Blue And Yellow Striped Bubbler

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Apr 172012
 April 17, 2012

Blue And Yellow Striped Bubbler By Blake Whitey

In a stoner confession earlier today, I admitted that I was supposed to actually do this article yesterday. Well, all I can say for myself is maybe I had too many bubbler rips (cough, cough). I only get my glass from one place; Smokey’s in Salem, Oregon. Some loyal readers might remember Smokey’s from previous articles, including the recent one where he was raided by police. I’m happy to report that Smokey is out of jail at the moment, and his crew is knocking out some of the best glass I have ever seen.

The bubbler below was blown by one of Smokey’s crew – an artist named Blake Whitey. When I was at their glass blowing studio, I got to hangout with with Smokey, Blake Whitey, and Magic Mike. I had seen Blake and Mike’s work before, but this was the first time that I actually got to see the process in person. For anyone out there that likes glass, and hasn’t seen it made in person, you really need to find a studio. I swear blowers could charge admission just to watch them work. It’s like watching the 420 version of Bob Ross’ ‘Joy of Painting.’ At Smokey’s studio, I was even allowed to bring my own ‘little happy trees’ in memory of the late great Bob Ross.

Below are pictures of my new bubbler. There’s also a pic of Blake Whitey and Magic Mike doing some work on the torches. Expect more to come. I promise to not let the ‘Chem Dog’ get in the way this time!

blake whitey smokeys crew

blake whitey smokeys crew salem oregon

blake whitey smokeys crew salem oregon

money mike blake whitey smokeys crew salem oregon

Magic Mike on the left, Blake Whitey on the right


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