Jun 302016
 June 30, 2016
Portland Bike Tours for Cannabis Enthusiasts

Pedal Bike Tours has offered historical tours of the Portland and Honolulu areas via people-powered transportation since 2007. On October 1st, 2015, when early adult use/recreational marijuana sales began in Oregon, they launched a new project, Portland Pot Tours. Sarah Gilbert, who has been with the company for almost two years, came up with the idea and said it was a “slam dunk with the staff…everyone loved it! And the response we received from the cannabis industry was excellent.” Tour attendees visit two dispensaries, two glass shops, and make two snack stops. Gilbert adds that the tours are almost entirely

May 252016
 May 25, 2016
Cannabis: The Worst Kept Secret In Athletics

By Steve DeAngelo, author of The Cannabis Manifesto For years, cannabis use has been the worst kept secret in athletics. It’s widespread in just about every amateur and professional arena from universities to the Olympics to the major leagues; it can be found in every sport imaginable from basketball and football, to swimming, snowboarding, martial arts and mountain climbing. Most estimates of cannabis use in the NFL range around 50%, and it is generally agreed to be even higher in the NBA. Yet cannabis use remains unacknowledged because the laws have yet to catch up with the science. Most of


Weedmaps Announces New CEO

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Feb 242016
 February 24, 2016
Weedmaps Announces New CEO

Weedmaps, the first and largest global technology and media company in the marijuana space, announced that Doug Francis has been named CEO, succeeding Justin Hartfield, who is now board chairman for the Weedmaps family of companies. “Doug and I have achieved many of the goals we initially set out to accomplish when we launched Weedmaps eight years ago,” said Hartfield. “It’s no secret that Doug has been one of the driving forces behind Weedmaps’ success. His clear vision on Weedmaps’ necessary strategy to become the first billion-dollar company in the sector is truly second to no one. I look forward

Nov 072015
 November 7, 2015
Anthony Wile, Motley Fool Caution Early Cannabis Investors

Lately it seems that everything is falling into place for the cannabis industry and early investors. Canada is on its way to legalizing marijuana and Australia and Britain may soon be considering legalization as well, certainly when it comes to medicinal cannabis. The potential profits seem sweet. But this may or may not be the case. Recently, some articles have raised concerns that the industry is simply not mature enough for most investors to take the plunge right now, even after considerable due diligence. The Motley Fool posted an article in early October that clearly presented some of the negatives

Sep 032015
 September 3, 2015
Legal Marijuana Could Be The First Billion-Dollar Industry Led By Women

Below is an article that first appeared on StuffStonersLike.Com yesterday and is republished here with special permission: More women are cultivating cannabis careers than ever before. As a matter of fact the emerging commercial cannabis industry isn’t just hurriedly accumulating women as it blossoms—it could actually be led by women. Newsweek recently ran a cover story about the trend. Women are moving into the pot business so quickly that they could make it the first billion-dollar industry that isn’t dominated by men, the mag predicts. It is a female plant after all, laughs Leah Maurer an accomplished pot activist. Maurer


Educate, Conversate, And Wake And Bake

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Jul 152015
 July 15, 2015
Educate, Conversate, And Wake And Bake

From our friends at Lifted: Last Lifted Blog, we spoke of our booming cannabis industry in Oregon. From dispensaries to producing concentrates, even farming, is a lucrative business in cannabis. As producers, we here at Lifted pride ourselves in not only making hand-crafted artisan candies, but also being educated and articulate in our field. Education is key. Understanding is vital. The cannabis industry demands extreme dedication. Whether your goal is cutting edge concentrates or unheard of genetics, to keep your thumb on the pulse of the industry you must persevere the constant chaos. As change is the only constant in

Jul 132015
 July 13, 2015
Obama Commutes Sentences For 14 People Serving Life In Prison For Drug Offenses

Today, President Barack Obama commuted the sentences of 46 people incarcerated in federal prison. This follows the commutation of eight people incarcerated in federal prison for drug offenses in December of 2014, and 22 in March 2015. Fourteen of the people who received commutations today were serving life in prison for nonviolent drug offenses. In taking this step, the President has now issued nearly 90 commutations, the vast majority of them to non-violent offenders sentenced for drug law violations under draconian sentencing laws. President Obama has been under significant public pressure from advocacy groups and family members of people incarcerated

Jun 132015
 June 13, 2015
A Military Veteran Explains Why Veterans Deserve Access To Medical Marijuana

I have posted many articles about why veterans need (and deserve!) safe access to medical marijuana. However, I am not a veteran, and I’ve always felt that this blog needed a veteran’s perspective. Below is a guest article that was sent to me by a reader who is a veteran, and obviously feels very strongly about the issue. No one should be forced to use harmful pharmaceuticals or go without medicine, especially our military veterans who have served our country proudly. Below is the guest post: After Congress’ recent vote to deny Veterans the opportunity to speak to their VA

Apr 012015
 April 1, 2015
Does Steve Tilley's Proposed Marijuana Monopoly Make Missouri The New Illinois?

By Eapen Thampy In today’s Missouri Scout, Dave Drebes discusses the prospects for Missouri Representative Dave Hinson’s HB 800 and notes: But this is not the entire story. It might be a conservative principle that the government should not interfere with the doctor-patient relationship, but HB 800 only advances that goal modestly, by allowing marijuana therapy for a select list of conditions (cancer, HIV/AIDs, Crohn’s, Parkinson’s, colitis, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and PTSD). In other words, the legislature is engaging in the central planning of medical marijuana therapy and getting credit as if this bill represents a minimal governmental intrusion into the practice