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Ending Marijuana Prohibition

Bernie Sanders Says He Supports Marijuana Legalization On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

bernie sanders marijuana
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Bernie Sanders was on the ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ show last night, and the topic of marijuana was brought up. Bernie Sanders was recently specifically asked about Nevada’s marijuana legalization initiative during the first Democrat debate, to which he answered that he would vote for it. Jimmy Kimmel asked a more broad question, asking if Bernie supported marijuana legalization. Bernie had the following to say, via the Washington Post:

The senator from Vermont, who is competing against Hillary Rodham Clinton for the Democratic nomination, said he wants to learn from the experiences of Colorado and other states that have legalized recreational pot use.

But, Sanders said: “I am not unfavorably disposed to moving toward the legalization of marijuana.”

“We have more people in jail today than any other country on earth,” Sanders told Kimmel. “We have large numbers of lives that have been destroyed because of this war on drugs, and because people were caught smoking marijuana and so forth. I think we have got to end the war on drugs.”

Bernie Sanders had hinted at releasing a full marijuana policy position, but has yet to do so. But everyone wants to know his exact thoughts on the idea, so he seems to be answering questions about it more and more. We want details! There are many people out there that say yes, I support marijuana legalization. But when it gets to the details, they are less receptive to the idea. Details matter.

Yesterday Bernie Sanders introduced a hemp bill to Congress, which left many activist wanting more. I think that he still has much more to say about this topic, but wants to have a serious discussion about it, and doesn’t want people to discredit the conversation until after he has laid more groundwork and makes it harder for people to dismiss the issue. Below is video footage of the exchange between Bernie and Jimmy Kimmel.

  • Gregory Frazier

    If he doesn’t become president he has made a strong voice that millions of americans have listened to. It will echo in the generations to come.

    • fo fsn

      Vote vote vote if he grts nominated

      • Gregory Frazier

        I plan on voting for him.

      • darthhillbilly

        Do you FEEL THE BERN?

      • NickyChuck

        Better than that, vote for him in your state’s primary or caucus! And send him $20, or if you can’t afford that send $4.20 / $7.10, if you really want to help him make it to the White House. When I sent him $20 back when he declared in May or June, I included a message asking him to support the CARERS Act (medical MJ) and full legalization. His evolution towards legalization makes me think a lot of people like me are making a difference! berniesandersdotcom free the weed

    • Closet Warrior

      He has opened conversation and that’s great but if his people would pay more attention to sites like this and all forms of media- he could finally say what’s really on his mind without committing political suicide because of his undying devotional fans. He’s running without a super pac so why not throw it all on the line and get real. Most of the nation is behind him on his issues anyway. Sanders/Bluemenaur for President and VICE president!!!

    • darthhillbilly

      FEEL THE BERN!!!

  • Hey, where’s that loud mouthed wingnut who’s been saying Bernie didn’t want legalization?

    And where are the rest of the fascists and Glibertarians who like to lie about his style of socialism? You know, all you guys who would vote for the anti weed Christie before you’d vote for Sanders because all you really care about is tax cuts?

    • Sinclair

      Hey Scott I agree with you. Guess what people when they cut a tax. You do know that they cut it on the wealthy, not on your ordinary citizens, plus we as ordinary citizens are the one who get affected by those cuts. We don’t need tax cuts we need those clowns in DC to stop spending money on worthless programs that bennifit the rich.

      • Closet Warrior

        Hey Scott and Sinclair, you guys are on point but if Sanders was more clear with specifics then we would have a more clear cut idea of what he’s really about. I don’t trust any politcian, perood but if these 1% ers would spend more and make less our economy would jumpstart forward dramatically. On top of that I think we could drastically cut our national deficit from mmj and recreational tax money coming in. I have a friend in Colorado and all the streets are nicer, they are putting fund toward state level infrastructure, schools, hospitals, educating the laymen on marijuana reform and a number of other positive projects. We either need a revolution or our government needs a revelation.

