Rick Thompson

"Rick Thompson was the Editor in Chief for the entire 2-year run of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Magazine, was the spokesman for the Michigan Association of Compassion Centers and is the current Editor and Lead Blogger for The Compassion Chronicles. Rick has addressed committees in both the House and Senate, has authored over 200 articles on marijuana and is a professional photographer."Rick Thompson Is An Author At The Compassion Chronicles and focuses on all things Michigan.

Nov 242015
 November 24, 2015
Medical Marijuana Available To 52% Of US/Canada Population

52% of the people living north of Mexico have access to legal medical marijuana. Population tallies from the 24 US states with medical marijuana programs, one federal District and the country of Canada, which has a national program, show that the majority of those citizens are living in harmonious comfort with regulated medical marijuana production, distribution and use. The number was contained in small print in an infographic published Nov. 23rd on Visual Capitalist’s website. Their article, “The Future of Cannabis: Five Things Investors Need To Know,” summarized the populations this way: 23 states with medical marijuana- 148.6 million people;

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Nov 222015
 November 22, 2015
'Reefer Madness' In The Home Of The Republican Party

A benefit to support the legalization of marijuana in Michigan is being held in the birthplace of the Republican Party- Jackson, Michigan. Jackson County NORML is hosting a movie night fundraiser for MILegalize on November 27th. MILegalize is the Michigan Comprehensive Cannabis Reform Initiative; they are in the final weeks of a petition drive to place legalization of marijuana on the ballot in 2016. The two movies being shown are the classis anti-marijuana propaganda film, ‘Reefer Madness’ and the classic-in-a-different-sense movie, ‘Up In Smoke’ featuring Cheech and Chong. The event is being organized by Steven Sharpe, a Board member of

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Nov 222015
 November 22, 2015
University Of Michigan-Dearborn Hosts Update On Marijuana And Public Health Policy

The University of Michigan- Dearborn will host an academic and professional lecture on public health policy and medical/legal marijuana in Michigan at the Fairlane Campus South on December 3, 2015. The lecture is titled, “Why Public Health is Best Policy Route for MM and for Legalization 2016″. The U of M- Dearborn has a Public Health Policy program. The lecture will be led by Professor Michael Whitty as part of his lecture series and features noted cannabis activists and speakers Jamie Lowell (3rd Coast Dispensary, Michigan ASA, MILegalize) and Rick Thompson (The Compassion Chronicles, Michigan NORML, MILegalize). The event was organized by Professor Whitty, a member

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Nov 182015
 November 18, 2015
Michigan Cops Use Medical Marijuana Money To Buy I-Pads, Truck, Shirts

Much of the money allocated to law enforcement in 2015 from the Michigan Medical Marihuana Fund went unused, a governmental report shows, and those funds that were spent were used for questionable purposes. Legislation passed in 2013 (HB 5313) and signed into law in 2014 by Governor Snyder allowed money from the state’s Medical Marihuana Fund (the Fund) to be used by local units of law enforcement “for the operation and oversight of the Michigan medical marihuana program… operation and oversight grants are for education, communication and enforcement of the Michigan medical marihuana act…” The Fund is created by the

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Nov 172015
 November 17, 2015
Michigan Medical Marijuana Patient Numbers Spike

We have new numbers on the growth of Michigan’s medical marijuana patient population- sort of. According to Crain’s Detroit Business, a respected local magazine, the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs reports an increase in the number of medical marijuana patients registered with the state. “Currently, the state logs 178,629 active, registered medical marijuana patients,” per the Crain’s report. In 2013 that number was 118, 368; in 2012 the patient population was reported to be 114,694. LARA has not posted the annual reports from fiscal year 2015, which ended on September 30, 2015, so there is no state document

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Nov 092015
 November 9, 2015
Detroit City Council To Hear Medical Marijuana Dispensary Issue Tomorrow

At 10 AM on Tuesday, the Council will address a much-maligned ordinance proposal sent to them by the City Public Commission (CPC) last week. The ordinance refers to medical marijuana dispensaries as caregiver centers, requires them to apply for city approval within 30 days, creates a host of restrictions on who, how, where and when, and has been passed by both licensing and zoning authorities over the objections of patients, citizens, attorneys and activists. Since Council previously passed the licensing portion of the ordinance, a vote on the zoning portion of the ordinance could make this Frankenstein policy the law

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Nov 072015
 November 7, 2015
Toledo Hemp Company Provides Blankets To Toledo's Homeless, Again

Toledo Hemp Center LLC is once again gathering blankets for it’s 2nd Annual Blanket Drive for the Homeless campaign to help raise awareness of the area’s growing homeless issue in the upcoming winter months. The collection started October 15 and will continue until the planned drop off date of Tuesday, November 17. “That happens to be the date of the Center’s two year anniversary,” said Toledo native and Toledo Hemp Center CEO Kevin Spitler. The collection will be donated to the Lifebridge Center 3342 Monroe Street, Toledo, OH 43606. The local Stop n’ Lock Storage located at 5544 Jackman Rd

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Nov 042015
 November 4, 2015
Two More Michigan Cities Vote To Legalize Marijuana

Ohioans may have nixed their tainted marijuana legalization effort but Michigan cities keep on approving local legal marijuana proposals. Two Michigan cities said yes to ’local legal’ marijuana ballot initiatives in voting on Tuesday, November 3. In the last 11 years, cities around the state have approved cannabis law reform efforts in 25 different elections. Voters in Keego Harbor, in conservative Oakland County, and Portage, a suburb of blue-collar Kalamazoo, both adopted local legal proposals that would remove criminal penalties for the possession, use, transfer and transportation of small amounts of marijuana. Portage voters chose cannabis law reform by a very slim margin- 51%-49%. They also approved two school bond

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Nov 032015
 November 3, 2015
There Are Two Marijuana Elections Today In Michigan

The big marijuana legalization vote in Ohio today has been national news, but two local legalization races in Michigan may have slipped under the radar. Keego Harbor, in conservative Oakland County, and Portage, a suburb of blue-collar Kalamazoo, are both voting on local legal proposals that would remove criminal penalties for the possession, use, transfer and transportation of small amounts of marijuana. The ’local legal’ proposals were placed on the two ballots through the petitioning process. Activists leaders in both cities submitted their completed petitions in 2014, but for administrative reasons in each city the proposals were not included in balloting that year. 2015 has already seen one

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Oct 252015
 October 25, 2015
Detroit's Marijuana Ordinance Contains Illegal And Unfair Provisions

ILLEGAL AND UNFAIR PROVISIONS? Many of the observers at the City of Detroit Zoning Board meeting on October 15 objected to some of the punitive and outright illegal proposals contained within the city’s ordinance regulating medical marijuana distribution centers in the city. Several attorneys who spoke to the Commission pointed out that at least one of their provisions likely violates state law, and others are just mean. Medical marijuana businesses would not be allowed waivers by the Zoning Board of Appeals and by the Building and Safety Department for variances to the ordinance. That was an obvious red flag to those

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