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Black Lives Matter Organizers Want To See Marijuana Decriminalized

black lives matter marijuana

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The war on marijuana has largely been a war on minorities. African Americans are almost four times as likely to be arrested for marijuana compared to white people, even though consumption rates are about the same between races. There are parts of America where that ratio is even more skewed against African Americans. Marijuana prohibition breeds racial profiling, and therefore organizers of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement want to see marijuana decriminalized. Tom Angell recently wrote about it on Marijuana.Com:

Activists leading the fight to stop the killing of African Americans by police officers unveiled a series of policy proposals on Friday aimed at converting the attention the Black Lives Matter movement has generated into fundamental reforms that could transform the way law enforcement interacts with the communities it is charged with serving and protecting.

Included among the recommendations from the new effort, Campaign ZERO, is the federal and state decriminalization of marijuana. Specifically, the group is endorsing a bill in Congress, the Respect State Marijuana Laws Act of 2015. The legislation, sponsored by California Republican Dana Rohrabacher, would amend the Controlled Substances Act so that its penalties wouldn’t apply to anyone acting in accordance with state marijuana laws.

Decriminalization is great, but legalization is better. Statistics have shown that racial disparities in enforcement still exist even when marijuana has been decriminalized. With that being said, decriminalization is certainly better than prohibition, and is a great step in the right direction. I hope that the Black Lives Matter movement continues to push for marijuana reform. It’s one of the biggest and quickest ways to help end discrimination by law enforcement against people of color.


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  1. I can tell you’re from the unenlightened midwest.. iowa, etc. is right down there with Mississippi, etc. as being two horrid places to have to exist. Cops are all punk losers. Im white and have NEVER had a positive experience with one. When anarchy finally gladly comes to america cops will be the first for elimination.

  2. Señor SmokesALot on

    True , but they are suspossed to be “peace officers” not pull people over just to harass them for being alive. Hoping they have some drugs or expired tags or something so they can get those federal arrest fundings

  3. Jordan Shorette on

    oh you mean do their job without shooting people, yes that’s exactly what I mean give them their taser take the guns away they are not military and they are not trained as well so give em a baton a taser. American police kill approx. 500 people a year UK police have killed only 52 since 1900, theres a serious problem with this and it starts with trigger happy police. they are not an occupying force, they are not soldiers, and they are not the LAW they are public fucking servants with a god complex they need to be regulated to the extreme.

  4. Jordan Shorette on

    that’s not what I said and from my understanding the kid didn’t have one he reached for the cops therefor making the cop the one who brought a firearm into the situation

  5. They never let me go.I got white friends and they never let them go.the grass is always whiter on the other side of the fence i guess.total horse chit

  6. Until we live by Gods rules NOTHING WILL MAKE ANY SENSE…God bless us all.We sure need it.

  7. Phil A'sophia on

    It doesn’t matter whether or not you “buy the racial disparity claims,” because police agencies all over the country keep track of who they arrest, and regularly report that information to the FBI. Guess what: they report that they arrest more black people than white people. Surely, if you’re defending police actions here, then you’d never deny that they lie on their reports, right? So in the city of St. Louis, MO, where the population is near 50/50 black/white, these same police report that they arrest 18 black people for every 1 white person arrested. Therefore, the racial disparity is obvious to those who are willing to look at evidence. Further, those who deny the racial disparity that exists in the enforcement of drug laws must claim that police are misrepresenting the information they report to the FBI.

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