Aug 092014
 August 9, 2014
How To Make Cheesy Marijuana Fries

Cheesy Marijuana Fries Recipe Feeling that craving for some seriously dank food? The messiest, most delicious thing that you could possibly get in that situation has to be cheesy fries! Chances are since you’re probably already stoned, you’ll be on the rampage for something greasy and epic. But medicating your cheesy fries? You can’t go wrong with that, am I right? This recipe will teach you how to make your own medicated cheesy fries, packed full of awesome shit. What You’ll Need (Fries): Sea salt & pepper to taste 4-6 potatoes (depending on their size) 1/4 cup of cannabis olive

Aug 052014
 August 5, 2014
How To Make Cannabis Bacon

I’m not one of those people that really loves bacon… But I acknowledge the stoner love of this greasy food. Potheads love bacon and I’ve been seeing a lot of bacon related posts pop up on social media so I wanted to share this cannabis bacon recipe with you all. Get the best of your weed and the best of bacon in one snack. It’s easy to prepare and you’ll be feasting on bacon in a short while. You can also add this treat to sandwiches as an added boost of awesome! What You’ll Need: 1 tbsp cannabis flour 24

Jul 212014
 July 21, 2014
Make Marijuana Butter, Oil Or Milk With Your Marijuana Plant Trim

Most of the marijuana recipes require marijuana butter instead of normal butter. It is very easy to make and it can be used as normal butter. Another advantage is that it can also be made of marijuana leaves. Especially the small leaves close to the flowers contain a lot of resin. In order to make the THC in marijuana active it has to be heated in some way. Normally it is done by smoking it but it can also be eaten. THC resolves in fat, not in water. So it’s important to use fat if you’re cooking with marijuana. Oil,

Jul 052014
 July 5, 2014
Marijuana Baklava Recipe

If you don’t know what baklava is, you’re not alone. I didn’t either until I found this recipe but let me tell you, even if you don’t know what this delicious dish is, it’s worth trying. Especially when medicated! So what is it? It’s a pastry that originated in Turkey and it’s pretty damn good. They’re very sweet and rich, like I said, definitely worth trying. As always, I’ve tried to get the simplest recipe so even novice stoners will be able to make these amazing confections in their own kitchen. What You’ll Need; 16 ounces Filo Dough 1 1/2

Jul 012014
 July 1, 2014
Comatose Marijuana Cookie Recipe

It’s hot outside, as we all know, so cookies plus cotton mouth may sound like a terrible idea. But before you disregard these delectable little treats, keep in mind that there is a way to make cannabis ice cream (ice cream cookie sandwiches!) or cannabis milk (dip those cookies!) so there’s no excuse as to why you shouldn’t be baking these up… While simultaneously baking up yourself of course. This recipe is pretty easy too so any level baked should be able to make it! What You’ll Need; 2 cups Pecans, Chopped 1 1/2 cups Light Brown Sugar 2-3 tablespoons

Jun 302014
 June 30, 2014
Marijuana Avocado Shake Recipe

It’s hot out. While most of us wish for summer during the colder times of the year, I think a lot of us forget how hot it actually gets once the chill leaves the air. Unfortunately, it’s already been a scorching hot summer on the east coast but thankfully, there’s this healthy, cooling recipe that includes avocados to help cool you down. This medicated shake is popular in Brazil, a place that is definitely hotter than the east coast… Or the west! So no matter where you are, you’re sure to be able to chill out with this beverage! What

Jun 292014
 June 29, 2014
Caramelized Marijuana Bananas Recipe

Everyone loves a healthy treat gone sweet! Especially in the summer, this recipe will be a huge hit. After a hefty BBQ meal, a caramelized banana sounds incredible, right? Add in a little cannabis and you’ve got yourself an amazing after dinner snack. The following recipe serves two people, so if you need to make more just be sure to adjust the recipe accordingly! And it’s suggested that you always make a little extra of these if you’re having a party… People will definitely want more. What You’ll Need; 1-2 tablespoons heavy cream 2 tablespoons canna-coconut oil 1 tablespoon shredded

Jun 152014
 June 15, 2014
How To Make Marijuana Crusted Salmon

Spending summer nights with friends in your backyard is one of the best experiences around. For those of you who love fish dishes in the summer, this recipe will be for you! This amazing dish is easy to prepare and will give you an amazing medicated salmon that your friends will absolutely adore. The following recipe will make four servings so if you plan on making it for more or less, be sure to adjust the ingredients accordingly. What You’ll Need; 1 cup cannabis Trail Mix (crushed to a fine consistency) 1 cup all-purpose flour 3 tablespoon grated parmesan cheese

Jun 102014
 June 10, 2014
How To Make Marijuana Trail Mix

With summer basically here, people are spending a lot of time outside. Which is definitely a good thing, as most of us have been seriously deprived of Vitamin D for the past few months. So hiking, kayaking, running, or whatever other outdoor activities people enjoy are at the top of everyone’s list of things to do… But it’s also important to stay healthy and stoned, right? The following recipe will teach any stoner how to make a delicious trail mix blend that will keep you full, medicated, and healthy this summer while you’re out enjoying yourself! What You’ll Need; 2

May 202014
 May 20, 2014
How To Make Homemade Marijuana Elixir

Before even starting off with the recipe for the elixir, your cannabis needs to be in tincture form. If you’re unfamiliar with making tincture, it’s really easy. You can use either alcohol above 40% or vegetable glycerin (I personally prefer the glycerin… It isn’t as harsh on the stomach and tastes far better). You can make the tincture by placing previously frozen/extremely dry cannabis in a crockpot along with the glycerin and letting it cook for 24 hours on the “simmer” setting. Stir this mixture occasionally. You can use the alcohol method if you want by getting Everclear and putting