May 192015
 May 19, 2015
Hemp Product Review: Nature's Root Sore Muscle Hemp Salve

About 18 months ago, I was in a head-on car collision that left my car totaled (RIP) and both my body and mind corrupted. While the injuries are not that serious, I’ve dealt with consistent neck and back pain that rarely goes away. I haven’t taken a single pain-killer or opiate in those 18 months, but I have experimented with many CBD and Hemp lotions, tinctures, and products designed to alleviate pain and not get me high. Thankfully, many of these non-psychoactive products actually work, ease my pain, and allow me to live my life. Recently, I was gifted some of

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May 182015
 May 18, 2015
Hemp And CBD Bills Die As Missouri General Assembly Melts Down In Last Week of Session

By John Payne The last week of the legislative session in Missouri is always chaotic. Typically, each chamber is voting on dozens of bills every day, frantically rushing to turn those bills into law before they are statutorily required to adjourn. That was not the case this year, however. First, on Tuesday, the state Senate took up controversial Right to Work legislation. Democrats attempted to filibuster the bill, but Republicans cut off debate and forced a vote by employing a parliamentary procedure known as “moving the previous question” or simply “PQ.” The Republicans succeeded in passing that bill, but Democrats

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May 172015
 May 17, 2015
Israel's National Police Chief Says It's Time To Think About Marijuana Reform

Marijuana reform is sweeping the globe. More and more countries are revisiting their current marijuana laws, almost all of which prohibit marijuana. Marijuana prohibition is a waste of money, doesn’t work, and ruins lives. Law enforcement resources are limited, no matter where you are at on this planet, and they should be spent wisely. Law enforcement budgets should be used for fighting real crime, and not for locking up someone that chooses to use a substance that is safer than alcohol. That is something that apparently Israel’s National Police Chief Yohanan Danino agrees with. Per JPost: The cause of marijuana

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May 122015
 May 12, 2015
The First Stage Of New International Drug War Campaign Was Successful

By David Borden The first stage of our campaign to reform global drug policy has come to successful fruition. Last week, media outlets including, The Hill, Huffington Post Politics and others covered the release of our statement, which was endorsed by more than 100 organizations including major ones, and more coverage this week is likely. Visit to learn more. Will help you us today with a donation to support this work? We need contributions from our readers to let us continue to get more groups onto the statement, to continue to promote the ideas that the statement lays out

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May 082015
 May 8, 2015
A Historic Day For Drug Policy Reform At The United Nations

By David Borden Last month we sent some emails to our list and posted here about our new campaign to take on international drug policy reform, including but not limited to reform of the UN drug treaties. The first stage of this effort has reached a successful culmination. Two days ago we released a sign-on statement endorsed by more than 100 organizations including some major ones, calling for big changes to how the US and UN do business in drug policy, and for the process of reforming the UN drug treaties to be initiated. The statement has been covered so

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May 072015
 May 7, 2015
Missouri Industrial Hemp Action Alert

Earlier this week, House Bill 830, would would legalize the cultivation of industrial hemp in Missouri, was advanced in the Missouri General Assembly. The bill was voted “do pass” by the Senate Agriculture, Food Production, and Outdoor Resources committee — with a margin of six to one — and also placed on the Senate calendar for third reading. This important legislation has already been approved by the entire House of Representatives, but now must pass the Senate. Time is short until the legislative session ends, so your prompt help is critical! Please call your senator and ask them to support

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May 072015
 May 7, 2015
Thursday: Protest During U.N. Meeting To Condemn Executions In Indonesia For Drugs

On May 7, the United Nations (U.N.) will hold a High-Level Meeting to discuss international drug policy, in preparation for a United Nations General Assembly Special Session on drugs in 2016. The Special Session will be the largest international drug policy event in decades, the first of its kind since 1998. On May 7, U.N. ambassadors, Ministers, and high level delegates from around the world will meet at the U.N. in NY to discuss achievements and challenges in international drug policy. In recent years, a growing number of countries are pushing for an open debate to discuss alternatives beyond punitive

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May 062015
 May 6, 2015
Hemp And CBD Bills Advance In Missouri General Assembly

By John Payne On Monday, both HB 830, which would legalize the cultivation of industrial hemp in Missouri, and SB 386, which would allow doctors to recommend CBD oil for disorders other than intractable epilepsy, were approved by legislative committees. The hemp bill was voted out of the Senate Agriculture, Food Production, and Outdoor Resources Committee with a do-pass recommendation by a six to one margin. CBD expansion received a unanimous vote and do-pass recommendation from the House Emerging Issues Committee. Then today, HB 830 was placed on the Senate calendar for third reading! Please call your senator right away

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May 052015
 May 5, 2015
Major Groups Call For UN To Respect Countries That Legalize Marijuana Or Other Drugs

As the United Nations prepares for the first comprehensive review of global responses to drug problems in nearly two decades, a broad coalition of more than 100 organizations is pushing for the international body to respect countries that move away from prohibition. “Existing US and global drug control policies that heavily emphasize criminalization of drug use, possession, production and distribution are inconsistent with international human rights standards and have contributed to serious human rights violations,” the groups write in a new letter being released today. Groups including the American Civil Liberties Union, Human Rights Watch, Global Exchange and the Ella

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May 032015
 May 3, 2015
Organizational Participation Sought For The UNGASS 2016 Global Civil Society Survey

By David Borden The Harm Reduction Coalition invites organizations to fill out theUNGASS 2016 (UN General Assembly Special Session on Drugs) Global Civil Society Survey, designed to provide an initial assessment on community work in the field of drugs, as well as to measure the awareness and level of knowledge and interest in participating actively in the UNGASS 2016 initiative at the regional and global levels. The results will provide an overview of the work of community-based organizations active in the drug field, areas of expertise, key priorities and concerns to be addressed, as well as best practices. It’s important

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