Apr 232014
Alaska Marijuana Legalization Vote Moved To November

By Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director Alaska voters will decide this November on a proposed initiative to regulate the production and retail sale of cannabis to adults. Although the measure was initially scheduled to go before voters during the state’s primary election in August, state officials this week decided to push back the vote to the November general election. The postponement was required because lawmakers failed to adjourn this year’s legislative session within 90 days, the standard time allotted under state rules. Under Alaska law, ballot initiatives must go to voters no [...]

Apr 232014
'Life Sentence For Marijuana' Billboard Posted In Missouri

By John Payne As of this past Monday, April 15, motorists traveling east on Interstate 70 from Kansas City near the mile marker 63 encounter a billboard featuring Jeff Mizanskey. As you likely know, Jeff is serving life without parole for a non-violent cannabis offense. The billboard is located about 17 miles west of the junction of I-70 and U.S. 65, which goes south to Sedalia, Jeff’s hometown. The billboard is already generating more attention for Jeff’s case in the media and more calls to the Governor’s office asking for clemency. It is also [...]

Apr 222014
Minnesota: Blacks Six Times More Likely Than Whites To Be Arrested For Marijuana

By Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director African Americans are arrested for marijuana possession offenses in Minnesota at a rate that is more than six-times higher than that of Caucasians, according to an analysis of 2011 FBI arrest data released today by the nonpartisan think-tank Minnesota 2020 and commissioned in part by Minnesota NORML. Although African Americans comprise less than six percent of the state’s population, they represented over 27 percent of those persons arrested for violating marijuana possession laws in 2011. By comparison, whites comprise some 87 percent of the state’s population and constituted 69 [...]

Apr 222014
Obama Plans Clemency For People Sentenced For Drug Law Violations

A White House official told Yahoo that President Obama is prepared to use his pardon power to grant clemency to “hundreds, perhaps thousands” of people who have been jailed for nonviolent drug crimes. The report said that the administration is making moves that will help it handle the increase in petitions that Mr. Obama is planning to sign off on before he leaves office. Last Tuesday, White House counsel Kathryn Ruemmler said Obama has directed the Justice Department to improve its clemency recommendation process and recruit more applications from people behind bars for drug [...]

Apr 212014
Six States And D.C. Sign Marijuana Bills Into Law in Less Than A Month

Courtesy of The Joint Blog It’s been an incredibly busy, and productive year thus far for the cannabis reform movement, and the past month has been a shining example of this progress. Here’s a look at some of what’s been accomplished. On March 21st, Utah’s governor signed into law a proposal which legalizes cannabis extracts (such as oils and tinctures) for medical purposes. The measure takes effect on July 1st. On March 31st, Washington D.C.’s mayor signed a measure into law which removes criminal penalties for the possession of up to an [...]

Apr 202014
420 Should Be Called 'Jack Herer Day'

Jack Herer is the biggest hero I’ve ever had in the marijuana movement and in marijuana culture. If there is a ‘George Washington of marijuana,’ it would be Jack Herer. Jack Herer has a marijuana strain named after him, marijuana reform initiatives are named after him, and his work is still being celebrated and carried out to this day. For those of you that don’t know about Jack Herer, here is a brief bio from JackHerer.Com, which is ran by the amazing Jeannie Herer: Jack Herer was never an elected law-maker [...]

Apr 202014
Make Sure To Support Marijuana Reform On 420

Celebrating 420 with friends and family is something that I look forward to all year. I enjoy going to events and meeting new people, and smoking as much marijuana as I can get my hands on. But, I always make sure to keep fighting for reform on 420. Marijuana activists shouldn’t take a day off from fighting for reform, not until everyone is free from jail and every state has full legalization. Incorporate fighting for reform into your 420 endeavors. April 20th is the perfect time to talk to people about marijuana [...]

Apr 192014
Have Fun, But Be Responsible This 420

April 20th is a magical time. For me and some of my friends in years past, it was the only time that we would get together. Kind of like a marijuana family reunion of sorts. Everyone would bring their favorite strains, and we would have potluck with pot foods. Some of my friends are amazing bakers and cooks, so the spread would be fantastic. I was out of town the last four years, but I’m reviving the 420 potluck with my friends. I’m looking forward to a 420 with friends [...]

Apr 182014
NCAA Votes To Alter Marijuana Policy, Cutting Penalty In Half

Courtesy of The Joint Blog The NCAA’s (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Legislative Council has voted to alter the league’s substance abuse policy so that cannabis is no longer considered a performance enhancing drug. The change will cut the penalty for a player testing positive for cannabis in half. Under current NCAA rules, a player caught with cannabis in their system can be suspended for up to an entire season. The change approved by the council would make the maximum penalty a half season suspension.  The new change won’t effect just cannabis. “The penalty for testing positive for street [...]

Apr 172014
Louisiana Man Gets 13-Year Prison Sentence For Two Marijuana Joints

NEW ORLEANS—The Drug Policy Alliance filed an amicus brief today urging the Louisiana Supreme Court to review the egregious prison sentence of Bernard Noble, a 48-year old man who was sentenced to 13.3 years of hard labor in prison without the opportunity for parole for possessing the equivalent of two marijuana cigarettes. Noble’s original sentencing judge considered the 13 and a third-year sentence egregious and imposed a sentence of five years of hard labor. But the Orleans Parish District Attorney wasn’t satisfied with this punishment and appealed the sentence. Ultimately, the district [...]