Feb 102016
 February 10, 2016
Patient Advocates Bring Medical Marijuana Issues To United Nations

Today Executive Director of Americans for Safe Access (ASA), Steph Sherer, and Michael Krawitz, Executive Director, Veterans For Medical Cannabis Access will join organizations from across the globe at at the UN Headquarters to continue preparations for the United Nations General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS 2016) on drug policy to be held April 19th-21st They will be providing input for Member States in the negotiations of the outcome document to be presented at UNGASS 2016 and will be urging that global policies on medical cannabis be included. The last time the UN held a special session was in 1999, and

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Jan 252016
 January 25, 2016
Members Of Mexico's Congress Push For Marijuana Reform

When a lot of people think of the War on Drugs, they think of Mexico because of the strong presence of drug cartels there. Anyone who has ever traveled along the Mexico/USA border knows that the influence from drug cartels is great. Things are often times downright horrific on the other side of the border in border-towns. Unspeakable things happen to innocent people in Mexico all of the time because of the cartels that largely exist because of prohibition in both Mexico and America. There have been a lot of recent events in Mexico that have resulted in movement on the reform

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Jan 182016
 January 18, 2016
Marijuana Reform Bills Stack Up In Georgia Legislature

Never before in the history of Georgia politics have so many cannabis related bills been filed in the General Assembly. Seven (7) bills have been filed during the 2015/2016 sessions. Bills ranging from an expansion of HB-1, a medical cannabis bills passed in 2015, to removal of felony charges for possession of more than one ounce of marijuana (SB-254). Also, a bill allowing for industrial hemp was filed in 2015 to allow farmers to experiment with the hemp plant. Yet another bill is expected to be filed this week. Georgia C.A.R.E. Project director James Bell attributes the interest in marijuana

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Jan 152016
 January 15, 2016
If Marijuana Legalization Is On The Way In Canada, Why Are People Still Being Arrested?

In 2015 Justin Trudeau was elected Prime Minister of Canada, which was considered by many to be the top marijuana reform moment of the year. Justin Trudeau campaigned on a pro-marijuana legalization platform, and stated during his campaign that if he were elected, he would get to work on legalization as soon as he took office. Mr. Trudeau has taken some preliminary steps to do that, but the process is proving to be more difficult than many had expected. Meanwhile, people are still being arrested for marijuana in Canada, even though legalization is on the way. That is resulting in

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Jan 072016
 January 7, 2016
Trudeau Warned That Marijuana Legalization Would Violate Global Treaties

Marijuana reform supporters in Canada and around the world were absolutely ecstatic when Justin Trudeau won in Canada’s last election. Trudeau campaigned on a pro-marijuana legalization platform, and stated multiple times that he would start working on marijuana legalization as soon as he took office as Prime Minister of Canada. The desire to legalize marijuana would violate some international treaties, which Justin Trudeau was made aware of this last week (although I’m sure he already knew that). Per CBC News: The Liberal government will have to do substantial work on the international stage before it can follow through on Prime

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Jan 062016
 January 6, 2016
Activist Mails Book And A Gram Of Marijuana To Canadian Politicians

I have long admired Canadian marijuana activists. I have only been to Canada as a child, well before I was a marijuana consumer and activist. But I have always wanted to travel to Canada and meet a lot of activists that I have admired from afar for a long time now. One of those activists is Dana Larsen. Dana Larsen recently did something that would never fly in America, but is something that I think is fantastic and has been receiving a lot of media buzz. Dana Larsen recently sent a copy of his book, along with a gram of

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Jan 042016
 January 4, 2016
Long Time Virginia Hemp Activist Jim Politis Needs Help

I received the following alert from Vote Hemp. Jim has fought for hemp reform for a long time, so hopefully the community can help support him in his time of need: Jim has has worked closely with Vote Hemp and lead the effort to bring hemp farming back to Virginia. Jim began having difficulties breathing during a family reunion trip to Chicago in July. Doctors advised him that he needed a pump for his heart. After having an operation to insert the pump he improved but eventually faced complications including an infection. Doctors told him he needed a new heart to

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Dec 262015
 December 26, 2015
The Top 10 International Drug Policy Stories Of 2015

By Phillip Smith Last century’s international prohibitionist consensus on drug policy continued to crumble this year, with moves to relax controls on recreational and medical marijuana leading the way. But harm reduction measures such as supervised injection sites are also on the rise, international civil society and even some governments are laying the groundwork for reforming the global drug control regime next year at the UN, America’s most stalwart drug war ally in South America changes its tune, and more. Here are the biggest international drug policy stories of the year, in no particular order: Canada Elects a Marijuana-Legalizing Prime

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Dec 222015
 December 22, 2015
Japan's First Lady Wants To Be A Hemp Farmer

Hemp is one of the most versatile plants on earth. It can be made into so many things that I don’t know that there’s a complete list. I heard a number one time that hemp can be made into 25,000 different things from lotion to fuel to clothing. There is absolutely no reason why hemp should be illegal, considering that a person can’t get high from it. On the film Hempsters a hemp expert says that a person would have to smoke a hemp joint the size of a telephone pole in order to get high. So why is hemp illegal

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Dec 162015
 December 16, 2015
Earl Blumenauer's Statement On Marijuana-Related Provisions In Omnibus Bill

Last night, Republican leadership filed legislation to fund the government for FY16. There were a number of marijuana-related provisions up for consideration in the omnibus bill. The Office of Representative Earl Blumenauer (OR-03) has reviewed the text of the legislation. Representative Blumenauer is pleased to see the inclusion of the following provisions in the omnibus package: The policy championed by Representatives Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) and Sam Farr (D-CA) that prevents the Department of Justice from interfering in the ability of states to implement legal medical marijuana laws (Division B, Title V, Section 542) Language that supports industrial hemp research allowed

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