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I am the executive director of and host / producer of The Russ Belville Show - The Independent Voice of the Marijuana Nation at - live from Portland, Oregon. I was the winner of The Search for the Next Great Progressive Talk Radio Star and a former host on XM Satellite Radio and Portland's AM 620 KPOJ. I was the Outreach Coordinator for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws from 2008-2012, which included lecturing all across America on marijuana legalization, writing political analysis for HIGH TIMES Magazine, and producing over 1,000 hours of video content for The NORML Network.

Nov 242014
 November 24, 2014
Tell Your Oregon Reps To Support Will Of The Voters On Measure 91

After reading this story in the Statesman-Journal, I think it is vitally important for supporters of Oregon’s Measure 91 to contact their state representative and senator and urge them to respect the will of the voters on Measure 91.  You can find your legislators here and then send them an email or letter.  There are four basic areas the League of Oregon Cities and other lobbyists are fighting us over: Right of cities to establish local marijuana taxes; Right of cities to establish bans on marijuana licenses without a vote of the people; Establishment of a blood-draw ng/ml THC DUID limit

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Nov 012014
 November 1, 2014
Southern Oregon News Station Gives Cops Free 5-Minute Anti-Legalization Ad

We’re less than a week away from voting to legalize marijuana in Oregon under Measure 91.  The Yes on 91 campaign has bankrolled millions in donations and is airing pro-legalization advertisements on television stations across the state.  The No on 91 campaign has bankrolled a measly $180,000, 98% of that from the Oregon State Sheriffs Association and the Oregon Narcotics Enforcement Association, and has aired no TV ads. Unless you count the helpful people at Medford’s KTVL, which last night aired a hit piece on legalization that might as well have been a five minute ad for the No on

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Oct 302014
 October 30, 2014
LIVE Marijuana Election Night 2014 Coverage On

Oregon Measure 91. Alaska Question 2. Florida Amendment 2. Washington DC Initiative 71. California Prop 47. Medical marijuana in Guam. Tax marijuana like agriculture in Washington. 13 medical marijuana dispensary and cultivation votes in California. 21 marijuana pot shop and marijuana taxes votes in Colorado. 11 marijuana decrim votes in Michigan. 2 marijuana decrim votes in New Mexico. 8 marijuana public policy questions in Massachusetts. 2 marijuana legalization votes in Maine. Did you realize there were five states, one district, one territory, and fifty-seven municipal and county votes this year in the so-called “Marijuana Midterms”? We did and we’ll bring

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Oct 192014
 October 19, 2014
No On 91 Campaign Makes The Case FOR Legalization

On Friday, Mandi Puckett, the head of the No on Measure 91 campaign trying to defeat legalization in Oregon, held a press conference Friday that was chock full of concerned moms and precocious kids.  More telling was the presence of law enforcement and drug treatment professionals joining in to protect the drug war grants and easy forced rehab clients they get from prohibition. As I watched the live stream of their press conference, however, I was shocked by how often these anti-pot crusaders made the case FOR legalizing marijuana under Measure 91.  For instance: There’s no such thing as “medical”

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Oct 092014
 October 9, 2014
Oregon Marijuana Vote Shenanigans - Clatsop County Emails Online

You can now access all the records I uncover in this ongoing Open Records Request regarding Oregon Marijuana Vote Shenanigans here. Spread the info far and wide, just attribute to “Radical” Russ Belville of as you do. Emails located at It’s only 988 emails… I know you’ll have the time if you are curious, because as Clatsop County DA Josh Marquis writes, “the dopers don’t have day jobs…”

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Sep 292014
 September 29, 2014
DA Josh Marquis Attacks Russ Belville Over Open Records Requests

Clatsop County District Attorney Josh Marquis of Astoria, Oregon, is none too happy about citizens like me poking around in his public records.  Now DA Marquis, the de facto spokesperson for law enforcement’s opposition to Oregon’s Measure 91, our marijuana legalization initiative, is trying to intimidate me into ceasing my investigation into misuse of federal grant money and county resources to plan, produce, promote, and present so-called “educational events” that only occur when marijuana legalization is on the ballot. Yesterday I learned that DA Marquis has filed a complaint with the Oregon Secretary of State’s office regarding my fundraising for

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Sep 262014
 September 26, 2014
Josh Marquis Ignores Hundreds  Imprisoned For Marijuana In Oregon

As Josh Marquis continues campaigning against marijuana legalization in Oregon under Measure 91, he repeats certain talking points that could be charitably called “true” if one doesn’t read between the lines. Today’s example is the notion that we really don’t need to legalize marijuana because hardly anybody really goes to prison for it. The Bend Bulletin reports on Marquis’ remarks at the recent Measure 91 debate between him and Rep. Earl Blumenauer: But he said the argument that Oregon’s prisons are clogged with marijuana users and the notion that the state pays more for prisons than education is “simply not true.” Records from the Oregon

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Sep 252014
 September 25, 2014
Josh Marquis Thinks Quality Marijuana Is  'Not That Hard To Make'

The leading opponent of Oregon marijuana legalization in the media is Clatsop County District Attorney Josh Marquis. In his recent debate on the Oregon Measure 91 legalization initiative against Rep. Earl Blumenauer, Marquis expressed his opinion on the ease of growing marijuana and why that would depress any hope for earning tax revenue from legalization, as reported by the Salem Statesman- Journal: Marquis tried to poke holes in those estimates by explaining how Colorado has lowered its revenue expectations in part because fewer people than anticipated are buying marijuana from a store. “It’s called weed for a reason,” Marquis said. “It’s not like brewing your own

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Sep 232014
 September 23, 2014
Josh Marquis, Not "Anybody Can Get A Medical Marijuana Permit"

One of the more frustrating things about listening to elected officials debate marijuana legalization, aside from their lack of current experience using marijuana, is their consistent mischaracterization of Oregon’s Medical Marijuana Program, or OMMP. In his debate vs. Rep. Earl Blumenauer at the Salem City Club, Clatsop County District Attorney Josh Marquis, the leading spokesman against our Measure 91 marijuana legalization initiative, tried to minimize the need for the measure by citing erroneous suppositions about medical marijuana. The Oregonian reported Marquis’ assertion that “almost any adult can get a medical marijuana permit and legally possess up to a pound and a half of the

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Sep 142014
 September 14, 2014
No, Josh Marquis, A Marijuana Ticket Ain't Like A Speeding Ticket

On Friday, Clatsop County DA Josh Marquis, the leading spokesperson for law enforcement’s opposition to marijuana legalization, debated Rep. Earl Blumenauer about Oregon’s Measure 91 at the Salem City Club (fast-forward to 20:00 to skip intros): click here to watch the video Throughout the debate, Marquis tried to minimize the need for legalization by repeatedly referencing Oregon’s current marijuana decriminalization of possessing less than an ounce of marijuana. Marquis, who has become a leading spokesman of the opposition campaign, said Oregon already showed how to deal with marijuana in 1973 when it became the first state to decriminalize possession of less

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