Mar 222014
Frequently Asked Questions About Purging BHO

Properly purging butane hash oil (BHO) is a vital step to making BHO that a lot of people either overlook, or don’t take serious enough. No one wants to consume BHO that is not properly purged for health reasons, and because it tastes horrible. A lot of people can get their hands on quality flower/trim, and a lot of people can blast it with butane. But where a rookie BHO maker is separated from an expert BHO maker is during the purging phase. If you want to step up your [...]

Mar 142014
Five Things You May Not Want To Do While Stoned

As a stoner, you have to recognize that there are some situations where it’s definitely not a good idea to be high in. Even some seasoned stoners get flustered easily if they’re baked and put in to an uncomfortable situation. Weed may calm nerves and chill you out but there are days where it’s a good plan to avoid smoking just for a bit in order to get some important stuff done. Let’s face it, taking a break from smoking can also be good for you and it reminds you [...]

Jan 092014
Is It Safe To Buy Marijuana On The Internet?

Have You Thought About Buying Marijuana Online? If you frequent marijuana websites a lot, then I’m sure you have noticed a growing trend of people trying to sell marijuana over the internet. The sales pitches are bold, stating that they stock this strain and that strain, and to e-mail them for details. These types of comments are all over not only TWB’s comments sections, but every large marijuana website’s comments sections. Consider this a public service announcement – beware buying marijuana on the internet. You should really beware buying anything on [...]

What Are Dabs?

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Jan 082014
What Are Dabs?

The dab phenomenon has taken over the Western United States and is moving eastward at a rapid pace. If you live on the West Coast or Colorado, chances are you have taken dab hits with friends in recent years. If you haven’t, you really need to get out more. Whenever I talk about dabs on social media or with my family that live off the West Coast, people often ask me, ‘what are dabs?’ I don’t know that there is an ‘official’ definition yet. I’m waiting for it to turn [...]

Dec 082013
How To Be A Productive Pothead

The most well known stereotype that stoners deal with is that we’re lazy. We smoke too much bud to do anything but sit around and stare off in to space. Fortunately for us, that’s not the truth anymore. Potheads have worked very hard in order to negate that stereotype and we have done a very good job of it. Stoners have managed to infiltrate almost every career path, from retail to engineering. Stoners work far harder than anyone at excelling because the bar has been set so high. No pun [...]

Nov 162013
How Reliable Are Marijuana Strain Names?

Are Cannabis Strain Names Accurate? I remember when I started smoking marijuana in the mid 90′s marijuana strain names weren’t that important. Finding marijuana was not as easy as it is now, and there certainly weren’t any dispensaries, so you were just glad to get anything. Back then, at least in my area, marijuana was lumped into one of three categories – bammer, beasters, and kill bud. There was rarely a strain name attached to the marijuana I bought back then, and even if it had a name, there was [...]

Nov 102013
Reasons Why Marijuana Dealers Cut Off Customers

How familiar are you with this scenario – you have been buying marijuana from someone, and out of nowhere they quit answering your calls and/or texts. You know they are still in business because they still hook up people that you know, but for some reason the marijuana dealer is ignoring all communications from you? You have been cutoff. But why? Below are some reasons that marijuana dealers cut off customers. If you are guilty of any of these things, chances are you have been cut off before. If so, [...]

Nov 042013
Why Vaporizing Medical Cannabis Is Getting Popular

Many people using medical cannabis, for obvious reasons, are very worried about their health. For some people, smoking is just out of the question. Even though cannabis isn’t associated with the cancer risk that smoking tobacco is associated with, smoking still does have effects on the lungs that may be undesirable for some people. Particularly if the patient is an avid runner or engages in some other vigorous fitness routine, smoking may diminish their performance and make them feel like medical cannabis might not be accessible. The first option here [...]

Oct 112013
How To Make A Marijuana Steamroller Out Of A Pringles Can

We have all been there before – you have the weed, you have a lighter, but you don’t have anything to smoke out of. Assuming you don’t have any rolling papers, or an apple, or something else that is traditionally used to smoke marijuana out of, what can you do? It’s times like this that you should be thankful for the real MacGyver of marijuana, Master Bong. Check out this video that he made of how to make a marijuana steamroller out of a can of Pringles. Admittedly, it’s not [...]