Can Dabs Be Safe?

 Posted by on March 3, 2014  Marijuana Science
Mar 032014
 March 3, 2014

In this interview with Steep Hill Halent Labs Founder & COO, Addison Demoura, will answer some of the Cannabis testing industry’s most timely and concerning questions, like:

What is the problem with only testing for THC?

Are concentrates safer than simply smoking with a lighter?

Where are we going in terms of state regulation as legalization spreads?

What are the main things you deserve to be aware and mindful of, as you choose how & where to get your personal, or collectives cannabis products tested?



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    in Canada, most oil is made using isopropyl alcohol for a solvent


    Dabs can be safe, if done properly. But the amateurs trying to make it and not getting all the solvents out, or blowing themselves up like meth cooks need to leave to the people with the proper equipment.

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