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Your Brain On Marijuana Is Just Fine

If you smoke marijuana, you will permanently lose 8 IQ points as chronic THC exposure hastens the age-related loss of hippocampal neurons.  The resulting impairments in neural connectivity will degrade memory, learning, and impulse control, eventually leading to an increasing likelihood of becoming addicted to heroin. The federal government says so, right here on the […]

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Tell Your Oregon Reps To Support Will Of The Voters On Measure 91

After reading this story in the Statesman-Journal, I think it is vitally important for supporters of Oregon’s Measure 91 to contact their state representative and senator and urge them to respect the will of the voters on Measure 91.  You can find your legislators here and then send them an email or letter.  There are four […]

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LIVE Marijuana Election Night 2014 Coverage On

Oregon Measure 91. Alaska Question 2. Florida Amendment 2. Washington DC Initiative 71. California Prop 47. Medical marijuana in Guam. Tax marijuana like agriculture in Washington. 13 medical marijuana dispensary and cultivation votes in California. 21 marijuana pot shop and marijuana taxes votes in Colorado. 11 marijuana decrim votes in Michigan. 2 marijuana decrim votes […]

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Oregon Marijuana Vote Shenanigans – Clatsop County Emails Online

You can now access all the records I uncover in this ongoing Open Records Request regarding Oregon Marijuana Vote Shenanigans here. Spread the info far and wide, just attribute to “Radical” Russ Belville of as you do. Emails located at It’s only 988 emails… I know you’ll have the time if you are curious, because as Clatsop County DA Josh Marquis writes, “the dopers don’t have day jobs…”

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DA Josh Marquis Attacks Russ Belville Over Open Records Requests

Clatsop County District Attorney Josh Marquis of Astoria, Oregon, is none too happy about citizens like me poking around in his public records.  Now DA Marquis, the de facto spokesperson for law enforcement’s opposition to Oregon’s Measure 91, our marijuana legalization initiative, is trying to intimidate me into ceasing my investigation into misuse of federal […]