        • Sinclair

          I’m with you, I don’t trust most politicians, but I try to give them a chance until they lie. Than I am done.politicians believe that people have short memories and most people do when it comes to politics Other wise things would be different.
          We definitely need to legalize America. The 1% have enough money they can keep their greedy fingers out.

    • darthhillbilly

      Yeah…he did that to me the other day…Christie SUX…I FEEL THE BERN!!!

  • The Truth

    “I am not unfavorably disposed to moving toward the legalization of marijuana.”… what the heck does that mean? I read it that he would just sit on it as is. Where is my candidate that says he (or she) is going to actively push for change rather than just an (“I’m ok with it”). Oh well, at least I guess we could read that he wouldn’t interfere with states rights.

    • darthhillbilly

      Better than any other answer in the last 80yrs…

    • Lawrence Goodwin

      It’s typical politico-speak, twisting words for the sake of appearance. It translates to “I am favorably disposed to moving toward the legalization of marijuana.”

    • drewmaster

      I agree completely. Why can’t he just say he is in favor of legalization?! I commend his openness to legalization relative to the other candidates, but it’s still disappointing that he can’t just plainly say he is in favor of it. Especially when you look at Justin Trudeau. C’mon Bernie, show some backbone and let’s stop the madness!!

  • Sinclair

    Some people may think that Bernie Sanders didn’t say enough about legalization on Jimmy Kimble, but think he didn’t try to dodge, laugh at, or just refused to answer the question. Mr. Sanders has come closer to answering the question than any other Presidential candidate. What we need to do is let it be known that we want more information. Also if you are serious about legalization, if you like what Mr Sanders has to say as far as what we need as a nation on all topics vote for the man. If not and if legalization nationaly does not happen in the next 4 years, well who did you vote 4.


    I’m curious to see if he would actually go through with legalization in a timely manner. I’d like to think so.

  • Adam Riley

    thats what we need is freedome us indiana ppl dont have the freedome they need tooo legaliztion in all stats and stop the drug wars

  • skoallio


    Bernie Sanders just played into Kevin Sabets hand with that answer. Instead of saying marijuana prohibition is a failure just like alcohol prohibition or marijuana owners should be able to buy it in a store (which would go directly against the platform of Project SAM), he talks about jails. Kevin Sabet will make him look stupid.

    Heres how a debate between them would go…

    BERNIE SANDERS: “I support marijuana legalization because We have more people in jail today than any other country on earth”.

    KEVIN SABET: “We dont have to legalize marijuana to stop people from going to jail, less than 1% of our prison population is there simply for smoking marijuana. If we legalize marijuana that will create another Big Tobacco. You dont like big tobacco do you?”

    BERNIE SANDERS: “No I hate Big Tobacco.”

    KEVIN SABET: “Ok then. You can be against legalization and not want people in jail for smoking marijuana. Legalization means marijuana companies will target poor communities of color just like the liqour stores. There are better smarter ways of dealing with this without legalization. Heres my book Reefer Sanity (7 great myths about Marijuana).”

    BERNIE SANDERS: WOW I never thought of those arguments. Thanks. I was for legalization and now Im against it. You won me over.

    • darthhillbilly

      Everybody knows Sabet is a huge honking Dildo…I think the conversation would go differently

      SABET:”We dont have to legalize marijuana to stop people from going to jail, less than 1% of our prison population is there simply for smoking marijuana. If we legalize marijuana that will create another Big Tobacco. You dont like big tobacco do you?”

      SANDERS(AKA:the F$@&ing Man) SUCK IT SABET! FEEL THE BERN!!! I know what I don’t like…answer…your bitch mouth!

    • Dingus Mcgee

      wow. Sabet’s first myth is complete bs. there is no credible evidence from any study to indicate there is any harm to children from cannabis use. in fact, current applications have proven quite the opposite, without any undesirable side effects and with zero toxicity.

    • IJR

      You really are dumb.
      That was an incredibly lame attempt at a strawman argument. You actually lost your own strawman argument, lol.

