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 February 24, 2013

vote for california marijuana initiativesThe campaign behind the California Cannabis Hemp and Health Initiative, which would explicitly legalize cannabis for adults 21 and older, will begin collecting signatures in May, attempting to put their initiative to a vote of the people in 2014.

The measure is also known as the Jack Herer initiative, based on his attempts to get a similar initiative on the ballot before he passed away in 2010. In addition, it was one of multiple measures vying for the 2012 ballot in California.

In hopes of taking advantage of the movement’s increased momentum after the passage of Amendment 64 and Initiative 502 this past November, those behind the initiative are working to get the cannabis community behind it early. The measure, although it faces some political challenges, is likely to appease most legalization advocates.

Here’s a breakdown of what this measure would do:

  • Legalizes possession
  • Legalizes home-growing
  • Legalizes industrial hemp
  • Removes cannabis as a controlled substance under state law
  • Directs the legislature to setup regulations for retail cannabis sales
  • Sets a maximum tax of $10 per ounce, and $2 per gram for legal retail cannabis
  • Sets a maximum licensing fee of $1,000 for businesses and retail growers – those growing at home for personal consumption wouldn’t be subject to such a tax.
  • Declares that “No California law enforcement personnel or funds shall be used to assist or aid and abet in the enforcement of Federal cannabis hemp marijuana laws involving acts that are hereby no longer illegal in the State of California”, and declares it an illegal misdemeanor for a state official to not follow this provision.
  • Sets the possession and grow limit for personal use at 12 pounds, and 99 plants, per adult, per year.

If you’re interested in helping with this effort, we urge you to check out their website, as well as their Facebook page.

Source: The Joint Blog

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  • Sean

    Please don’t blow it this time, California. You broke my heart when prop 19 failed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Jolson/1020338069 Michael Jolson

    thank you for the support and let’s End Cannabis Hemp prohibition 2-Day!

  • Dandlco.com

    Good Luck California!

  • Ron

    Looking forward to signing the bill!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=838347849 Paul Nenninger

    Come on California, lets tell the Feds we are fed up with marijuana prohibition.

  • Beppe15

    Lets do this and end the suffering in Cali!

  • Trevor

    I do support this law and I would vote on it if I were Californian. However, there needs to be a 1 ounce limit until all states legalize because California is in cartel vicinity. The cartels will use the 12 pounds per year as fodder for some money making scheme. I know they will. But I would still vote yes, especially since this was included : “No California law enforcement personnel or funds shall be used to assist or aid and abet in the enforcement of Federal cannabis hemp marijuana laws involving acts that are hereby no longer illegal in the State of California”.

    I am a part of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition by the way.

  • http://powerandcontrol.blogspot.com/ M. Simon

    The taxes are high but not too unreasonable. I could live with that.

  • ilovenorthcounty

    What about a workplace discrimination provision? What is the point of being able to use marijuana legally if we cannot hold decent jobs??!!! Look at Colorado and Washington, the people made it legal and yet many workplaces have outdated marijuana free workplace policies that concern themselves with what employees do on their time off from work.

  • magnru

    Yes, YeS, YES!!!

  • Ivan

    Yea they should make it legal I have to buy it illegally since having a medical license mite affect my job if they found out about it. That would help stop the war again’ts drugs since marijuana is the leading fund for most of the illegal drug sells.