How To Make Marijuana Lime Pie

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Dec 272013
How To Make Marijuana Lime Pie

Cannabis Lime Pie Recipe Whether you’re planning on making this in to a holiday dessert or you just feel like making a delicious dessert, key lime pie is always a good choice. Except this recipe calls for that extra ingredient that we all love; cannabis! Hence why it’s called “kief” lime pie! I promise that you’ll love this medicated pie and as always, the recipe is fairly simple! Filling Ingredients: 3 teaspoons Lime Zest 1 cup Sugar 1 package Gelatin, Unflavored Lime Slices 1/2 cup Pistachio Nuts, Shelled, Unsalted 4 [...]

Dec 242013
How To Make Marijuana Mac And Cheese

Cannabis Macaroni And Cheese Recipe Everyone knows that mac and cheese makes a pretty awesome snack when you’ve been sitting around smoking. As always, food is usually much better if it contains cannabis. So medicating your mac and cheese is definitely a worthwhile venture. Not only that but this recipe is homemade so it’s much healthier than the stuff from the store! Ingredients: 1 cup Velveeta, cut into cubes ½ cup shredded mild Cheddar Cheese 1 Pound Elbow Macaroni ½ cup of fresh grated parmesan cheese ½ cup shredded Mozzarella [...]

How To Make Marijuana Chai Tea

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Dec 222013
How To Make Marijuana Chai Tea

Cannabis Chai Tea Recipe Winter is here. Those that don’t like coffee usually drink tea. How else will you warm yourself up on those biting cold days? Even those in California are feeling the effects of the brutal winters, with temps in normally mild areas dropping below 30. The best tea is obviously medicated tea and a Chai blend is perfect for the coldest night this winter. Ingredients: Chai tea base (can be found at Walmart) 1 cup soy milk 2 chai tea bags 1/2 cup sugar 1 can whipped [...]

Dec 212013
How To Make The Perfect Marijuana Candy

Cannabis Candy Recipe There are a lot of people that think making cannabis candy is a difficult process, when in reality, it’s quite simple. As it usually is when making edibles, getting it right is tough. The candy not only has to be potent enough to be considered medicine but taste good as well! The candy is worthless if it doesn’t have both of those qualities. But making the perfect batch of cannabis candy treats is in the following recipe! Ingredients: Candy molds Cooking spray Metal spoon 2/3 cups white [...]

Dec 202013
How To Make Marijuana Peppermint Ice Cream

Marijuana Peppermint Ice Cream Recipe Christmas is quickly approaching and I haven’t given you guys a single Christmas recipe this far! I stumbled upon this one and deemed it definitely sharable! Making this delicious snack will brighten up any snowy night (although you best be in a warm spot while eating!). Trust me, this recipe is something that you’ll definitely want to try this Christmas season! Ingredients: ½ vanilla bean, sliced open and scraped out into the milk 1 organic egg yolk 1 ¼ cup non-fat milk ¼ cup sugar [...]

Dec 062013
How To Make Marijuana Cinnamon Roll Oatmeal Cookies

Cannabis Cinnamon Roll Oatmeal Cookie Recipe As someone who has a real soft spot for cinnamon rolls, I highly recommend this recipe! As usual, this recipe will not just cure your munchies but it’ll even get you higher than you were. Be careful! These treats are extremely addicting and may have you eating more than you want to if you don’t pay attention! These are especially good for the holiday season as presents for your friends and family! Ingredients: 10 packets cinnamon roll instant oatmeal 1 cup of firmly packed [...]

Dec 022013
How To Make Marijuana Rice Crispy Treats

Cannabis Rice Crispy Treats Recipe I haven’t met too many people that don’t like rice crispy treats, and when you add marijuana to the equation, the list gets even smaller. There’s just something about ripping off a piece of gooey goodness from a rice crispy treat that makes me smile every time. Plus the recipe below packs a punch, so it’s a double bonus. Ingredients: 1/2 cup of marijuana butter 4 cups miniature marshmallows 5 cups of Rice Crispy treats cereal or any crisp rice cereal Directions: Melt margarine in [...]

How To Make Marijuana Gravy

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Nov 272013
How To Make Marijuana Gravy

Cannabis Gravy Recipe Gravy is basically required for a Thanksgiving meal. It”s what makes the turkey taste that much better. Not feeling very motivated to medicate everything on your table this year? Simply medicating the gravy will get you and your family/friends stoned enough to still have room for dessert! Ingredients: Salt and pepper to taste 2 Tbsp chopped fresh sage 2 large onions, sliced thin ½ cup balsamic vinegar Turkey, chicken or vegetable stock 1/3 cup flour 2 Tbsp chopped fresh rosemary 6 Tbsp cannabutter 1/2 cup balsamic vinegar [...]

How To Make Marijuana Fruit Balls

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Nov 262013
How To Make Marijuana Fruit Balls

Cannabis Fruit Balls Recipe For those that are trying to stay healthy, edibles can be dangerous! Thankfully, there are still a few healthy recipes out there, although it’s pretty hard to track them down. This recipe creates a sort of fruit-nut-spice ball. It’ not the healthiest thing in the world but it is better than a brownie or Rice Krispy treat, right? Ingredients: 1 tsp coriander 1 handful stone dates 1 tsp black peppercorns 4 average size cinnamon sticks 1 handful shelled almonds 1/4 oz cannabis 1 cup sugar 1 [...]

How To Make Marijuana Pesto

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Nov 242013
How To Make Marijuana Pesto

Cannabis Pesto Recipe It’s possible to make cannabis pizza, pasta, and bread. But why not enhance it with some medicated pesto? Not only that but homemade pesto is better than anything that you can buy in a store. This recipe will provide you with delicious pesto that you can add to whatever stoner delight you feel like whipping up! Ingredients: 2 cups cannabis olive oil 1 tsp salt 2 cups garlic 2 cups basil Parmesan cheese (Optional) Pine nuts Directions: This is a recipe that is based mostly off of [...]