Mar 052015
 March 5, 2015
How To Choose The Best Dab Nail

There are many ways to consume dabs. My favorite way is with a vape pen due to how convenient it is. But sometimes I still like to break out my rig and torch, and I know I’m not alone. While vape pens are convenient, they still don’t get me as high as a rig and nail. I can only get a certain size of hit from a vape pen, but with a rig I can take as large of a hit as I want. I remember when I got my first rig from a friend. It didn’t come with a

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Feb 252015
 February 25, 2015
How To Tell If Marijuana Dabs Are Good Or Bad

How Do You Determine If Cannabis Concentrates Are Good Or Bad? Are you new to the marijuana concentrates world? Do you know what ‘dabs‘ are? If you consume marijuana often enough, chances are you have taken at least one dab hit by now. For those of you that have yet to take a dab hit, maybe due to unavailability in your area or because you are a new consumer, you should really check it out. They say a dab will do ya, which is true. If you are like me, and you like to ride the ‘higher high’, dabs are

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Feb 142015
 February 14, 2015
Flying With Recreational Or Medical Marijuana

By Ngaio Bealum Can you carry your medical marijuana (or your recreational marijuana) on a commercial airplane? I do. It’s usually not a big deal.  Over the past 20-plus years of bringing weed with me dang near everywhere I go, I have had no real problems. There are two ways to carry your marijuana in an airport: In your pocket and in your luggage. I suppose there are more than two ways, but most of the other ways are kinda gross. In the days before 9/11 (and before California had a medical-marijuana law), I would just put my stash in

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Advice For New Marijuana Consumers

 Posted by at 10:28 AM on February 13, 2015  Marijuana Tips and Tricks
Feb 132015
 February 13, 2015
Advice For New Marijuana Consumers

By Ngaio Bealum Hello, and welcome to the wonderful world of weed! Be aware: The cannabis-etiquette rabbit hole is full of traps and inconsistencies, as well as local customs and arcane superstitions. Some general rules (pirate voice): “The code is more what you’d call ‘guidelines’ than actual rules.” Pass the dutchie to the left-hand side. Yes, it’s a song. The first joint or bowl or whatever should go to the left. If the circle is big enough and the weed is plentiful, someone may send another bowl or blunt counterclockwise—and it’s always funny when someone gets passed both joints at

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Feb 072015
 February 7, 2015
Tips For Attending A High Times Cannabis Cup Event

I have been fortunate enough over the last few years to attend several High Times Cannabis Cups. I have been to medical Cups in Los Angeles and the Bay Area, medical Cups in Denver, and the first ever recreational Cup in Denver in 2013. I haven’t been to the one in Seattle yet, but Jay Smoker has, and he said it was just as awesome as the other Cups in other cities. The High Times Cannabis Cup is going on right now in San Bernardino, California, and I wanted to pass along some tips for attendees who haven’t been to

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Feb 012015
 February 1, 2015
How Much Dabs Can You Make From One Pound Of Marijuana?

How Much Hash Oil Can You Get From A Pound Of Cannabis Flower? Dabs, hash oil, shatter, budder, wax, etc., whatever you call it, marijuana concentrates are growing in popularity more and more every day. There had been a steady growth of popularity for marijuana concentrates for several years prior to the ‘vape pen revolution.’ However, once vape pens became more and more popular, it seems that just about everyone I know is only consuming concentrates rather than flower. Flower, at least where I live in Oregon, is much harder to sell these days. Everyone has it, everyone is growing

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Jan 252015
 January 25, 2015
Tips For How To Roll The Best Marijuana Joint

How To Roll A Marijuana Joint By Aarr Kellz, Spaceship Earth Farms There are many ways to roll a joint, but I have found this to be a tried and true method that seems to work every time, and leave my joints burning smooth and evenly. Materials That you will need: -1 gram of ground cannabis. -1 1-1/4” Rolling Paper In this picture, Mama Meemers uses a little bit of ground Geoffery and a RAW hemp paper to prepare a joint. I used orange zig zags for years, but prefer unbleached hemp papers, as I think they are a healthier alternative, and it’s is why we

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Jan 172015
 January 17, 2015
How To Get Stuck Kief Out Of A Marijuana Grinder

If you use a grinder, you know how frustrating it is to see a ton of kief stuck in the cracks, crevices, and the screen. If you’re like me, you really want to smoke that, right? But while scraping the grinder with a knife or something doesn’t always work the best, what’s a stoner to do? There are two easy ways to get the kief out of your grinder, no matter how stuck it is. The first method would be to stick your grinder in the freezer. When trichomes get cold, they get brittle. By getting the grinder nice and

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Jan 092015
 January 9, 2015
Is It Safe To Ship Marijuana Through The Mail?

There have been countless people on the internet that have at one time or another asked someone to ship them marijuana. Even though it does bring a person down to be trapped in a state that doesn’t allow for the dankest of dank, sending marijuana through the mail has never been and will never be a good idea. The act is risky, with severe consequences, and the chances of getting caught are higher than ever, as the post office is constantly looking for suspicious packages that may contain some of Colorado or Washington’s coveted bud. A perfect example of why

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Dec 172014
 December 17, 2014
Guide To Marijuana Edibles Infographic

Marijuana legalization is happening all across the United States, and legalization has brought new, more convenient ways to consume cannabis. Edibles have been around since your dad was eating pot brownies at Woodstock, but today’s legal market may mystify even the most experienced users. Medical patients and recreational consumers alike may be surprised by the hundreds of edible marijuana products differing in type, taste, potency and packaging that fill up dispensary shelves today. We have partnered with Medical Jane, to introduce to you this educational guide, promoting knowledgeable and responsible cannabis consumption.

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