Aug 272014
 August 27, 2014
How To Recognize Zinc Deficiencies In Marijuana Plants

A lack of zinc can occur from time to time and the hallmark of a zinc deficiency is a collection of gnarled and twisted leaf blades. Chlorosis and the yellowing of older leaves in between the veins can also indicate a zinc deficiency. This is frequently coupled with a general pale feel to the marijuana plant. Buds may also end up contorted or gnarled. Zinc deficiencies resemble iron or manganese deficiencies, but they affect new growth instead (making them immobile). Surplus zinc is very rare, but will create wilting and sometimes [...]

Aug 262014
 August 26, 2014
Are Fixed Fertilizers Suitable For Hydroponic Marijuana Growers?

It’s entirely up to you to decide which nutrition the marijuana plant gets via the feeding solution. Rock wool alone is useless for the plant. Rock wool is in fact an inert growing medium, which means that it doesn’t contain any nutrition and that has a low buffering effect. This also means that rock wool can be quite unforgivable if you make mistakes when making your feeding water. When growing out in the open, the soil and the age of it determine which elements can be included. Furthermore, soil has [...]

Aug 232014
 August 23, 2014
What Is The Best Marijuana Garden Supply Store In Portland, Oregon?

One of my good friends in Portland, Oregon has the largest indoor medical marijuana garden I’ve ever seen. He goes through more garden supplies than anyone I know. He swears by a place called Evergreen Garden Supply, and says it’s the only place he shops for his garden supplies. That speaks volumes to me, because he is a master grower and goes through more gear than most. One of my favorite things to do on this blog is highlight businesses that give back to the movement. The owner of Evergreen [...]

Aug 222014
 August 22, 2014
How To Grow The Jack Herer Marijuana Strain Indoors

Jack Herer General With Jack Herer marijuana seeds, you get more than some great weed. Of course, the name of the strain is an homage to Jack Herer, the American activist who campaigned for the decriminalization of marijuana in the States and wrote The Emperor Wears No Clothes. The sativa-dominant is the beneficiary of some great genes, and it also no stranger to winning a few awards here and there. You certainly can’t go wrong with a strain like Jack Herer. Jack Herer Smoking Effects Obviously, one of the biggest reasons that the [...]

Aug 212014
 August 21, 2014
Don't Let Cats And Dogs Around Your Marijuana Garden

Really?  You didn’t think your beloved pets were worth a spot in this section?  Hell, they hold a spot in your life, so why not here?  While your family pets can be a huge help in running off birds and mammalian intruders, they can conversely pose a threat to your cannabis plot.  Unless well trained, they have a propensity to choose your lovingly tended gardens as their defecation spots.  Perhaps they suppose they are honoring your efforts.  More likely they are marking the territory as their own. Domestic animal poop [...]

Aug 202014
 August 20, 2014
Five Steps To Make A Marijuana Nutrient Solution

In the growing and flowering stage of the marijuana plant you use at least two different kinds of fertilizers. In the growing period, plants have a higher demand of nitrogen (this is the N on the packaging). In order to stimulate the flowering period, often extra phosphorus is required. Usually the packaging indicates the consistency as the N-P-K ratio. The higher the number, the more of that substance is in it. From the ratio between N and P you can see if it’s pertaining a growing or blooming fertilizer. A [...]

Aug 182014
 August 18, 2014
Why And How To Rinse Your Marijuana Growing Mediums

Rinsing your rockwool slabs With only the over drain you won’t keep the EC and pH of the root system on a constant level. That’s why you’ll need to help the root environment a little bit. You do this by rinsing the slabs regularly. By rising the slabs, also the excess waste salts and waste acids of the slabs are rinsed out, so the roots can continue to do their work. The lower the pH in the slab, the more difficult it becomes for the roots. In the beginning, when [...]

Aug 152014
 August 15, 2014
What Is The Best Temperature For A Marijuana Grow Room?

Temperature and marijuana plants The temperature in your grow room is very important for the photosynthesis of your marijuana plants. For example, low temperatures reduces evaporation through the leaves. The result is that the suction force, which takes up nutrients via the roots, becomes smaller. The nutrients that are necessary, but aren’t absorbed, remain in the growing medium and eventually disintegrates in the root environment. A high acidity in the growing medium reduces the working of the roots which makes the plant absorbs less water and nutrients, and the growth [...]

Aug 142014
 August 14, 2014
What Is The Right Humidity Level For Marijuana Plants?

Humidity and marijuana plants Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air, expressed as a percentage. The humidity is very important for a marijuana plant because it determines the degree of evaporation. The lower the humidity, the higher the evaporation pressure and the more water and nutrients your marijuana plant can absorb. However, if the evaporation pressure becomes too high, the plant will protect itself against dehydration and its stomata will close. Consequently it won’t be able to absorb any water anymore, and the grow will stagnate. So [...]

Aug 132014
 August 13, 2014
How To Recognize Magnesium Deficiencies In Marijuana Plants

A lack of magnesium (Mg) can occur in all planting mediums and hydroponic systems. It does not often happen to outdoor marijuana growers however. Symptoms will start in the lower leaves, as they begin to yellow and exhibit chlorosis. These leaves will start to curl inward and eventually die. Edges of the leaves feel dry and crunchy to the touch. The deficiency will work itself up toward the middle and upper section of the leaves. The growing shoots will eventually shift from a pale green to a white color. The [...]