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Cannabis Farmers Markets Are A Great Idea

marijuana farmers market

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One of my favorite things to do is visit local farmers markets to purchase fresh, local produce and meats. In America, we moved away from purchasing produce and meat locally over the last few decades. Farmers markets are reinventing how we get food, and I personally would rather support a local farmer directly, rather than go to a chain grocery store and purchase items that I have no idea where they originated.

The same theory of supporting local farmers directly is now being applied to the cannabis industry. Over Fourth of July weekend a farmers market was launched in Los Angeles. The goal of the farmers market is to provide safe, reliable access to cannabis. Prices tend to be cheaper at farmers markets compared to other safe access avenues because the cannabis is being purchased directly from the farmer. There’s no third party involved other than the farmer having to pay for their table at the market. Per The Hollywood Reporter:

“This is an opportunity that unfortunately is not seen as much as we would like,” California Heritage Market executive administrator Paizley Bradbury said of the chance for patients and growers to interact. “We’re hoping that the California Heritage Market can bridge this gap and provide a new and affordable experience for those who need safe access they can trust.”

The cannabis farmers market in Los Angeles is not the first of it’s kind, contrary to mainstream media reports. There have been small farmers markets in Oregon for a handful of years now, and I have also heard of ones in Washington. But despite not being the first to do it, the farmers market in Los Angeles is still a stellar idea that I hope will be continue. I also hope to see other ones pop up all over California and beyond.


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  • Bob

    Craigslist and apps could also be virtual farmer’s markets!

  • FireFlier

    There has been one in Phoenix; it was very busy on the 420 weekend. Some pictures can be seen starting at http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/slideshow/420-celebrations-in-metro-phoenix-41143085/#15

  • Joel Grant

    I have not only heard of cannabis farmer’s markets in WA state, I have been to three of them: MMJ Universe in Black Diamond, NW Cannabis Market in Seattle/White Center, and New Amsterdam in north Seattle. They are totally awesome. You walk into a big room that is filled with awesome growers with superb, well-priced bud and concentrates. No way to describe the beautiful smell. I won’t describe all the deals I have gotten, but suffice it to say that farmer’s markets are now my exclusive way of getting medical MJ in WA state. The retail/”recreational” stuff here is still light years away from being useful or affordable.

  • Big Bill

    Much of the weed in LA (especially the West Side) is overpriced. The farmers markets may remedy that situation,

  • mike1188

    I love this picture I wanted to cry.(laughing) this is such a great idea. I live near a farmers market in Michigan and I have never seen anything like this. Support your farmers support America. Legalize marajauna america

  • Fm

    To keep the clubs and shops prices at least workable if u must , farmers market is game !