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Ben And Jerry’s Ice Cream Releases Commercial For 4/20

Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream is unveiling a new product for 4/20, which of course is a marijuana holiday. The product is the ‘BRRR-ito!’, which is essentially an ice cream burrito, with the shell being a folded waffle cone, filled with ice cream. It had long been speculated that Ben and Jerry’s would enter the cannabis space with a marijuana infused ice cream in states that have reformed marijuana laws, which would allow such a product to be legally made and sold. Ben and Jerry cleared the air on HuffPost Live as to what it would take to bring a product like that to the marketplace. Below is that interview:

It sounds like a marijuana infused Ben and Jerry’s product will have to wait, but in the meantime they are offering the ‘BRRR-ito!’, so it will have to do. Below is the commercial that was released in anticipation of 4/20. It’s a bit cliche, and perpetuates some stereotypes, but it’s not everyday a mainstream brand releases a commercial completely geared towards marijuana consumers and 420. Enjoy:

  • Pete Grundy

    Hopefully the UK might take note of what you lot are trying to accomplish !

  • Jean Anne Lewis

    I Scream! You Scream! We All Scream For Ben And Jerry’s Weed Ice Cream! :-)

  • Nathaniel

    Kind of an ambiguous commercial, but fun none the less. I did love the quick interview above. They are just fun loving guys.

  • lukster2015

    I’ve had the weed gum I’m sure the ice cream is good as well.