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Bill To Clear Cannabis Misdemeanors In WA Gets Committee Hearing


marijuana arrest house bill 1661 washingtonBy Anthony Martinelli, TheJointBlog.com

Earlier this month legislation was filed in Washington State that would allow adults with a cannabis possession misdemeanor to have it removed from their record. The measure, House Bill 1661, is sponsored by a bipartisan assortment of 21 state legislators. It would include possession charges of up to 40 grams, and apply to adults 18 and older.

Based on data released last year, this law could apply to hundreds of thousands of people in the past few decades alone, allowing them to instantly get their life back. A cannabis possession charge is devastating to a person’s record, and effects housing, employment, education and even custody battles.

On Wednesday, February 20th, at 1:30PM, the first public hearing for House Bill 1661 will take place, and members of the community will be given an opportunity to voice their support of this measure. Lawmakers will be given an opportunity to make a near-heroic and retroactive stand against cannabis prohibition. The hearing will be held by the House Committee on Public Safety, and we urge anyone who can attend to do so. Those who can’t should contact members of the committee, asking for their support.

This legislation would be a crucial step forward, and one that would instantly alter the lives of thousands, setting a precedent for the rest of the country.

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  • duderino

    booo… what about medical patients that gave another patient their medicine? a felon for a crime of helping one obtain their medicine.

  • drake

    Oh never mind its for Washington state.

  • drake

    This is for Louisiana?

  • Please support HB 1661 by contacting your House member by using NORML’s pre-written letter below.


  • I hope It passes. I’m 27 have no prior record until this charge and I got two years mIsdmeaner probatIon for ash and a seed. It Changed everything

  • Nate

    I just want to say this is fantastic!