Missouri House Holds Hemp Hearing

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Feb 282015
 February 28, 2015
Missouri House Holds Hemp Hearing

By Dan Viets A hearing on a bill to re-legalize the cultivation of hemp as an agricultural crop in our state, HB 830, was heard by the House Economic Development Committee on the afternoon of Tuesday, February 24. Caleb Rowden, Republican, of Columbia, chairs this committee. Half a dozen witnesses spoke in support of the bill including Amber Langston of SMC and me. The committee seemed very receptive to supporting the bill. There were questions asked, but they were reasonable and intelligent questions. Several speakers made the point that hemp has an amazing variety of important uses as a raw

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Feb 252015
 February 25, 2015
Petition Filed - Idaho's New Approach To Marijuana

A press release from my hardworking friends at New Approach Idaho: New Approach Idaho is pleased to announce that we submitted a citizen’s initiative petition named “Idaho’s New Approach to Marijuana” to the Idaho Secretary of State’s office on Friday, February 20th, 2015. It will be available for circulation at the beginning of April, 2015. Our petition includes: The Idaho Medical Marijuana Act, which will create a safe access program for Idaho’s qualified patients to utilize Marijuana as a beneficial medicine. The petition will allow for 12 plants, 3oz of usable marijuana, and medical marijuana organizations. Decriminalization of 3 oz

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Feb 232015
 February 23, 2015
The Growing Hemp Industry Worries Some Marijuana Growers

Marijuana reformers and hemp reformers have fought side by side for many years. In a lot of cases, people support both causes. But there is a battle brewing between both sides. It appears that a lot of people didn’t realize that hemp plants can ruin marijuana crops due to cross pollination. I own a movie called Hempsters, which is a great film that I encourage everyone to watch at least once. In the film hemp farmers point out that cross pollination from hemp can ruin half of a marijuana crop in the first generation, and that by the third generation, almost

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Feb 192015
 February 19, 2015
Hemp Legalization Bill Passed By Virginia Legislature

Marijuana legalization gets a lot of attention these days, but there are significant reforms occurring with hemp as well. My home state (Oregon) just licensed its first hemp grower. Many other states are on their way to doing the same. This week Virginia’s Legislature voted to legalize industrial hemp. The bill will now go to the Governor. Per The Joint Blog: Legislation to legalize hemp cultivation has been approved by Virginia’s full Legislature, and has been sent to Governor Terry McAuliffe for consideration. “I am thrilled with the progress this bill has made and the support it gained since its beginnings

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Feb 072015
 February 7, 2015
Take Action On Marijuana Law Reform In 2015

By Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Director As we get further into 2015, state legislatures are convening all around the country and the issue of marijuana law reform is a hot topic in many of them. From full legalization to decriminalization to medical use, marijuana is being debated in state houses across the nation. A key component of making these reform efforts successful is the mobilization of citizens like yourself. Only so much can be done by top down lobbying and lawmakers often base their votes off of the will of their constituents. To make this process as pain-free as possible,

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Feb 062015
 February 6, 2015
Oregon Department Of Agriculture Adopts Industrial Hemp Rules

The Oregon Department of Agriculture has adopted administrative rules that allow for industrial hemp production and create a framework for a new agricultural industry in the state. The rules define production and handling requirements while establishing a permit and licensing process for growers of industrial hemp, which includes fees associated with ODA’s program. With the adoption of the rules, ODA is expecting a crop to be planted this spring as permits will soon be issued. The rules support a 2009 law passed by the Oregon Legislature authorizing industrial hemp production and possession. While industrial hemp, as defined in Oregon law,

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Feb 022015
 February 2, 2015
DEA Allows Hemp Seeds To Be Imported To Hawaii

Hemp once grew all over the United States. That of course was before the war on marijuana ramped up, and hemp was prohibited by the federal government. Slowly but surely, hemp is making a comeback in the United States. Last week the DEA approved the State of Hawaii to import hemp seeds from Australia. Per The Joint Blog: The University of Hawaii has received a permit from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to import hemp seeds from Australia, to be used as part of the state’s Industrial Hemp Research Project. “This project is just the first step in establishing Hawaii

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Jan 262015
 January 26, 2015
Help Get Hemp Listed As A Feed Ingredient In Oregon

A reader contacted me about a crowd funding effort to get hemp listed as a feed for farm animals. I thought it was a very cool idea and figured I’d pass it along. Below is more info. You can donate to the crowd funding effort at this link here: Started by Robert Litt Crowd Funding goal – $10,000 “Hemp seed is one of the most nutritious, sustainable foods for farm animals. Even though it’s now legal to grow in Oregon and other states, it must first be re-approved as an ingredient. Help us file this application.” Click here to donate

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Jan 252015
 January 25, 2015
Congress Introduces Industrial Hemp Farming Act With Bi-partisan Support

Vote Hemp, the nation’s leading grassroots hemp advocacy organization working to change state and federal laws to allow commercial hemp farming, is pleased to announce the introduction of complementary bills in both the Senate and House, S. 134 and H.R. 525, The Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2015.  If passed, this bill would remove federal restrictions on the cultivation of industrial hemp, the non-drug oilseed and fiber varieties of Cannabis. The full text of the bill may be found at: http://votehemp.com/federal-industrial-hemp-legislation.html. “With bi-partisan support in the Senate and House, we are eager to see 2015 be the year Congress finally passes comprehensive legislation

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Jan 242015
 January 24, 2015
Hemp Bill Filed In The Missouri Senate

By John Payne Last Thursday, January 15, state Senator Rob Schaaf (R – Saint Joseph) introduced Senate Bill 255 to legalize the production of industrial hemp in Missouri. “Buchanan County used to be one of the main growers of industrial hemp,” Dr. Schaaf told the Saint Joseph News-Press. “We could revitalize our rural area. It grows like crazy.” A similar bill was sponsored in the House last year by Representatives Mike Colona (D – Saint Louis), Paul Curtman (R – Pacific), and Galen Higdon (R – Saint Joseph). It received a hearing in the House Economic Development Committee, where it

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