Jul 112015
 July 11, 2015
Tell The Senate To Support Hemp

I received the following message from Vote Hemp: The Industrial Hemp Farming Act, S.134, only has nine (9) cosponsors. The most recent cosponsors are Senator Bennett (D-CO), Senator Tester (D-MT) and Senator Baldwin (D-WI). We are grateful for their support but we need many more. This important legislation would greatly benefit opportunities in terms of jobs and economic development in legal hemp states by removing industrial hemp from the Controlled Substances Act. Together we can pass this legislation, but we need your support today. Add your name to show the Senate the overwhelming grassroots support behind the Industrial Hemp Farming Act.

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Jun 042015
 June 4, 2015
Throwback Thursday - Hemp Farmers Arrested Planting Hemp At DEA Headquarters

For those of you that don’t know, this week is the sixth annual Hemp History week. I thought it would be fun to post one of my favorite videos of all time. On October 13, 2009 hemp industry leaders and activists planted hemp seeds on the DEA’s front lawn. I first saw this footage on the movie Hempsters. The act resulted in a lot of arrests, but I still feel that the move was very symbolic and inspiring. This simple form of protest is still being applauded to this day, and will continue to be applauded until federal hemp prohibition is

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Jun 022015
 June 2, 2015
Several Marijuana Bills Expected To Be Introduced This Week In Congress

It’s not everyday that you hear the phrase ‘vote-a-rama’. It’s especially rare when it comes to marijuana policy. It wasn’t that long ago that a marijuana reform bill at the federal level was rare. But it appears that the flood gates are about to open. The Hill put out an article yesterday suggesting that several marijuana reform bills are about to be introduced to Congress, and ones that have already been introduced could get a vote this week. Per the article: Pot advocates expect lawmakers to introduce at least half a dozen marijuana-related appropriations amendments that would roll back the Justice

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Jun 012015
 June 1, 2015
Check Out 'Hempstory II' In Portland On June 7th

If you are in the area: Come on out to learn about an extraordinary renewable resource: Industrial Hemp! 2015 is the first production season in Oregon! Join us for a FREE event with live acoustic music and presentations by local cultivators, manufacturers, activists, and industrial hemp legal consultant Courtney N. Moran, LL.M. With informational booths, a hemp history museum by Paul Stanford and Eric DaHemp Man Loitz, and industrial hemp product vendor booths attendees will experience first-hand the utility of industrial hemp. Industrial hemp products and samples will be available for everyone in attendance! Bring the whole family out for

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May 192015
 May 19, 2015
Hemp Product Review: Nature's Root Sore Muscle Hemp Salve

About 18 months ago, I was in a head-on car collision that left my car totaled (RIP) and both my body and mind corrupted. While the injuries are not that serious, I’ve dealt with consistent neck and back pain that rarely goes away. I haven’t taken a single pain-killer or opiate in those 18 months, but I have experimented with many CBD and Hemp lotions, tinctures, and products designed to alleviate pain and not get me high. Thankfully, many of these non-psychoactive products actually work, ease my pain, and allow me to live my life. Recently, I was gifted some of

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May 182015
 May 18, 2015
Hemp And CBD Bills Die As Missouri General Assembly Melts Down In Last Week of Session

By John Payne The last week of the legislative session in Missouri is always chaotic. Typically, each chamber is voting on dozens of bills every day, frantically rushing to turn those bills into law before they are statutorily required to adjourn. That was not the case this year, however. First, on Tuesday, the state Senate took up controversial Right to Work legislation. Democrats attempted to filibuster the bill, but Republicans cut off debate and forced a vote by employing a parliamentary procedure known as “moving the previous question” or simply “PQ.” The Republicans succeeded in passing that bill, but Democrats

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May 072015
 May 7, 2015
Missouri Industrial Hemp Action Alert

Earlier this week, House Bill 830, would would legalize the cultivation of industrial hemp in Missouri, was advanced in the Missouri General Assembly. The bill was voted “do pass” by the Senate Agriculture, Food Production, and Outdoor Resources committee — with a margin of six to one — and also placed on the Senate calendar for third reading. This important legislation has already been approved by the entire House of Representatives, but now must pass the Senate. Time is short until the legislative session ends, so your prompt help is critical! Please call your senator and ask them to support

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May 062015
 May 6, 2015
Hemp And CBD Bills Advance In Missouri General Assembly

By John Payne On Monday, both HB 830, which would legalize the cultivation of industrial hemp in Missouri, and SB 386, which would allow doctors to recommend CBD oil for disorders other than intractable epilepsy, were approved by legislative committees. The hemp bill was voted out of the Senate Agriculture, Food Production, and Outdoor Resources Committee with a do-pass recommendation by a six to one margin. CBD expansion received a unanimous vote and do-pass recommendation from the House Emerging Issues Committee. Then today, HB 830 was placed on the Senate calendar for third reading! Please call your senator right away

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Apr 252015
 April 25, 2015
Missouri House Passes Industrial Hemp Bill, And Senate Passes CBD Expansion

By John Payne With the end of Missouri’s legislative session rapidly approaching on May 15, the General Assembly will pass bills very rapidly for the next few weeks. Yesterday, legislators gave cannabis law reformers two reasons to celebrate when each house of the General Assembly passed a reform bill. First, on Thursday morning, the Senate took up SB 386 to expand the state’s CBD oil program. Currently, CBD oil can be recommended in Missouri, but only by a neurologist for patients suffering from intractable epilepsy. This bill will allow all doctors to recommend CBD for a number of qualifying conditions,

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Apr 232015
 April 23, 2015
Missouri House Passes Bill To Legalize Hemp Cultivation

Hemp is a very versatile plant. Some estimates say that hemp can be used to make over 25,000 products. Importing hemp and hemp products is legal in the United States, but hemp cultivation is not allowed at the federal level. Even in states that have legalized hemp cultivation, farmers are having a hard time getting an actual crop started due to federal prohibition (such as in Oregon). Missouri used to be one of the top hemp producing states in America. Missouri’s House of Representatives passed a hemp cultivation bill this week. Per The Joint Blog: Missouri’s House of Representatives has

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