Jun 162016
 June 16, 2016
4 Tips To Save Money On Weed

Regardless if you’re someone who likes to periodically indulge or even if you’re an avid smoker, all marijuana enthusiasts enjoy saving money on their favorite herb. It comes down to either conserving your weed or just finding the absolute best deals to always make sure you’re not spending too much. Tip #1- Cheap friends have to go If you prefer to smoke with your buddies, this may be the hardest tip to accomplish. Think thoroughly though. If you *temporarily* cut off your smoker friends who only ever come around when you’ve got something to smoke, you’ll save a ton on

Oct 312015
 October 31, 2015
What Is Marijuana 'Rosin Tech' And How Do You Make It?

Some Call It ‘Rosin Tech,’ Some Call It ‘Pressed Hash,’ And Others Call It Something Else – Whatever You Call It, If You Know About It, Then You Know It’s Fantastic To Consume And Easy To Make There are a lot of things in the marijuana world that have existed for a very long time, but due to the increasing spread of marijuana information and new names being applied to old things, it seems like there is new stuff being invented/created all the time when it comes to marijuana. The truth is, most if not all things in the marijuana

Oct 202015
 October 20, 2015
Marijuana Etiquette - 20 Tips For Consuming Cannabis

Once upon a time my buddy Kaliko had a show on an independent marijuana media outlet run by our friend Russ Belville. On his show Kaliko would always give out marijuana consumption etiquette tips, which I always found very informative. When I first became a cannabis consumer in the mid-90’s, the internet was readily available for me to query all of my marijuana questions. I had to learn the proper etiquette that goes along with being a responsible marijuana consumer the old fashioned way via friends, family, and often times embarrassing moments that included ridicule from more experienced consumers. You

Apr 012015
 April 1, 2015
Marijuana Joint Rolling Tips With John The Freak

I have never attended the Seattle Hempfest, but this year I plan on making the journey from Oregon to Seattle to attend. I have had many, many friends go, and they always say it’s an amazing time. Seattle Hempfest has been rolling out videos lately. Below is a video of Vivian McPeak, who sat down with the master joint roller for Seattle Hempfest, John the Freak, who shows you how to properly roll a joint:

Mar 202015
 March 20, 2015
How To Pick The Perfect Water Pipe

When it comes to water pipes there are a plethora of options. Often, walking into a head shop or glass store can be a hectic experience. You get shown so many pieces you forget what you were originally there to purchase and are then left facing the difficult question: which one is the perfect piece for me? With there being so much variety in shape, size, brand, and appearance it can be rather difficult to compare and choose one piece, especially if you are new to purchasing and using glass. Dry herbs vs Concentrates Use       The first

Mar 082015
 March 8, 2015
Dabs Are Everywhere!

By Macaseanu from Spaceship Earth Farms Welcome back to the Spaceship, Earthlings. Today, I would like to call attention to a simple truth. Dabs get everywhere. Now, we’ve talked at length already about how the reburn deposits on every surface inside your oil rig, as well as the process of cleaning and collecting it. I have also been discovering more uses for this reburn, but we will get into that more at a later date. I want to focus on this dabs get everywhere thing for the moment, and when I say they get everywhere, I mean literally everywhere. For

Mar 082015
 March 8, 2015
How To Get A Job In The Legal Marijuana Industry

The marijuana industry is the next great industry in America. There are almost two dozen states that have legalized medical marijuana (not including CBD only states), and there are currently two states with a legal recreational marijuana industry (Colorado and Washington). Soon, Alaska and Oregon will also have a legal recreational marijuana industry. Between now and the end of 2016, there are over a dozen states that could potentially legalize recreational marijuana, and several states could legalize medical marijuana during that same time. Almost all of the businesses involved in the growing industry will have a need to hire employees

Mar 052015
 March 5, 2015
How To Choose The Best Dab Nail

There are many ways to consume dabs. My favorite way is with a vape pen due to how convenient it is. But sometimes I still like to break out my rig and torch, and I know I’m not alone. While vape pens are convenient, they still don’t get me as high as a rig and nail. I can only get a certain size of hit from a vape pen, but with a rig I can take as large of a hit as I want. I remember when I got my first rig from a friend. It didn’t come with a

Feb 252015
 February 25, 2015
How To Tell If Marijuana Dabs Are Good Or Bad

How Do You Determine If Cannabis Concentrates Are Good Or Bad? Are you new to the marijuana concentrates world? Do you know what ‘dabs‘ are? If you consume marijuana often enough, chances are you have taken at least one dab hit by now. For those of you that have yet to take a dab hit, maybe due to unavailability in your area or because you are a new consumer, you should really check it out. They say a dab will do ya, which is true. If you are like me, and you like to ride the ‘higher high’, dabs are

Feb 142015
 February 14, 2015
Flying With Recreational Or Medical Marijuana

Have you ever flown with marijuana? I know a lot of people that have flown with marijuana for a very long time. I know even more people that have thought about doing it, but were obviously worried about the possible ramifications. I once flew from Portland to Denver with a very prominent marijuana figure who flew with a quarter pound of flower and an ounce of concentrates. I went through the security check and didn’t have any issues. The person I’m talking about was right behind me, and was stopped. For obvious reasons, my heart was pounding wondering what might