  • Tammy Gonzales

    At least it should be legalized for medical purposes. At lot of people who suffer daily should have full access to it through their doctors. We need to catch up with the rest of the world.

    • Lawrence Goodwin

      With much respect, Ms. Gonzales, the scandal before us has very deep roots. Cannabis oils were perfectly legal medicine in the United States for nearly a century (1850-1940s). Then tyrants like Harry Anslinger, first head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, started threatening America’s doctors with license revocation for prescribing Cannabis sativa and indica remedies. Ever since, sick and suffering Americans have been purposely deprived of medical cannabis for the benefit of large synthetic pharmaceutical corporations. And our federal officials still have the nerve to arrogantly impose anti-cannabis policies on the rest of the world.

  • Mufasas_Ghost

    First, I want a firm commitment on medical use of cannabis by rescheduling it, preferably to a level 5. Patient’s right to grow, obtain by delivery, and licensing for commercial and non-profit providers.

    I’m okay with full legalization, but I’m opposed to edibles unless they are disbursed by prescription. I simply don’t want some kid to eat a batch of brownies, or a box of chocolates, and get sick. We don’t inject candy with alcohol as a rule, and we have to acknowledge that cannabis resin is a drug.

    • darthhillbilly

      We don’t put alcohol into candy? Have you watched Food Network? The problem with edibles is that too many people try to hide things from their kids. Tell them that it is medicine…your medicine…and it tastes so bad they put it into candy…if you aren’t sick it will make you feel funny…then lock that shit up…don’t leave it laying around…don’t just hide it…LOCK IT UP! Though you can’t disregard the dumb asses that give it to their kids because they think it’s funny…kid freaks out and E.R. Dr. finds thc and what do you think the person says? It was an accident…I don’t know how it happened…excuses for bad parenting…

      • Mufasas_Ghost

        Reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit. It’s not something we do AS A RULE.

        Ban edibles. If people want to ingest rather inhale then make it into a pill, or a tincture. Just my position based on 40 years of use.

        • NickyChuck

          Edibles are overpriced anyways. As long as we could buy budder and make our own delicious edibles, I’d be fine with that.

    • Denny

      That does a disservice to those with COPD and can’t smoke or vape it.
      If the dispensaries are doing their job the kids won’t be buying it there, they’re have to get it black market which they’re already doing.

      • Mufasas_Ghost

        Wrong. I know a cancer patient who used a tincture, and others who use oil. Gelcaps would be a way to dispense it as well. There’s no reason to put cannabis into brownies, candy, or soda except to get high – and of course to make money.

        Medical use must be primary, and anything that detracts from that must remain illegal.

        • Randy

          Bullshit. I eat my medicine everyday and the reason is my business. If you leave your edibles where a child can get their hands on them, then I am sure you will leave your pills or tincture or bud lying around.
          FYI – There are chocolates, cakes, jello, pudding and other edibles made with alcohol, I guess we better hurry up and make some more laws to protect people from these harmful sweets.

  • IIG

    Bernie Sanders won’t be winning anything tip toeing around the issues. Hillary Clinton is a juggernaut, and will be nearly impossible to defeat, whether you choose to accept that or not. If Bernie wants to turn heads, he needs to be very clear on his intentions. Voicing support for marijuana legalization and laying out a plan on how to proceed with it would really turn heads, and get his name seriously in the conversation. He desperately needs the youth vote, and this would go a long way towards it.

    • David Murray

      Um Hillary hasn’t given any real answers about Marijuana at all. “We’ll have to wait and see how things turn out” is hardly a stance on Marijuana.

      • IIG

        I agree, and I don’t expect much at all from her in terms of legalization support. But Hillary is one of the most popular figures in American politics, and is currently cemented as the Democratic frontrunner for the nomination. The race is her’s to lose. My point is that the burden is on Bernie Sanders to make a splash in this race, if he really wants to compete. Frankly, she can afford to be vague, and he can’t.

        • David Murray

          Being vague about any issue is a reason I would never vote for someone.