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 September 11, 2013

Blue Widow Cannabis Strain Review And Pictures

Blue Widow is Blueberry crossed with White Widow. Very pale and sugary in appearance. Very pungent and smells like yummy candy with a piney fresh scent. Very berry and sweet fruity taste. Great pain fighter and delivers total body relaxation for uptightness in body or mind.

“One of my favorite Widows, Blue Widow is a mixture of Blue Berry x White Widow. Both Legendary strains and smoke with such status. It tastes of Berries and sweet candy. A very resinous strain, recommended for gaming all night.” – durpdurp428

Check out the Blue Widow marijuana strain on THCFinder.Com, and see what people had to say about Blue Widow, and how Blue Widow affects various ailments.

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blue widow marijuana strain


blue widow marijuana strain


blue widow marijuana strain

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  • Tyler mag

    dang how i get some of those seeds?

  • Sarijuana

    Love the Blue anything!

  • coleman

    We got OG Kush,Bubba Kush Sensi star kali Mist Mr. Nice hash palnt AK-47 Lemon OG Black Domina White wodow Blue Dream Granddaddy Purple Hawaiin Skunk Hindu Kush .. They are real strong and had a skunky smell. It hit hard but that’s how I knew it was strong. The high was very euphoric and inspirational. I got very productive and it helped with my anxiety. I rate this strain an 8 :D Call online services at :(408)837-2151 if interested