Apr 192014
Have Fun, But Be Responsible This 420

April 20th is a magical time. For me and some of my friends in years past, it was the only time that we would get together. Kind of like a marijuana family reunion of sorts. Everyone would bring their favorite strains, and we would have potluck with pot foods. Some of my friends are amazing bakers and cooks, so the spread would be fantastic. I was out of town the last four years, but I’m reviving the 420 potluck with my friends. I’m looking forward to a 420 with friends [...]

Apr 182014
NCAA Votes To Alter Marijuana Policy, Cutting Penalty In Half

Courtesy of The Joint Blog The NCAA’s (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Legislative Council has voted to alter the league’s substance abuse policy so that cannabis is no longer considered a performance enhancing drug. The change will cut the penalty for a player testing positive for cannabis in half. Under current NCAA rules, a player caught with cannabis in their system can be suspended for up to an entire season. The change approved by the council would make the maximum penalty a half season suspension.  The new change won’t effect just cannabis. “The penalty for testing positive for street [...]

Apr 172014
Louisiana Man Gets 13-Year Prison Sentence For Two Marijuana Joints

NEW ORLEANS—The Drug Policy Alliance filed an amicus brief today urging the Louisiana Supreme Court to review the egregious prison sentence of Bernard Noble, a 48-year old man who was sentenced to 13.3 years of hard labor in prison without the opportunity for parole for possessing the equivalent of two marijuana cigarettes. Noble’s original sentencing judge considered the 13 and a third-year sentence egregious and imposed a sentence of five years of hard labor. But the Orleans Parish District Attorney wasn’t satisfied with this punishment and appealed the sentence. Ultimately, the district [...]

Apr 172014
Roadside Saliva Testing For Marijuana Gets House Hearing In Michigan

The Michigan House of Representatives will consider making the state’s citizens subject roadside saliva testing for the presence of marijuana and other drugs in a Judiciary Committee meeting on April 17, 2014. Michigan already has laws and procedures to protect citizens from hazardous drivers, including liberal rules defining reckless operation of a motor vehicle and a visual analysis of drivers to determine if they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If impairment is suspected officers already have the ability to order a blood test, to seize a motorist’s [...]

Apr 162014
The Number Of Cannabis Refugees Is On The Rise

For those patients who are suffering from epilepsy that aren’t in legal states, getting their hands on the seizure stopping plant can be extremely difficult, not to mention illegal. Most citizens don’t want to illegally obtain the substance, especially those who are using the CBD to treat epilepsy. This particular disorder calls for concentrated cannabis oil, which considerably decreases seizures and allows the brain to develop and form in a healthier way. There are more and more parents that are beginning to jump on the cannabis wagon for the treatment [...]

Apr 162014
Religious Leaders Release "Easter Statement" Calling For End To Drug War

A broad coalition of Christian leaders have taken the occasion of the holiest day on the Christian calendar to release a statement calling for the end of the war on drugs and mass incarceration. “The cross that faith leaders are imploring others to take up is this unjust, and immoral war on drugs and mass incarceration of the poor. In particular, poor black and brown young adults whose futures are being ruined at the most critical point in their lives,” said Reverend John E. Jackson of the Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference. “We are [...]

Apr 152014
Missouri Hemp Network Announces Full Support For Cannabis Reform

Below is a press release from the Missouri Hemp Network: The Missouri Hemp Network is proud to announce its full support of HJR 86.  This is an amendment to the constitution for complete cannabis reform.  The sponsor is Brandon Ellington (D).  The cosponsors are: Randy Dunn (D), John Rizzo (D), Michael Butler (D), Jeremy Lafever (D), and Mike Colona (D). Here are links to the HJR 86. http://house.mo.gov/billtracking/bills141/billpdf/intro/HJR0086I.PDF http://house.mo.gov/billtracking/bills141/biltxt/intro/HJR0086I.HTM Steven Wilson of the Missouri Hemp Network stated, “Letting the voters sound off is the best way to get the message [...]

Apr 152014
New Hampshire Poll Shows Growing Support For Marijuana Legalization

The annual WMUR Granite State Poll released Wednesday by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center shows a growing majority of New Hampshire adults support making marijuana legal and regulating it like alcohol. The survey found 55% percent support making possession of small amounts of marijuana legal in New Hampshire — up from 53% in 2013 — and 67% approve of marijuana being sold in licensed retail outlets and taxed at levels similar to alcohol if marijuana possession becomes legal. The poll also found that three out of five New Hampshire adults [...]

Apr 152014
Maryland: Governor Signs Marijuana Reform Measures Into Law

By Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director Democrat Gov. Martin O’Malley signed two separate pieces of legislation reforming the state’s marijuana laws. Senate Bill 364 amends existing penalties for marijuana possession offenses involving ten grams or less from a criminal misdemeanor (presently punishable by arrest, up to 90 days in jail, a $500 fine, and a criminal record) to a non-arrestable, non-criminal fine-only offense ($100 fine for first-time offenders, $250 for second-time offenders). The new depenalization law takes effect on October 1, 2014. House Bill 881 seeks to provide for the state-licensed production [...]

Apr 132014
Taxing Marijuana In Rhode Island Could Generate Tens Of Millions In Taxes

A report released yesterday by Rhode Island-based OpenDoors estimates that passage of the Marijuana Regulation, Control, and Taxation Act will generate between $21.5 to $82 million in annual tax revenue. Although it would not completely solve Rhode Island’s budget woes, revenue from legal sales of marijuana to adults could help ease the financial burdens the state is facing. Every day across Rhode Island, otherwise law-abiding men and women purchase and consume marijuana illegally. Proceeds from these sales go untaxed and only serve to enrich criminal actors. Bringing adult marijuana sales [...]