Nov 082014
 November 8, 2014
How To Get Rid Of All Pests And Diseases On Marijuana Plants

Growing marijuana is the best thing there is to do! Until diseases or plagues threaten your plants. In a short amount of time root rot, bud rot, spider mites or thrips can ruin your whole crop. The worst thing is, the symptoms are hard to see and usually not visible until it’s too late. Spider mites and thrips are so small you won’t notice them until there’re hundreds of pests invading your marijuana plants. And molds like bud-rot destroy your buds from the inside out. Luckily there is a product available that works […]

Oct 302014
 October 30, 2014
How To Recognize Manganese Deficiencies On Marijuana Plants

Manganese deficiencies do not occur that often and are practically always linked with iron and zinc deficiencies. A lack of manganese will show up in young leaves as they start to turn yellow and exhibit small, brownish necrotic areas in the middle of the leaf. The veins of the leaf will generally remain green. The outline of the leaf will become dark green. A surplus of manganese will produce an iron deficiency. Manganese does not move across the marijuana plant, making it immobile. Download my free marijuana grow bible for more tips about […]

How To Dry Outdoor Marijuana Plants

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Oct 172014
 October 17, 2014
How To Dry Outdoor Marijuana Plants

Once the marijuana plants have been harvested, they have obviously ceased to produce new cannabinoids and resins. The main changes to the potency will be negative, but effective drying and storage can help mitigate the effects. Most of the weight contained in the plant is water and drying will cause the liquid to evaporate, ensuring that the marijuana will burn evenly and smoke well. lf you were impatient, and tried to quickly cut, dry, and smoke a bud prior to your harvest, you probably noticed how poorly it smoked. This […]

How To Create Strong Marijuana Plants

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Oct 012014
 October 1, 2014
How To Create Strong Marijuana Plants

All cannabis plants start as seeds, and they all require water to germinate properly. Each seed contains a full, little plant that has a root, stem, and a couple of leaves. There are also enough nutrients in the seed for it to survive the first portion of its life. During germination, these vital nutrients (proteins, carbs, etc.) are transformed into glucose, which all plants need to for growth. 1. Let the seeds soak in water that is 65°F (18°C)  until they split open and roots appear When seeds achieve a nice […]

How To Quickly Dry Your Marijuana Plants

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Sep 112014
 September 11, 2014
How To Quickly Dry Your Marijuana Plants

For those who who can’t wait and need a quick method to dry your marijuana plants you should hang them upside down in a dark room and increase the temperature in the room to more than 90% Fahrenheit (about 32% Celsius). This will probably require an electric- or gas-powered heater. The room should be well ventilated, but if the buds are rather tightly packed a large amount of marijuana can be dried in less than a week. If there is no specific need to do this, then taking an extra […]

Sep 102014
 September 10, 2014
When Is The Best Time To Harvest Outdoor Marijuana Plants?

Finally, after months of preparation, work, and careful maintenance, the time to harvest your marijuana will arrive. Harvesting is not as easy a task as just cutting down your marijuana plants, waiting a week or so for them to dry, and then getting as high as a kite. There are still signs to watch for and critical mistakes to avoid, or you risk nullifying all of your hard work over the preceding months. The most important of these is getting the timing right. Watching the weather and paying close attention […]

Sep 092014
 September 9, 2014
How To Get Rid Of Pests And Bugs On Marijuana Plants

Cannabis or marijuana, is a flowering plant growing up to 13′ tall and are either male or female.  Cannabis is an annual plant, meaning it grows from April through September. Marijuana grows well in warm climates.  It is the female plant that produces flowers.  Flowering is best achieved in the cannabis plant when it receives equal amounts of light and darkness.  Marijuana can be grown indoors in ‘grow rooms’ under artificial light, or outdoors in natural light conditions.  They require little fertilization other than nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and […]

Aug 272014
 August 27, 2014
How To Recognize Zinc Deficiencies In Marijuana Plants

A lack of zinc can occur from time to time and the hallmark of a zinc deficiency is a collection of gnarled and twisted leaf blades. Chlorosis and the yellowing of older leaves in between the veins can also indicate a zinc deficiency. This is frequently coupled with a general pale feel to the marijuana plant. Buds may also end up contorted or gnarled. Zinc deficiencies resemble iron or manganese deficiencies, but they affect new growth instead (making them immobile). Surplus zinc is very rare, but will create wilting and sometimes […]

Aug 262014
 August 26, 2014
Are Fixed Fertilizers Suitable For Hydroponic Marijuana Growers?

It’s entirely up to you to decide which nutrition the marijuana plant gets via the feeding solution. Rock wool alone is useless for the plant. Rock wool is in fact an inert growing medium, which means that it doesn’t contain any nutrition and that has a low buffering effect. This also means that rock wool can be quite unforgivable if you make mistakes when making your feeding water. When growing out in the open, the soil and the age of it determine which elements can be included. Furthermore, soil has […]

Aug 232014
 August 23, 2014
What Is The Best Marijuana Garden Supply Store In Portland, Oregon?

One of my good friends in Portland, Oregon has the largest indoor medical marijuana garden I’ve ever seen. He goes through more garden supplies than anyone I know. He swears by a place called Evergreen Garden Supply, and says it’s the only place he shops for his garden supplies. That speaks volumes to me, because he is a master grower and goes through more gear than most. One of my favorite things to do on this blog is highlight businesses that give back to the movement. The owner of Evergreen […]