Apr 152014
How To Protect Your Marijuana Plants From Verticillium Wilt

By Robert Bergman Verticillium wilt is caused by fungi present in rich or poorly drained soils. They are attracted to woody plants with stressed roots. Keep an eye on your plants. If you notice the lower leaves turning yellow on the outer margins and between veins, you may be witnessing the beginning stages of Verticillium wilt. The damage will continue on to wilting after the leaves turn gray-brown in color. The stem will turn brown near the soil line. The effects of Verticillium wilt resembles that of Fusarium wilt. Once [...]

Apr 142014
How To Protect Your Outdoor Marijuana Plants From Mammals And Rodents

By Robert Bergman For pests that walk, run, or burrow, more extreme physical measures might need to be taken. Until the marijuana plant develops a hard stem, all manner of rodents, rabbits, and possibly even raccoons may decide to snack on your marijuana plants. Mannabis growers experience problems with rabbits, hares or wombats and wallabies for Australian growers. Wombats are small and tend to burrow underground and eat at the roots, whereas rabbits and wallabies will trample and eat the plants, as they do most leafy things they encounter. Placing a hard object [...]

Apr 132014
What Is The Ideal Temperature For Growing Marijuana Plants?

By Robert Bergman Marijuana grown indoors functions better at moderate temperatures between 70 and 75*F (21-23*C) during the light period and a drop of no more than 15*F (9*C) to 60*F (15*C) during the dark period. CO2-enriched plants will produce more at a marginally higher temperature of just under 80*F (27*C). If the temperature drops below 60*F (15*C) during the dark period, plants will grow more slowly and yields will not be as abundant. This won’t be readily apparent if you aren’t particularly familiar with the garden’s normal output. A [...]

Apr 122014
Super Cropping - Marijuana Pruning Techniques

By Robert Bergman Super cropping is one of the best pruning techniques that you have available to you. It’s also one of the easiest to perform. It isn’t like pure pruning where you actually snip off some of the plant. Instead, it’s more like putting the plant through a little bit of stress to get it to increase yields. The basic crux behind super cropping is that you are trying to increase the number of “tops.” You want to push the lower growth higher and wider so that it will [...]

Apr 112014
How Ants Can Damage Your Marijuana Plants

By Robert Bergman The ants aren’t innocuous as they’re creating nests in your planting medium. This can hurt the roots because the ants are aphid ranchers. Aphids take the juice out of the marijuana plants and formulate the sugars into a “honeydew.” The ants will then squeeze the aphids to harvest the honeydew. At the same time, the ants are very protective of the aphids and they ward off any predators. Aphids hide on the bottom side of the leaves.  These winged pests give live birth at the rate of up [...]

Apr 102014
Hydro Marijuana Growing - Better To Use A Reservoir Or Drip System?

By Robert Bergman Both systems will work well in a marijuana garden. With the reservoir system, you’ll use horticultural clay pellets or pea-sized volcanic lava in plastic pots. The containers are put in a tray that contains a water-nutrient solution that is about one quarter of the height of the container. A container that is 10 inches high will have about one inch of soaking rock. A large portion of the medium stays above the waterline. Capillary action keeps the rock moist by drawing up water. All the clay pebbles [...]

Apr 092014
How To Grow The Blueberry Marijuana Strain Indoors

By Robert Bergman Blueberry General When growing Blueberry marijuana seeds, you’re going to end up with plants that are pleasing to the eye. You’ll also wind up with a smoke that is pleasing to the mind and body. The name, of course, comes from the “blueberry” flavors and aromas that the plant can produce. It also comes from the way that the plant grows, with distinct blues by the end of its life cycle. It comes from several different varieties including some Afghani and Thai ones. The indica-dominant hybrid is a favorite [...]

Apr 072014
How To Get Your Marijuana Clones To Root Faster

By Robert Bergman Marijuana cuttings will naturally root rather quickly if they are kept in perfect conditions and are prepared correctly. They don’t have any roots, so their ability to get and maintain water is limited. In order to avoid a water shortage (a cause of wilting and, ultimately, death), you need to trim your plants well. The cuttings need to be 3 to 5 inches tall, and you should remove all leaves except for those in the crown. Those leaves should be trimmed to 1 or 1.5 inches in [...]

Apr 062014
When And How To Water Marijuana Plants

By Robert Bergman I get a lot of questions about watering marijuana plants. There are a myriad things that can go wrong when growing marijuana but most of the ones that you control revolve around PH levels. Your eyes are the first line of defense as you’ll be able to see problems ranging from misshapen or damaged leaves to fungus, but there are things that you can’t see. It is therefore a very good idea to get a PH tester that enables you to check both soil and water. Electronic ones [...]

Apr 032014
Gain An Advantage And Germinate Your Outdoor Marijuana Plants Indoors

By Robert Bergman The outdoor season is once again upon us and it’s important to procure seeds and start germinating them. It’s possible to germinate your marijuana seeds either indoors or outdoors. The benefit of indoor germination is that the plants begin their lives in a controlled environment without the risk of extreme weather. This also allows you to start germination earlier so that you can transplant the seedlings outdoors when the weather is appropriate. You can also place your seeds under constant CFL light. Early springtime often reduces the [...]