Low Temp Dabs Vs. High Temp Dabs

 Posted by at 9:02 AM on August 31, 2014  Cannabis Tips and Tricks
Aug 312014
 August 31, 2014
Low Temp Dabs Vs. High Temp Dabs

By Aarr Kellz, Spaceship Earth Farms To dab or not to dab is no longer the question. The question, is at which temperature should we dab? Well I was recently introduced to the joys of low temp dabbing. So what is low temp dabbing? Low temp dabbing is when you take a dab at a lower temperature and cover the heating source with a carb cap while inhaling. This results in the process of convection, and much like a dutch oven, the heat gets trapped and causes concentrate that would [...]

Aug 192014
 August 19, 2014
The Importance Of Purging Your Dab Torch

By Aarr Kellz, Spaceship Earth Farms The Why… When you first take a brand new torch out of the box it has been freshly manufactured and sometimes the torch’s gas chamber has a little oxygen left over inside that needs to be purged before you fill the chamber with butane. If the oxygen is not completely purged then it can cause some problems in the torch like prematurely extinguishing the flame or not allowing enough butane into the flame to be as powerful as intended. This is because oxygen is [...]

How To Make A Push Pop Pipe

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Aug 122014
 August 12, 2014
How To Make A Push Pop Pipe

The McGyver of Pot and Friend of the blog, Master Bong, has posted a new video showing us how to make a Push Pop pipe, perfect for a summertime smoke session. Be sure to check out his other videos and sign up to win some cool prizes at masterbong420.com.

Jul 122014
 July 12, 2014
Advice For Newbie Marijuana Buyers

We all have to start somewhere! With legalization slowly crawling over the US as well as the rest of the world, it’s possible that more people will begin to smoke weed (or not, we still aren’t really sure as to what’s going to happen with that). But even if you’re not new to smoking, buying weed in a store for the first time might be a bit weird… So here’s a list of things to pay attention to when you’re going to shop for bud, according to experts in Colorado. [...]

Jul 102014
 July 10, 2014
How 7/10 Became The National Hash Holiday

By Barry Bard What are Dabs? Fundamentally, “Dabs” are hash. Unlike traditional hashish, the term describes hash extracted with Butane, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, or Solventless. Thus, “Dabs” are a more potent form of hash that comes in varying forms. Like traditional hash, extract artists use techniques that ultimately pull out resin, trichomes, and THC, binding them together for a far more dense and potent substance than cannabis. Unlike hash, the “Dab” extraction process is a more thorough approach that maximizes the concentration of the THC present in cannabis. Before we [...]

May 202014
 May 20, 2014
How To Roll An Inside Out Blunt

The McGyver of Pot and Friend of the blog, Master Bong, has posted a new video showing us how to roll an inside out blunt. Besides being a fun and challenging new rolling technique, the inside out blunt provides a longer lasting smoking session. Be sure to check out his other videos and sign up to win some cool prizes at masterbong420.com.

May 202014
 May 20, 2014
How To Make Homemade Marijuana Elixir

Before even starting off with the recipe for the elixir, your cannabis needs to be in tincture form. If you’re unfamiliar with making tincture, it’s really easy. You can use either alcohol above 40% or vegetable glycerin (I personally prefer the glycerin… It isn’t as harsh on the stomach and tastes far better). You can make the tincture by placing previously frozen/extremely dry cannabis in a crockpot along with the glycerin and letting it cook for 24 hours on the “simmer” setting. Stir this mixture occasionally. You can use the [...]

How To Make Marijuana Balm

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May 152014
 May 15, 2014
How To Make Marijuana Balm

Marijuana can be great for smoking but it can also be great for assisting with skin problems like eczema, severe dry skin, and uneven skin tone. While some people have a lot of trouble finding these products, others have been generous enough to share their methods on the web, providing us with a very basic recipe that pretty much anyone can make! The following recipe will give you a great cannabalm that will improve your skin and leave you feeling refreshed! What You’ll Need; 1.0oz liquid vegetable glycerin .3oz essential oil [...]

Apr 212014
 April 21, 2014
Can You Get A 'Hangover' From Consuming Too Much Cannabis?

Examining The Myth Of The Marijuana Hangover I recently wrote an article about using marijuana to help cure an alcohol hangover. While I was looking at stuff online about that topic, I constantly ran into articles dealing with a hangover from marijuana. I personally don’t think I’ve ever had a marijuana hangover, but I have consumed so much marijuana in a night that I was still very high when I woke up the next morning. I’m wondering if maybe that’s what people are experiencing and calling it a hangover. When [...]

Apr 182014
 April 18, 2014
Tips For Attending A 420 Event

How To Prepare For A 420 Event April 20th is right around the corner, and if you are luckier, you are going to a 420 event. The 420 event could be a Sunday only event, or in the case of the Denver High Times Cannabis Cup, the 420 event lasts all weekend with a bonus Friday night event. Last year when I was in Denver for 4/20 for the Cannabis Cup, there was a Friday night party hosted by Snoop Dogg. It was certainly an epic weekend in Denver, and [...]