Nov 232015
 November 23, 2015
Support Hemp Blue Jeans And Clothing Company On Kickstarter

Hemp has to be one of, if not the, most versatile plant on earth. It was used for so many things prior to getting caught in the crossfire of marijuana prohibition. Hemp can be used for fuel, food, paper, and clothing to name just a handful of things. Americans purchase hundreds of millions of dollars worth of hemp products annually. All of the hemp that goes into those products has to be grown in other countries and imported to America. Hemp is perfectly safe. One study I heard about found that a person would have to smoke a joint the size

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Nov 072015
 November 7, 2015
Toledo Hemp Company Provides Blankets To Toledo's Homeless, Again

Toledo Hemp Center LLC is once again gathering blankets for it’s 2nd Annual Blanket Drive for the Homeless campaign to help raise awareness of the area’s growing homeless issue in the upcoming winter months. The collection started October 15 and will continue until the planned drop off date of Tuesday, November 17. “That happens to be the date of the Center’s two year anniversary,” said Toledo native and Toledo Hemp Center CEO Kevin Spitler. The collection will be donated to the Lifebridge Center 3342 Monroe Street, Toledo, OH 43606. The local Stop n’ Lock Storage located at 5544 Jackman Rd

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Oct 302015
 October 30, 2015
Double Standard? Marijuana Or Hemp? DEA Indian Tribe Raid Raises Questions

By Phillip Smith Taking advantage of a 2014 Justice Department memo giving Indian tribes a green light to participate in marijuana commerce, as well as a 2014 congressional vote allowing for industrial hemp pilot programs, Wisconsin’s Menominee Tribe earlier this year planted some 30,000 cannabis plants as part of a pilot project with the College of the Menominee Nation. Last Friday, the DEA came and cut them all down. The DEA says the plants were marijuana plants; the tribe says they were hemp plants. In either case, tribal officials and marijuana reform advocates don’t understand why the grow was raided.

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Oct 292015
 October 29, 2015
The Federal Government Needs To Allow Native Tribes To Grow Hemp And Marijuana

I will never forget the first time I heard about the plight of Alex White Plum and the Lakota Nation, and their problems with the United States government in regards to trying to grow hemp. In the 2000’s, the Lakota Nation decided to legalize hemp production because they thought it would be a good crop. The Native American tribe needed a solid source of income to support tribe members, and growing hemp seemed like a good idea. Hemp is very versatile, grows fast, doesn’t require as much as other crops, and it’s completely harmless if consumed. However, the United States

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Oct 082015
 October 8, 2015
United States Senate Spending Package Is Good For Marijuana Reform

The United States House of Representatives has historically been better when it comes to marijuana reform. My old college political science professor would always tell me that’s because Representatives are more likely to support things that may seem ‘controversial’ in politics compared to Senators because they often come from districts that make it easy for them to get re-elected. I’m sure there are more reasons for that, but regardless, the House has had people like Jared Polis and Earl Blumenauer that have fought for marijuana reform for quite awhile, while the Senate is only recently seeing people step up. So

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Oct 052015
 October 5, 2015
North Carolina Hemp Legalization Bill Heads To Governor For Signature

As America becomes more environmentally conscience, more and more states are considering hemp reform. Hemp is an extremely versatile plant, and can do anything that petroleum products do, without the undesirable effects on the environment. The hemp industry in America is huge, and is getting bigger every year that goes by. Right now entrepreneurs have to import their hemp from other countries to turn it into the things that they sell. In a better scenario, they would be able to grow it on their own domestically. North Carolina has become the latest state to be on the verge of legalizing

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Sep 142015
 September 14, 2015
Oregon Hemp Convention Coming To Portland Next Month

The third Oregon Hemp Convention will introduce the curious and the entrepreneurial to budding opportunities in the Northwest’s legalized recreational cannabis industry. The event takes place October 10 and 11, at the Portland Expo Center, 2060 N. Marine Drive, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Admission is $10 and there is a suggested canned food donation to the Oregon Food Bank. The convention, which attracted more than 4,000 attendees earlier this year, brings together speakers, growers and industry professionals to enlighten consumers and businesses about legalized marijuana. The headline sponsors are Chalice Farms and CBD Honey Stix. “This conference is

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Aug 262015
 August 26, 2015
Marijuana Farmers VS Hemp Farmers Over Pollen

Complaints from legal marijuana farms have halted the issuance of hemp farming licenses in Oregon- for now. Both types of farms are authorized under Oregon law. Marijuana, used for medicine and recreation, and hemp, used for industrial and commercial purposes, are plants in the same family. That means they can cross-breed. The Oregonian reports that marijuana farmers are concerned that the hemp plants will spread their pollen over wide swaths of countryside and accidentally pollinate their marijuana plants. Cannabis plants are genetically selected to produce robust flowers typically grown in the absence of male plants. No males, no seeds. Marijuana

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Aug 252015
 August 25, 2015
Oregon Will Temporarily Stop Issuing Hemp Licenses

The State of Oregon has decided to stop issuing hemp licenses, at least for the near future. The Oregon Department of Agriculture issued a decision this week to temporarily suspend the issuance of new licenses. The Department felt that there was just too much potential for changes in upcoming legislative sessions to be able to confidently issue licenses, which last three years. Per Oregon Live: Oregon Department of Agriculture officials said Tuesday their decision does not impact those currently licensed to grow hemp in the state. The decision is effective immediately and comes at the end of the current growing

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Aug 242015
 August 24, 2015
Recap: Portland NORML Membership Meeting August 22, 2015

By Jennifer Alexander If you didn’t make it out to our last membership meeting this past Saturday, you missed an awesome presentation by Joy Beckerman Maher on hempcrete.  We learned a lot about this incredible building material and watched her demonstrate the process of building with hempcrete! But first, we started off the meeting announcing upcoming events, including the Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference on September 12 – 13 and the High Times Cannabis Cup, which is currently seeking approval from the City of Milwaukie to take place September 19 – 20. After that, our Executive Director, Russ Belville, talked

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