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  • Transformdrugs

    This doesnt seem like anything to celebrate. its a big mistake on the part of ACC to be associating with an alcohol company, and one with a terrible record on public health issues.

  • tennesseetuxedo59

    coupla beers a doobie can be fun

  • Acebass1

    Be afraid, be very afraid. You know Bud isn’t an American owned company don’t you? I’m sorry but I don’t see any good in liquor or tobacco company involvement.

  • stoner

    sorry, I call most almost everybody dude too,wasn’t thinkin. I’ve been ‘pro weed since I was 13,’back in the day’. this is the first that I’ve got into the political and research part of everything. there’s so much that seems should be common sense and simple…but the ‘gov’t’ makes it seem so difficult and makes those of us that need and like marijuana look like the ‘druggies and outcasts’. thankyou for informing of things I was oblivious to. please feel free to educate me more about this if you would like to. THANKS AGAIN!

  • painkills2

    Don’t take offense at the “dude” thing, it’s just how I talk. Yes, you’re right, cannabis has been studied for years. But a lot of the studies were performed on animals, not humans. And human trials take many years.

    Science is about creating and proving theories, which means that testing has to be recreated over and over again before a firm conclusion and general consensus can be reached. If one scientist raises her hand and says, “I have the answer,” well then a bunch of other scientists have to either prove that scientist wrong or right. This takes a lot of time. Decades. One must be patient and let the scientists and researchers do their work.

    Of course you must also keep in mind that much of the research will be performed by big pharma, which means we must be prepared to be skeptical of ALL research.

  • stoner

    first of all, not a ‘dude’. how long do they need to study? it’s been being ‘studied’ for years. and yes i’m wrong about the deficit, but it would help more than anything being done now that I know of. I know the benefits of the plant. so what’s taking so long? thanks’

  • LegalizeArkansas.com

    This bud’s for you

  • painkills2

    1. Cannabis testing and research have to be done to determine all of the plant’s benefits.
    2. Taxing cannabis would not cut the federal deficit in “no time.” Sorry dude, the deficit is too huge for that pipe dream.

  • eduardo73

    Budweiser is smart. It appears they understand the old saying “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” Anheuser-Busch is simply gearing up to expand it’s product line as the world’s safest intoxicant becomes legal. Selling Bud has made them a lot of money. Selling Bud and bud would be twice as profitable.

  • Rob

    Is this a budweiser sponsored concert that ACC is attending and as a result they will get some sort of donation along with other attending charities or did Budweiser sponsor this concert for ACC?? I’m a bit suspect of anything the beer companies do after watching the documentary “Beer Wars” seeing how they do business to ruin smaller competitiors.

  • Foxeh Chandonnet

    Oh! Look at this! The US has had a Federal Government Run Medical Marijuana Program since the 70’s with patients still alive, receiving Marijuana as medicine to this day! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compassionate_Investigational_New_Drug_program

    Oh and look at that, it was shut down by George Bush Senior when AIDS became an Epidemic, because it was proven Marijuana would give AIDS Patients back a quality of life….Hmmmmmmmmmm

  • stoner

    weed is a natural growing plant and should be legalized not only for medicinal purposes. It does not have to be fermented,or created in a lab and tested on innocent animals. why is the government SO oblivious to the medical and FINANCIAL benefits of legalizing weed? the taxes alone could cut the federal deficit in no time.