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Ending Marijuana Prohibition

Bill To Free Missouri Man Serving Life In Prison For Marijuana Approved By Committee

By Aaron Malin

This morning, the House Corrections Committee voted HB 978 “do pass” and passed the bill out of committee. HB 978 would free Jeff Mizanskey, who is currently serving a sentence of life without parole for marijuana offenses. The bill, introduced by Representative Shamed Dogan (R – Ballwin), passed 11-1 following the adoption of an amendment adding an emergency clause and clarifying procedural issues.

Committee Chair Fitzwater indicated Representative Roden (the sole “no” vote) had some “concerns” about the bill and said amendments were likely as the bill moves through the select committee on its way to the house floor. I’m currently trying to figure out what those amendments might be, and we will provide an update in the near future. One possibility seems to be that the bill could be amended to require Probation and Parole to give Jeff a hearing, as opposed to requiring them to release him outright.We are still optimistic about Jeff’s prospects for freedom, and if you want to support our efforts to get him out, you can contribute here.

Source: Show-Me Cannabis

  • Ricky Ableidinger

    Hey wow this Action is very good and this way overdue I will continue to Pray 4 him and his family

    • Cyndysub

      I will send science and logic thoughts 4 him and his family.

  • The truth

    Free Jeff!!!!

    • Silly Rabbit

      FREE Jeff …. FREE him already …. FREE, FREE, FREE Jeff!

  • angela martinez

    Free him already come on for majwanna ain’t bad he needs to be with his family for the rest he has with them! Free jeff

  • Guest

    Free the man, this is bs. A man I know that raped a child walks free no Jail, no probation. He took the childs life away. She didn’t report for a few years cause she fears him. And you all give life to a man like this????? WTH Let Him GO!!!

    • Bo Billingsley

      Unless you witnessed the man rape the child then you really don’t know if he is guilty or not. Guess you don’t believe in ‘presumed innocent until proven guilty’. If you have proof that the man is guilty and you haven’t turned that proof/evidence over to the police, then you are an accomplice and should be sent to prison along with the man.

  • Sinclair

    Stop Goverment terrorism stop arresting for Marijuana and let out non violent drug offenses.

  • Nathaniel

    Life for weed is ridiculous. Unless you can directly tie the sales with violent criminal activity [funds being siphoned off by cartels/gangs] let those folks go.

  • minnie

    FFs! Stop villifieying weed! Give it a chance lol

  • robert f mullen

    If all you have to do to get a drug dealer out of a life sentence is get some money together and build a facebook page out of a liberal bunch of loons, we are in sad shape, this man knew what he was doing and knew about the 3 stirkes law, let him do the time.

    • The Other LA

      Robert, thank you for your honesty and your Devil’s advocacy, even if you are full of shit.

    • HellNo

      As a Veteran, Christian, and a parent, you make me ashamed to be an American.

    • reeferhead

      Its just a flower.