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NJWeedman Launches His Jury Nullification Tour May 8th In Washington State

NJWeedman Launches his Jury Nullification Tour in Washington State During Protest March to Support the “Bellingham Cannabis 3” on May 8 When Martin Nickerson opened Northern Cross Collective Gardens (NCCG), a medical marijuana collective garden, he had the health and well-being of his patients in mind. Operating under the jurisdiction of State Law Rcw 69.51a, […]

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California Supreme Court Rules Cities And Counties May Allow Or Ban Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

In a unanimous decision, the California Supreme Court ruled that local governments may ban medical marijuana dispensaries. In the decision, City of Riverside v. Inland Empire Patients Health and Wellness Center, the court ruled that California’s state medical marijuana laws do not preempt the authority of local governments to regulate or bar the distribution of […]

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Last Publicly Operating Medical Marijuana Dispensary In San Diego Currently Being Raided!

One on One Patients Association, the one permitted medical marijuana dispensary in San Diego City, is in the process of being raided, following director Ken Cole’s testimony on behalf of the medical marijuana industry at yesterday’s City Council meeting to discuss Mayor Filner’s medical marijuana zoning proposal. The agency conducting the raid has not yet been identified. Ken Cole had spoken at the […]

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Poll: Three Out Of Four D.C. Voters Want To Remove Criminal Penalties For Marijuana Possession

Nearly two-thirds would support a ballot measure to make marijuana legal for adults and establish a system in which it is regulated and taxed similarly to alcohol Statements below from the Marijuana Policy Project, the Drug Policy Alliance, and the sponsor of the poll WASHINGTON, D.C. – Three out of four Washington, D.C. voters would […]

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Republican Led Legislation To Protect States That Regulate Marijuana Introduced In Congress

Bill Would Shield Citizens from Federal Enforcement in States That Have Reformed Marijuana Laws Supermajority of Americans Believe Federal Government Should Leave State Marijuana Reforms Alone WASHINGTON, D.C.— Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), long-standing opponent of the Department of Justice’s use of federal money to undermine state medical marijuana laws, and other Republicans introduced legislation today […]

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Medical Marijuana Bill Introduced In New York State Senate And Assembly

Legislation Would End the Needless Suffering of Thousands of Seriously Ill New Yorkers Statement from Drug Policy Alliance’s Julie Netherland Today, New York State Assemblyman Richard Gottfried and Senator Diane Savino introduced a bill that would create one of the nation’s most tightly regulated medical marijuana programs. If passed, New York would join eighteen other […]

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Study Finds Home Marijuana Gardens Not Associated With Adverse Health Effects Among Children

Children residing in homes where marijuana is cultivated do not suffer from adverse health effects at any greater rate than do comparable children in cannabis-free environments, according to a study in press in the International Journal of Drug Policy. A pair of investigators with the University of British Columbia, School of Social Work compared the […]

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Missouri Police Sergeant Sues Department For Blocking Marijuana Reform Activism Work

According to the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch, Sgt. Gary Wiegert, a 32-year veteran of the St. Louis police force (SLMPD) and former Show-Me Cannabis lobbyist, is suing the department for violating his first amendment rights. The phrase “lobbyist activities in Jefferson City” did not raise any eyebrows last month when Sgt. Wiegert filled out the necessary […]

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Vermont Marijuana Legalization Bill Filed

By Phillip Smith Vermont has become the latest state to see a marijuana legalization bill filed this year. House Bill 499, ”An Act Relating to Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana,” was introduced to the House and assigned to the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday. The bill is sponsored by Reps. Susan Davis (P-Washington), David Deen (D-Westminster), James […]