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 February 2, 2015

alaska marijuana legalizationOne of my favorite things to do is go to cannabis cafes. They are very popular in Oregon, and have been for a few years. I went to one in Keizer, Oregon that is kind of like a cafe that doubles as a rec center for OMMP members. There are few things as fun as playing Bingo while taking dab hits. Cannabis cafes are coming to Anchorage, Alaska too. Per Reason:

But unlike the Denver City Council, which has not seen fit to allow cannabis consumption in any business open to the public, the Anchorage Assembly approved an amendment that makes an exception for consumption “authorized by a state permit or license or authorized by a municipal permit or lease.” That provision leaves open the possibility of businesses that cater to people, including tourists, who want to use marijuana in a setting other than a private residence.

Measure 2, Alaska’s legalization initiative, says “it is unlawful to consume marijuana in public” and prescribes a $100 civil fine for violators, but it does not define public. The Anchorage Assembly settled on a broad definition that nevertheless contemplates cannabis cafés. Depending on how the state legislature decides to regulate marijuana retailers (which are not expected to start opening until next year), those cafés might sell marijuana products alongside food and beverages, à la Amsterdam’s “coffee shops,” or they might be limited to nonintoxicating refreshments for customers who bring their own marijuana. Either way, tolerating such businesses will help avoid a conundrum faced by visitors to Colorado and Washington, where the rules governing consumption are fuzzy and in some jurisdictions highly restrictive. “We voted to control it like alcohol,” Joanne Henning of the Alaska Cannabis Association told the Ancorage Assembly, which last December overwhelmingly rejected a ban on marijuana shops. ”We want a safe place to consume it like alcohol.”

It will be a bit before recreational marijuana stores pop up in Alaska, and with a moratorium in place in Anchorage, it could be even longer before legal purchases occur in Alaska’s capital. But, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still going to be business opportunities in Alaska prior to store licenses being issued. Cannabis cafes are something entrepreneurs should look into in the meantime.



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    That is pretty sweet. I like my warmer states tho lol I currently use cbd e-juice since it is legal in all states.


    I have always wanted to visit Alaska, now I have one more reason to do so.


    we need Cannabis Cafes in every town


    A moratorium in Anchorage you say? That is odd at best, but it just goes to show folks, that despite Alaska being the last bastion of real freedom and opportunity in America, there is still plenty of corruption. How on earth did said moratorium get passed or is being tolerated by the fine citizens of that awesome city?


    That’s delightful. Those could be more popular than dance clubs in the right place. Let me order you a gram, babe.


    Alaska Cannabis Club already has the first “cafe” going in downtown Anchorage. I’ve been there and it’s THE BEST SPOT in AK for actual adults that don’t feel like “twerking” or getting drunk. Just sayin, keep up


    Anchorage is not the capital of Alaska.



    Largest city does not equal capital.


    I own a house on the out skirts of mountain view, i think it would be a perfect place for a mariguana cafe. Is anyone interested going into business with me


    Joweed if lived close by I would. Right now I just vape premium e-liquid CBD, because that is all that is legal here.


    I really hope to get to go to one someday. I am on the wrong side of the country for that lol Right now I just get to vape e-liquid.


    anchorage ain’t the capital of alaska brah do yo research. its Juneau

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