Sep 062016
 September 6, 2016
Marketing CBD Oils and Related Products

Cannabidiol (“CBD”) products have emerged on the market in several states with various claims, including the treatment of specific illnesses, reportedly backed by scientific research. CBD is a non-psychoactive component of both marijuana and hemp. While products containing this substance have been permitted in certain states, marketing CBD oils and related products as treatments for specific conditions has been disallowed by the FDA. For companies that market CBD related products, having an understanding of the federal and state regulations that are applicable to their businesses is crucial. Here is a brief guide on the current regulations regarding the marketing of

Aug 162016
 August 16, 2016
Maine Doctor Punished For Writing A Pot Permission Slip To Patient's Employer

CONCORD – A Maine osteopathic physician has agreed to a settlement with the New Hampshire state Board of Medicine over allegations of professional misconduct. Bradley N. Libenson, who practices family medicine in Berwick, Maine, across the New Hampshire state line, received a reprimand as part of the settlement he signed July 22 and was approved Aug. 8 by the state board. Libenson must participate in 11 hours of continuing medical education, including three hours in medical records documentation, five in the area of substance abuse and three hours in ethics. According to the New Hampshire board, Libenson was treating a

Aug 092016
 August 9, 2016
DNC Email Hack Reveals How Alcohol Industry Is Trying to Slow Marijuana Legalization

In the cache of emails released by WikiLeaks from the Democratic National Committee (DNC), there lies one interesting email that does not pertain to the Hillary Clinton/Bernie Sanders dilemma. In a paid advertisement email sent to DNC Finance Director Jordan Kaplan, the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America warns congress on the potential dangers legalization marijuana could cause on states: ** A message from Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America: While neutral on the issue of legalization, WSWA believes states that legalize marijuana need to ensure appropriate and effective regulations are enacted to protect the public from the dangers associated

Aug 072016
 August 7, 2016
New DEA Report Shows Decline in Marijuana Seizures

A recent report released from the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) noted a decline in seizures of indoor and outdoor cannabis crops throughout 2015, according to annual data compiled by the agency. The DEA’s Domestic Cannabis Eradication/Suppression Statistical Report noted that the agency seized 4.25 million marijuana plants throughout the US in 2015. That number fell just shy of last year’s total, 4.3 million. This marks the fifth consecutive year that the DEA has reported a decline in the seizures of marijuana plants. In 2010, the agency reported 10.3 million plants removed. The assets seized by the DEA in relation

Aug 072016
 August 7, 2016
Consultants Advise Native American Tribe To Build Marijuana Resort - Now Face Drug Charges

FLANDREAU, S.D. — Two consultants who worked with a Native American tribe on its plans to open the nation’s first marijuana resort have been charged with drug offenses, South Dakota’s attorney general announced Wednesday. The charges come eight months after the Flandreau Santee Sioux destroyed their crop amid fears of a federal raid, abandoning an ambitious scheme to develop “an adult playground” that they estimated could net as much as $2 million a month in profits. Tribal leaders this week said they don’t plan to revisit the proposal, and instead will use their land to grow vegetables, including tomatoes. Attorney General

Aug 042016
 August 4, 2016
DEA on the Verge of Rescheduling Marijuana

The DEA continues to leave us sitting on the edge of our seats. Earlier this year, officials from the department told lawmakers that the agency aimed to make a decision on rescheduling marijuana within “the first half of 2016.” Well, the first half of the year came and went without a word from the DEA. Russ Baer, an agency spokesman, couldn’t give a time frame on when a decision would be made. However, he told The Cannabist on Tuesday that the DEA was, “closer than we were a month ago.” The process of rescheduling any substance is very extensive. The

Aug 032016
 August 3, 2016
Olympic Athletes Get Some Leniency On Testing For Marijuana

The Rio Olympics, which is set to kick off this Friday, has already been marred by doping scandals. Russian athletes (among many others) have been accused of systemic doping of athletes to improve performance. One would think that these huge developments would lead to heavy testing of Olympic athletes this year. However, The World Anti-Doping Agency, which is in charge of regulating drug tests for all Olympic sports worldwide, has reportedly cared very little about athletes use of marijuana outside the window of the Olympic games. As a start, the threshold to test positive for marijuana was increased from 15

Aug 022016
 August 2, 2016
Brazil Allows CBD Oil To Be Imported For Epilepsy Treatment

Written by Mark. M Ward for Dope Magazine Brazil takes their illegal substances, or lack thereof, exceedingly serious as the Brazilian criminal code states, “Selling and transportation of any illegal drugs, as well as possession or cultivation of larger amounts is characterized as drug trafficking, a criminal act punished with 5 to 15 years in prison and a significant fine.” Recently, the California-based company Medical Marijuana, Inc. (MMI), has become the first enterprise to legally import CBD oil into this Latin American country for epilepsy treatment and other conditions. Naturally, as I researched this momentous news out of Brazil, I

Jul 272016
 July 27, 2016
The Frontlines Of Cannabis Regulations

Written By: Christi Turner for Dope Magazine It’s been over two years since recreational marijuana dispensaries first opened their doors in Colorado, but the regulatory environment around cannabis is still evolving. Dispensaries have been given the responsibility to stay informed of the latest in cannabis regulations, to keep their customers safe and their sales legal-but it isn’t always easy. Maureen McNamara, owner and founder of Cannabis Trainers, has made it her business to help them do it. The cornerstone of McNamara’s business, Sell-SMaRT, is a training class tailored for cannabis store employees. The class was the first of its kind

Jul 202016
 July 20, 2016
New Philippine President Continues Policy of Using Police to Kill Drug Dealers

Newly elected President Rodrigo Duterte held a press conference Sunday to announce that, despite international criticism of his “shoot-to-kill” policy on drug dealers, he plans on continuing his enforcement methods. “Why will I give you a [due] process? I am the president. I don’t give you [due] process,” the President said. “I will retire with the reputation of Idi Amin,” referring to the African ruler whose regime from 1971-1979 was known for large-scale rights abuses that killed thousands of Ugandans. Part of the effort by Duterte to double-down his strict enforcement of drug laws is to build an electronic billboard