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A True Stoner's Ultimate Guide on Spending Time With Marijuana“A True Stoner’s Ultimate Guide On Spending Time With Marijuana” has a seemingly lim-hit-less database of things you can do while you’re high. Some you may already do, some you’ve never heard of, and some you feel like you maybe heard about when you were ripped that one time. No longer will you have to rack your brain to come up with unique ideas on how to enjoy time spent in your hazy, blazy glory. Sure, marijuana is great for sitting on your couch and eating pizza bagel after Pringles Can after Reese Cup, but why not change up the routine a bit?

To be honest, being funny high is like playing music high. No matter how well you do it, you’ll think you were great. If you’re baked and you can’t lock yourself in a closet and entertain yourself with your own ridiculous thoughts, you haven’t smoked enough. If you’re struggling even slightly and you haven’t already downloaded it, get the Ebook, smoke a huge bowl and scroll through the ideas. There is plenty of hilarious stuff in there to keep you entertained for hours. Read them out loud to a friend and share in the merriment. That or you could just sit quietly in a closet somewhere.

A True Stoner’s Ultimate Guide on Spending Time With Marijuana is available at the following links:


wake and bake a cookbook marijuana recipesWake & Bake: a cookbook is a colorful and silly guide to cooking and baking with cannabis. Inside, you will find more than 50 recipes complete with photos, playful commentary, and simple methods. This book was designed with novice home cooks in mind. Wake & Bake includes step-by-step guides with photos, using common tools and ingredients, to show you how to make incredible edibles in your own home. There’s also a full tutorial showing you how to make Green Monsta Oil (a cannabis infused coconut oil) so you can feel confident during the entire process. Wake & Bake features dairy free, gluten free and vegan recipes and a substitution guide for using conventional ingredients. No matter your dietary habits or sensitivities, you can bake using Wake & Bake. So… are you ready to Wake & Bake?

Wake and Bake: a cookbook is available at this link here


marijuana plant care book robert bergman


Marijuana Plant Care - This mini-guide can give you insight into how to best tend to your garden. You can also download a copy to your tablet or smartphone so that you’re never without this valuable information. Topics covered include all nutrient deficiencies, all pests and bugs, all diseases, and all environmental stresses.

“Marijuana Plant Care” by Robert Bergman is available at www.ILoveGrowingMarijuana.Com for free!




black tuna diaries robert platshorn marijuana book


The Black Tuna Diaries – On May 1, 1979 President Jimmy Carter’s Attorney General, Griffin Bell, called a press conference in the nation’s capital to announce the arrest and indictment of the Black Tunas. A gang of marijuana smugglers led by Robert Platshorn and his two partners Robby Meinster and Big Gene Myers. Bell called the Tunas the “slickest, most sophisticated pot smugglers of the 70′s.” Later, the DEA would claim the Tunas brought in anywhere from one million to three million pounds of high-grade grass and made over three hundred million dollars.

The Black Tuna Diaries” by Robert Platshorn is available at

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the gospel of hemp alan archuleta

The Gospel of Hemp is an eBook that reveals why hemp is illegal, and how it can save our world. It’s the perfect gift for the uninformed co-worker, relative, or friend.

It is also a great way to pass along the volumes of truth and knowledge about hemp in “capsule” form to people that are unaware of its history in social settings like concerts, malls, parties, etc.

The Gospel of Hemp: How Hemp Can Save Our World” by Alan Archuleta is available on Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo, Copia, eBookPie, iBooks, eSentral, and other eBook stores for just $1.99

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its norml to smoke pot keith stroup marijuana book


It’s NORML to Smoke Pot: The 40 Year Fight for Marijuana Smokers’ Rights by NORML Founder and Legal Counsel, Keith Stroup, provides the first ever account of the history of NORML’s forty decade fight for a sane marijuana policy direct from the person who started it all.

From the highs of the early 1970′s, to the tumultuous 1980′s to early 90′s, to being on the verge of legalization in 2012, It’s NORML to Smoke Pot will introduce you to the colorful cast of players involved.

It’s NORML To Smoke Pot” by Keith Stroup is available at

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