candy jack marijuana strain
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Candy Jack Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures

Candy Jack Cannabis Strain Review And Pics

The Candy Jack marijuana strain is a sativa strain which won second place at the first ever High Times Cannabis Cup in Denver. I was there, and sampled this strain, and it was very strong and very flavorful. It truly tasted like candy. The Candy Jack marijuana strain is great for stress, pain relief, and also for concentration. Candy Jack tests at over 25% THC consistently.

Check out the Candy Jack marijuana strain on THCFinder.Com, and see what people had to say about Candy Jack,  and how Candy Jack affects various ailments.

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candy jack marijuana strain


candy jack marijuana strain


candy jack marijuana strain

  • Matt

    31% THC lol. Some lab results are ridiculous. They are lucky if it is above 20%.

  • mark_lee481 BSHA

    This is not a pharmaceutical, there can be drastic differences between plants of the same strain. Not to mention that it is a living plant, and subject to the laws of recessive genetics. The care taken of the plant can also drastically affect it’s THC content, this is why I really prefer to not do business with ventures such as “Weedmaps!” They demand product, not well cared for buds. This is why I give Johnny Green a full 5 stars!!!

  • “marijuana strain is great for stress” – that should be a standard line on every strain!