Rick Thompson

"Rick Thompson was the Editor in Chief for the entire 2-year run of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Magazine, was the spokesman for the Michigan Association of Compassion Centers and is the current Editor and Lead Blogger for The Compassion Chronicles. Rick has addressed committees in both the House and Senate, has authored over 200 articles on marijuana and is a professional photographer."Rick Thompson Is An Author At The Compassion Chronicles and focuses on all things Michigan.

Jul 282016
 July 28, 2016
Michigan Cities Reject Funding For Drug Task Forces on Medical Marijuana Patients

(Editor’s Note: Rick Thompson was the Public Relations Director for the MACC organization, which is mentioned in this article. ~RT) FERNDALE- On Monday night candidates, activists and residents spoke to the Ferndale City Council and told them that supporting the local Drug Task Force was a bad idea. Surprisingly, the Council listened and voted to withdraw funding for the narcotics task force which operates in the area. The reasoning offered by speakers at the Council meeting centered around the abuses suffered by state-registered medical marijuana patients at the hands of those raid teams across Michigan. Ferndale is a success story

Jul 232016
 July 23, 2016
Next Stop For the CBD Oil Industry: Dog Treats

Written By Joel Goldstein Cannabidiol oil, or CBD oil, is one of the most common cannabinoids found in marijuana, along with THC. This oil is extracted from industrial hemp instead of recreational marijuana and sold in states across the country where it has already been legalized. Although it is still not legally permitted in every state, it has risen in popularity over the last few years because of its medicinal uses. Consumers use CBD oil to alleviate general aches and pains, headaches, anxiety and other common ailments. It can currently be found in many forms including capsules, topical creams and

Jul 152016
 July 15, 2016
No Decision On Rescheduling Marijuana Prompts Congressional Action

by Rick Thompson The DEA’s evaluation of marijuana and its place in the Schedule of Controlled Substances Act generated media coverage in 2016, but fizzled out when the organization’s self-proclaimed deadline came and went without a decision at all. What appeared to be a chance at moving cannabis from Schedule 1, reserved for the most dangerous drugs with no medicinal value, to a more appropriate Schedule listing vanished without a word. One group of legislators is calling on DEA leaders to make a decision. On April 4, 2016, the DEA sent a letter to members of Congress who had asked

Jul 102016
 July 10, 2016
Outspoken NFL Player Eugene Monroe to Speak at Hash Bash 2017

by Rick Thompson ANN ARBOR- Outspoken National Football League player and advocate for the legalized use of CBD medicines in professional sports, Eugene Monroe, has agreed to speak at the 2017 Hash Bash in Ann Arbor. Monroe’s controversial stance regarding marijuana therapies for injured athletes has been mainstream media news material for several months now. It also almost certainly cost him his job as a professional football player with the Baltimore Ravens. Monroe is a Free Agent, having been released from the Ravens team after publishing his thoughts on marijuana. The announcement of Monroe’s appearance at Hash Bash came from

Jun 302016
 June 30, 2016
NPR: Legal Marijuana In Colorado Hasn't Stopped Racial Disparity In Arrests

Marijuana is legal in Colorado — as long as you’re 21 or older. It’s still illegal for kids to possess, so juveniles are coming to dominate the marijuana arrests in Colorado. But another startling trend also has developed: Arrest rates have risen dramatically for young blacks and Latinos. Ricky Montoya isn’t surprised that’s happening. He’s standing outside Courtroom 4F in Denver’s City and County Building, where he was just ordered to pay a $1,000 fine for his third marijuana possession offense. “They probably look at us more different,” he says of police. “I don’t think they think that white people

Jun 302016
 June 30, 2016
Democrats Approve Marijuana Platform Plank

Members of a Democratic National Committee panel responsible for drafting the party’s 2016 platform have approved a plank calling for broad marijuana law reform. It reads: “We believe that the states should be laboratories of democracy on the issue of marijuana, and those states that want to decriminalize marijuana should be able to do so. We support policies that will allow more research to be done on marijuana, as well as reforming our laws to allow legal marijuana businesses to exist without uncertainty. And we recognize our current marijuana laws have had an unacceptable disparate impact, with arrest rates for marijuana possession

Jun 272016
 June 27, 2016
'Harry Potter'-Quoting Bad Judge Gets Good Ruling For MILegalize

A Court of Appeals Judge with a checkered past is about to lose his job because he’s too old. Instead of retiring with grace he has sued the State to let him claim to be something he is not to get a job he does not have- and in his lawsuit he’s helped the marijuana users he so vehemently fought against. Judge Peter O’Connell authored a Michigan Court of Appeals Concurring Opinion in 2010 which compared being a patient enrolled in the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act to being a wizard competing in the treacherous and often lethal contest known as

Jun 262016
 June 26, 2016
Details Of New Drugged Driving Law Not Pretty, Not Science

A pilot program allowing the Michigan State Police and special Drug Recognition Experts to administer a roadside test to detect the presence of THC in a person’s saliva was approved in Michigan. Although the bill creating this program was passed by both House and Senate, it had to overcome stiff resistance to do so. A previous effort to curtail legislation like this was defeated in the House during the 2013-2014 legislative session due to pressure from activists (including this author), attorneys and lawmakers. Rep. Jeff Irwin (D-Ann Arbor) was a member of the Committees that heard the bills in the

Jun 232016
 June 23, 2016
Attorney Files Federal Class Action Lawsuit Against MSP, Oakland County Labs

Komorn Law has filed a class-action suit in federal court against the Directors of the Michigan State Police Forensic Science Division and Oakland County’s Forensic Services Laboratory over 4th Amendment and due process violations in the way marijuana evidence is being officially reported to Courts by those labs. Also named in the suit: Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard and Col. Kriste Kibbey Etue, head of the State Police. The suit names as Plaintiffs four individuals who have had these questionable lab results on seized evidence used against them in a court of law, and include Max Lorincz, Earl Carruthers, Jason

Jun 222016
 June 22, 2016
Update On HB 4209, 4210: Zombie Legislation Takes A Summer Break

For close to five years now the medical marijuana community has waited for the Michigan legislature to produce a set of rules governing legitimate distribution centers for medicinal cannabis. In 2013 the Court of Appeals created a need for more legislation, this time to restore the protected status of patients using or creating concentrated forms of cannabis-based medicines. A group of highly controversial bills that propose to fix these issues are pending in the Michigan legislature. Representative Jeff Irwin (D-Ann Arbor) was a guest on the Planet Green Trees Radio Show and provided an update on the various bills pending