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"Rick Thompson was the Editor in Chief for the entire 2-year run of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Magazine, was the spokesman for the Michigan Association of Compassion Centers and is the current Editor and Lead Blogger for The Compassion Chronicles. Rick has addressed committees in both the House and Senate, has authored over 200 articles on marijuana and is a professional photographer."Rick Thompson Is An Author At The Compassion Chronicles and focuses on all things Michigan.

Jan 222015
 January 22, 2015
Lobby Day A Success For Michigan NORML

Thirty activists gathered at Think Live Music in Lansing to celebrate the Michigan NORML Lobby Lansing Day event on Tuesday, January 20. More than half actually traveled to the Capitol Building and visited their legislators, bring with them concern and encouragement- and bright green informational sheets. The activists came from around the state. Portage. Flint. Cheboygan. Port Huron. Detroit. Dewitt. Although allied under the banner of Michigan NORML, each had their own reasons for supporting the lobbying effort. Many are raid victims, and some have serious medical conditions like Lupus. At least three waves of activists visited offices in the Anderson, Farnum

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Jan 042015
 January 4, 2015
Can Police Use A 'Borrowed' Medical Marijuana Card?

Pretending to be a medical marijuana patient just got a lot easier for undercover narcotics officers in Michigan. A case from Port Huron features a unique twist; police just “borrowed” a medical marijuana card from a friend and made a marijuana purchase. Or did the St. Clair County Sheriff’s undercover officer take the card out of the evidence file from another case? A hearing on Monday will reveal the details- and if the ill-gotten card will be allowed to remain a part of the case against Don and Diane Ferguson. WHY USE A FAKE CARD ANYWAY? Police pretend to be

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Jan 022015
 January 2, 2015
Expenses Explode At Michigan Medical Marijuana Program

For a state department that does nothing but print and issue marijuana registry cards, you’d think the expenses would go down when fewer cards are issued. Not so at Michigan’s Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Department (LARA), the agency responsible for administering the state Medical Marihuana Program (MMP) patient database. Despite issuing 26,000 fewer registry identification cards, LARA reported an increase in expenses of $1.8 million- more than a 44% jump from last year’s $4 million price tag. In Fiscal Year 2013 the state printed 145,000 cards for the program and spent $4 million in expenses. In FY 2014 LARA issued

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Dec 292014
 December 29, 2014
Court Support Inspires Lenity For Medical Marijuana Patient

In a follow-up to a story previously published on The Compassion Chronicles: Community action helps Michigan’s Tamara Hudson  avoid jail time in a criminal case relating to four felonies, the sale of cannabis and the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act (MMA). More than a dozen court supporters and 60 letters of support may have swayed the Macomb County judge to act with kindness when sentencing Tamara Hudson on distribution of marijuana charges December 22. Her hearing was held in Warren. See the previous article from The Compassion Chronicles HERE. The penalty Ms. Hudson received after being convicted for four felonies related

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Dec 272014
 December 27, 2014
Michigan's New Medical Marijuana Rules Are A Mystery

Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) has announced a start date of January 15 for new Medical Marihuana Program (MMP) administrative rules and registration forms, but has not yet posted the new forms to their website. Review the new rule changes here:  ORR’s medical marijuana rule changes June 2014. The announcement of the January 15 date for the new program’s rollout came via the LARA website. Although the statement is undated, the file name includes the date 12-17-2014 and the text carries the phrase, “applicants who apply for registry cards on or after January 15, 2015 must use the

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Dec 262014
 December 26, 2014
Senate Assignments Are Hit/Miss For Future Michigan Marijuana Legislation

New Michigan Senate committee chair assignments were made public this week, and two strong opponents to marijuana law reform hold key positions of power. Replacing the term-limited Sen. Randy Richardville (R-Monroe) as Senate Majority Leader will be Sen. Arlan Meekhof (R-West Olive). Retaining control of the Senate Judiciary Committee is Sen. Rick Jones (R-Grand Ledge), a former county sheriff whose history in the House and Senate is sprinkled with sponsorship of restrictive, medical marijuana-based legislation. Senate Majority Leader is the most powerful position in the Michigan Senate, as the majority leader determines which bills are considered and to which committee they

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Dec 162014
 December 16, 2014
Medical Marijuana TV Episode Debuts Today

The much-anticipated airing of a popular television medical program’s marijuana-themed episode will take place this week. The “Medical Marijuana” episode of the ‘Ask Dr. Nandi’ television show will be broadcast on Tuesday, December 16 on select cable television stations. See the accompanying guide to locate the channel for your provider. The television show is recorded at studios in Oakland County. Most of the guests featured on the program are Michigan parents, patients and professionals. Featured on the program were six segments. First up: Aaron Justis and a video of his Buds n Roses medical marijuana dispensary in California. Next are

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Dec 162014
 December 16, 2014
Michigan In The Top Five Medical Marijuana States

A new graphic from the Marijuana Business Daily illustrates the nation’s top five medical marijuana states, as measured by public participation. Created by Jennifer Mann, the graph compares states based on the number of people enrolled per one thousand residents of the state. Colorado leads all states in terms of public participation with 22.3 patients per 1,000 residents. California, the nation’s oldest medical marijuana program, ranks second with  19.30, followed by Oregon (17.9) and Washington State (16.5). Michigan ranked fifth with 12.3 medical marijuana patients per 1,000 residents. The US has 23 states with medical marijuana programs, not all of

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Hemp Bills Pass Michigan Senate Committee

 Posted by at 6:24 AM on December 5, 2014  Hemp
Dec 052014
 December 5, 2014
Hemp Bills Pass Michigan Senate Committee

In the last few days of the 2014 legislative session, hemp was on the minds of some Michigan lawmakers. The Senate Agriculture Committee today passed a pair of bills designed to empower hemp production in the Great Lakes State. Steven Sharpe, a Board member with the Michigan chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws and a longtime hemp advocate, testified at the committee hearing and reported the results. Hemp is genetically distinct from, but taxonomically identical to, marijuana. It is a non-intoxicating industrial plant that yields food, fuel and fiber when harvested. A pair of hemp legalization

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Dec 042014
 December 4, 2014
City Vs. County: Marijuana Wars, Or Forsyth's Folly

Prosecutors are people, too, but when the concept of not-in-my-back-yard is taken to the extreme these elected officials can overstep their bounds. Grand Rapids is in Kent County, Michigan, and the city residents voted in 2012 to decriminalize marijuana possession and use. Although city officials were not in favor of allowing the petition drive, once the people had spoken the city responded. Grand Rapids adopted the policy of citing citizens who carry up to two and one-half ounces with a civil infraction ticket. That amount mirrors the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act’s possession limit for patients. Citypolice were instructed to follow the

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