical marijuana within their borders. “While several California cities and counties allow medical marijuana facilities, it may not be reasonable to expect every community to do so,” the court wrote. “While some counties and cities [...]

Apr 232013
Last Publicly Operating Medical Marijuana Dispensary In San Diego Currently Being Raided!

One on One Patients Association, the one permitted medical marijuana dispensary in San Diego City, is in the process of being raided, following director Ken Cole’s testimony on behalf of the medical marijuana industry at yesterday’s City Council meeting to discuss Mayor Filner’s medical marijuana zoning proposal. The agency conducting the raid has not yet been identified. Ken Cole had spoken at the meeting as a model operator and president of the medical marijuana distributors professional association, The United Patients’ Alliance.  He had championed well run, legally operated dispensaries, working in full compliance with state and local authorities, [...]

Apr 172013
Poll: Three Out Of Four D.C. Voters Want To Remove Criminal Penalties For Marijuana Possession

Nearly two-thirds would support a ballot measure to make marijuana legal for adults and establish a system in which it is regulated and taxed similarly to alcohol Statements below from the Marijuana Policy Project, the Drug Policy Alliance, and the sponsor of the poll WASHINGTON, D.C. – Three out of four Washington, D.C. voters would support changing District law to replace criminal penalties for possession of limited amounts of marijuana with a civil fine similar to a traffic ticket, according to a survey conducted last week by Public Policy Polling. [...]