Aug 182016
 August 18, 2016
The Future of Growing Marijuana Legally

When I was growing up you had to be careful where you kept your weed. The business was still very much at the brown paper packet stage. We had not reached the point where packaging cost more than the product. In the wine industry, though, bottle makers were already earning more than people that made the grapes, and I didn’t even dare to mention the printers doing the labels. I notice the same trend developing on the paraphernalia side of things. I can still find good deals in a headshop I have been using for a while. Other suppliers seem

Aug 102016
 August 10, 2016
High Times Rates Michigan As #1 Place For CBD Production

by Rick Thompson Of all the chemicals that make up the cannabis plant, cannabidiol, or CBD, is typically viewed as the most beneficial to human health. Some states allow only CBD-based medical marijuana products to be legally consumed by their patients. In a recent article titled, “The Strongest Strains on Earth 2016,” High Times Magazine detailed the top CBD strains tested in their competitions, and three of the top four strains came from one place. Michigan. High Times is the cannabis industry’s leading publication, and their growing gurus include Danny Danko and Nico Escondido. High Times also conducts a series

Jul 232016
 July 23, 2016
Colorado Town Finds THC In City's Water - Police Consider Foul Play

Hugo, CO – A small Colorado town of about 800 residents, roughly 90 miles east of Colorado Springs, was rocked yesterday when tests confirmed residents had THC in their running water at home. Local law enforcement agencies immediately send out a notification to the local community warning residents not to bathe, drink, or let their pets drink the water. Soon after, the Colorado Department of Health issued a similar statement. There have been no reported incidents of “high-like” symptoms from residents. Concerns about the water contamination were first brought to light by a Hugo company that recently performs quick “field

Jul 012016
 July 1, 2016
How Oregon Growers Are Putting Patients First

As more states pass medical cannabis laws and place this plant into regulated programs, it is essential that those involved remember that this legal industry was first born out of compassion for patients. Several growers in Oregon are making sure that continues to be the case. It is widely known in the cannabis community, and is now even stated on Web MD, that “your body already makes [cannabis]-like chemicals that affect pain, inflammation, and many other processes. [Cannabis] can sometimes help those natural chemicals work better.” Many growers are deeply committed to patient care and several throughout Oregon are making

Jun 032016
 June 3, 2016
A Growing Trend: Cultivating Marijuana For Personal Fulfillment

Growing marijuana is a very popular thing, and something that seems to get more popular every day. Whenever people express an interest in the marijuana industry, it seems like 9/10 they want to be a grower. I grew marijuana for a handful of years, and plan on getting back to it after this summer heat is over. I know first hand how rewarding and fun cultivating marijuana can be. Most people want to grow marijuana for profit. More often then not the desire to grow includes visions of grandeur, with people planning on harvesting monster crops and striking it rich

May 112016
 May 11, 2016
Is Marijuana The Gateway Drug To Gardening?

A new, nation-wide survey suggests millions of Americans would grow marijuana at home – if it was legal.  According to a new survey an estimated 44.5 million adults[1] would ‘grow your own’ for personal use if growing cannabis was legalized- gardeners and non-gardeners alike.  And that number increased from 10% of adults in 2015 to 18% in 2016. The age group most likely to grow their own if legal is millennials, 18-34 years old (26%). “A year or two of research doesn’t establish a trend yet, but the jump in these numbers is pretty significant,” says industry analyst Bruce Butterfield.

May 072016
 May 7, 2016
Does Hemp Growing/Cultivation Affect Marijuana Growing/Cultivation Via Cross Pollination?

A lot of marijuana growers fear hemp cultivation because they fear that cross pollination via nearby help cultivation will affect a marijuana grower’s crop. But is  that true? A recent article by Capitol Press suggests otherwise: Marijuana growers fear hemp pollen because they want to avoid the formation of seeds in their crop, which decreases the quality and volume of psychoactive flowers. As part of his experiment, Norton grew numerous hemp plants in a greenhouse that also contained several marijuana plants. In Oregon, recreational use of the psychoactive crop became legal this year and its medical cultivation has been legal since

Apr 212016
 April 21, 2016
Growing 101 With The Heliospectra: Part One

This 101 guide is limited to suggestions specific to your lamps. You’ll find growing with LED lamps requires a departure in thought from using high pressure sodium or other HID technology – a departure that you will benefit from when you pay your electricity bill. Whether you are swapping out your previous lamp technology or starting a new operation, investing in the right set of environmental circumstances is worth the effort. Typically your normal temperature in a grow room running HID lighting is somewhere between 70 and 74 degrees causing major HVAC installations and high energy bills in the summer. Due

Apr 092016
 April 9, 2016
Greenhouse Class In Portland, Oregon Tomorrow

There’s a greenhouse class tomorrow in Portland. I get a lot of questions about greenhouses, so if you are in the area, you should check it out. It looks like the cost is $25. Below is more information, via the event’s Facebook page: This is class intended for all horticultural enthusiasts who seek to take the jump into utilizing a greenhouse for year round growing and crop success. The focus of this class is to dismiss the mysteries of greenhouse growing and provide a comprehensive approach to greenhouse planning a greenhouse build to completion. The class will take place on

Mar 292016
 March 29, 2016
Organic Marijuana Gardening Q And A With Author Jeff Lowenfels

The brilliant and beloved organic gardening writer Jeff Lowenfels is at the Melody Ballroom in Portland this Thursday, March 31 to speak at a special organic soil and gardening event hosted by the Oregon Cannabis Association. Hobbyists, professional cultivators, those who are just contemplating the switch to organic and longtime practitioners will appreciate his humor, wisdom and passion for “the soil food web.” Buy tickets here for Thursday’s organic cannabis gardening event with Jeff Lowenfels and an expert soil panel coordinated by Portland’s Roots Garden Supply. Meanwhile, Eco Firma Farms founder Jesse Peters caught up with Lowenfels today to ask him a few questions of his own.