Feb 092016
 February 9, 2016
Popular Marijuana Pesticide Pulled From Store Shelves, Banned In Oregon

I don’t currently grow marijuana, but I did for a handful of years. I always tell people that there are three plagues that should be dealt with swiftly and completely when growing marijuana – bugs, heat, and mildew. There are a lot of battles that will be fought while growing marijuana, but those three were the toughest to deal with. Powdery mildew is especially harsh in the Pacific Northwest where I live because of so much rain. We don’t deal with heat all that often, but it does happen during the summer during some stretches. Bugs for the most part

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Jan 092016
 January 9, 2016
How To Save Water When Growing Marijuana Plants Outdoors

What Is The Best Way To Save Water When Cultivating Cannabis Outdoors? My friend Bee sent me a link today on social media that greatly impressed me. The link was to a video of a guy who pitched on the TV Shark Tank. The guy was pitching a product that helps outdoor plants consume less water and prevent frost damage. The product is not necessarily designed for cannabis cultivation, but I think it could be used while growing marijuana outdoors and product amazing results. It’s a very simple, yet effective concept. To be clear, this is not in any way an

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Dec 202015
 December 20, 2015
Growing Your Own Marijuana Is Very Rewarding, Which Is Why More And More People Are Doing It

Growing marijuana was one of the funnest things I ever did. I haven’t grown for awhile, but about a decade ago I had a fairly decent garden going. I grow a lot of things every summer such as tomatoes and kale, but none of them are as fun and rewarding to grow as marijuana. A lot of that has to do with the fact that I smoke marijuana, and don’t smoke kale. But to be fair I found growing marijuana to be fun and rewarding for other reasons too. Growing other things usually takes a long time, and there’s not a

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Dec 052015
 December 5, 2015
How To Operate A Marijuana Clone Nursery With Jorge Cervantes

Making one marijuana clone is not that difficult. Back when I was growing marijuana, I would always cut more starts than I needed, and take the top ones out of the batch that established the largest root base. That approach works really well when you only need a handful of healthy clones. It doesn’t take that many materials too for such a small operation. But what about when you want to create clones in mass quantities? That’s a different story. There’s a method to the madness, and knowing that method will likely determine the difference between having a huge supply of

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Nov 272015
 November 27, 2015
Check Out Heliospectra's Black Friday LED Grow Light Deal

Today is the day after Thanksgiving, and so you know that means there are deals to be had. If you know a marijuana grower, or if you are a marijuana grower, then you know that a hot deal on a TV is nothing to get excited about. Chances are, you want deals on grow equipment. Heliospectra is having a deal on their LX601C LED grow light between now and Monday, Nov. 30, 2015 until 11:59pm Pacific Time. Below are more details about the LED grow light: What’s in the box? Your LX601 LED grow light 2 m (6 ft) power cable with EU

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Nov 032015
 November 3, 2015
Is It Better To Grow Marijuana Hydroponically Or In Soil?

There is no way to know who was the first person to grow marijuana hydroponically. That’s not to say that there aren’t a lot of people out there that claim that they were the first, or know who did it first, but there’s no definitive proof. And let’s be real, it’s not easy to separate fact from fiction when it comes to marijuana cultivation and claims made by people. I do think it’s safe to assume though that from the very beginning of hydroponic marijuana cultivation, there was likely a debate as to which was better, hydroponics or soil. That

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Oct 272015
 October 27, 2015
The Best Way To Deal With Powdery Mildew On Marijuana Plants Is To Prevent It In The First Place

Getting Rid Of Powdery Mildew On Cannabis Plants Is Extremely Difficult, So Be Proactive And Get Out Ahead Of It Like many Americans, I have a weather app on my phone. I was looking at it today on my morning break at work, and it looks like there is nothing but rainy days in the near future in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. If you live in Oregon, this likely does not surprise you. If it’s Fall in the Oregon valleys, that means there is rain. And if there is rain and moisture, powdery mildew is sure to follow. I

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Oct 262015
 October 26, 2015
Is It Bad To Touch Marijuana Seeds With Your Bare Fingers?

Will It Harm Cannabis Seeds If You Touch Them With Your Fingers? I have found marijuana seeds in my marijuana on many occasions. I am sad to admit that for a very long time in the 1990’s I smoked brick weed that always had seeds in it. I always remember spending long amounts of time de-seeding the bammer, and would look at the pile of schwag left over after the seeds were out of it and thinking about how crappy my dealer was. I also remember back in the day when I would get the rare chronic, and would find

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Oct 172015
 October 17, 2015
Six Tips To Maximize Your Indoor LED Cannabis Grow Lights

As lighting technology continues to advance, cultivators are starting to witness the benefits of replacing archaic HPS grow lights with intelligent LED grow lights. Beyond a reduction in energy consumption and utility costs, ambitious cultivators are actively looking to do more than just replace HPS with LED, they’re looking towards LED to advance product quality, increase yield and drive efficiencies in their supply chain. For those growers that have bought already or are interested in taking the next step we have lined up 6 tips for maximizing your LED grow lights: Keep an eye on your water consumption – A common mistake

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Oct 112015
 October 11, 2015
Heliospectra AB To Exhibit At The National Cannabis Summit In Denver

Heliospectra AB (OTCQB:HLSPY, FIRSTNORTH: HELIO), a world leader in intelligent lighting technology for greenhouse cultivation and plant research, is pleased to announce that Dr. Suzanne Sisley will be presenting at the upcoming National Cannabis Summit and Heliospectra will be exhibiting in Booth #123. The event will take place on October 12-13 at the Sheraton Denver Downtown, Denver, Colorado. Dr. Suzanne Sisley, M.D. Director of Medical Plant Research at Heliospectra, will be speaking on Monday, October 12 at 4:00 pm on the topic “Barriers of Marijuana Research / Veterans PTSD Cannabis Study”. Dr. Sisley practices medicine in Scottsdale, AZ and specializes in Internal Medicine and

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