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California Clears ‘California Cannabis Hemp Initiative 2016’ For Circulation


california cannabis hemp initiative cchi 2016California’s Secretary of State Alex Padilla announced this week that the organizers of the California Cannabis Hemp Initiative (CCHI) 2016 can begin collecting signatures to qualify the initiative for the November 8, 2016 California state election. The grassroots organization has 180 days to circulate petitions and collect 365,880 registered voters signatures that must be submitted to county elections officials by April 25, 2016.  The CCHI 2016 allows for the legalization of Cannabis in the state of California by citizens 21 years or older.

To raise the funds for this effort, the CCHI 2016 is launching a pledge drive to solicit funding from businesses and individuals to help the funding of the Initiative that legalizes cannabis in the state of California. The campaign has set a goal of $900,000 in pledges that needs to be raised to fund professional petition gathers across the state. Every dollar raised will go to hire the professional petitioners.

CCHI 2016 proponent and activist Michael Jolson said, “We are confident that we can qualify the CCHI 2016 with this grassroots effort with both a mass mobilization of volunteers and an infusion of financial support to hire professional petitioners. With the re-legalization of Cannabis Hemp, we can help restore our number one renewable resource on Earth as we create a billion dollar economy through the emergence of Cannabis and Hemp industries. There are over 10,000 uses for Cannabis Hemp of which 50,000 commercial products can be made”

More Info www.cchi2016.org

Highlights of the California Cannabis Hemp Initiative 2016

Permits the use of marijuana by adults 21 and older and licenses, regulates, enforces, and taxes recreational marijuana sales like beer and wine.

Allows for personal use and possession of Cannabis grown for personal consumption. Caps the excise tax for commercial sales at 10% of retail price.

Allows for the release and discharge of prisoners currently being serving time for non-violent marijuana offenses, saving taxpayers millions of dollars annually and freeing up jail space, judicial and crime fighting resources.

Permits farmers to grow industrial hemp and hemp seed, and allows industries and entrepreneurs to use the crop for the many uses and applications that hemp provides, both historically and modern. Restricts the use in California of trans-genetically modified Cannabis seeds.

The CCHI 2016 will fund medical Cannabis and industrial hemp research.

The full text of the CCHI can be found at www.cchi2016.org

Click here to read the announcement by Secretary of State Alex Padilla.

For More Information, to read the full text of the CCHI 2016 or to donate or volunteer:


Source: Press release from the CCHI 2016 campaign


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    This is a link that helps to explain who and why the ban on Hemp growing, in America, occurred. Wicked men and organizations who were more interested in expanding their empires in petroleum, misguided Pharmaceuticals, the steel industry and more, than the welfare of the citizens of this country.

  • Michael Jolson

    We aee the only initiative in CA with ANY social media presence. We have a facebook group of well of 13,000 which would have had more, but a temporary admin , without my knowing made it a closed group- we would have had close to 20.000 in the group if it wasnt closed by a rouge admin.
    Our Facebook Page- we have two – is stuck at 4,300 likes and won’t register anymore . I sense a conspiracy. It has been stuck at 4300 likes for many many months.
    We have 2 main Facebook pages, 2 main Facebook groups , we have a strong Instagram following , which should be at 10,000 followers by the end of the month or so, and also a few a Twitter accounts .
    Our Goal is to raise $900,000 and have raised $20,000 in pledges to start.
    What really matters, besides funds, is the Foot Soldiers carrying the CCHI 2016 for free- our volunteers. We currently have over 200 volunteers that have or soon to have the petition.
    We hope to have at least 400 petitions by the end of this month , November.
    We are only ONE WEEK on the streets and the petition is already being circulated all across California. From Humboldt to San Diego and from Santa Cruz to the Central Valley.
    We have more and more folks comtactimg us to help everyday.
    We know how to run an Initiative because we have run many. We know what it takes. We are organizing Regional Coordinatoes throughout California in almost every county.
    We received major media coverage thus far on ABC News – top story on both Los Angeles and San Diego.

  • Michael Jolson

    Industrial hemp is treated as an agricultural crop and isn’t subject to the 10% excise tax, just commercial recreational sales.

  • Michael Jolson

    Please sign up to volunteer at http://www.cchi2016.org thanks

  • Michael Jolson

    No papers needed – no jail for Cannabis period- we remove the prohibition entirely !

  • Michael Jolson

    CCHI 2016 allows for the doctor to recommend Cannais for anything regardless of age. It keeps the patient doctor/ grower relationship sacrosance.