Jul 142016
 July 14, 2016
New Episode of Charlo's Place: Making Dabs with Extracted CEO Ryan Hedrick

Yesterday, Extracted Colorado founder and CEO Ryan Hedrick swings by Charlo’s Place to offer education on rosin tech and to discuss his decision to go from being an employee to a boss. Ryan explains how you can make your own dabs at home with a flat iron and why he says this method of pressing rosin to create concentrates is better than other extraction methods. The Extracted CEO goes on to tell the story of how he went from working through the ranks at a number of processing sites to creating and running Extracted Colorado, a wildly popular early stage concentrate

Apr 072016
 April 7, 2016
Tommy Chong Talks About Cancer, Michigan, The Oregon Marijuana Business Conference, And About Feeling The Bern

Tommy Chong is a cannabis icon, and for good reason. Obviously Tommy Chong is part of the famed film duo Cheech and Chong. But Tommy Chong is also much more than that. Tommy Chong has fought for reform, and as a cancer patient (for the second time) has been a very big proponent for medical cannabis for suffering patients. Tommy Chong is a cannabis entrepreneur, and is the most recognizable face in the cannabis world. Chong is also a hell of a nice guy, as I found out today via a conversation we had over the phone this evening. I was

May 052015
 May 5, 2015
URGENT ACTION: Vote For Kayvan Khalatbari For Denver City Council Tonight

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to travel to Denver for the High Times Cannabis Cup with Russ Belville of 420 Radio. We road-tripped across a couple prohibition states, got to visit some dispensaries, and even judged some concentrates. You can check out 420 Radio’s coverage of it here. As someone who is currently helping with the marketing and advertising side of things here at TWB, I was excited about the possibility of spending the entire week before 4/20 in what is currently the capital of the cannabis world. There are so many great businesses based in Denver,

Apr 112015
 April 11, 2015
Women Of The Cannabis Movement: Stacia Cosner, Deputy Director Of Students For Sensible Drug Policy

For the past several months, an important conversation has been discussed more and more in the cannabis movement/industry: women and feminism. This is a discussion I not only find important, but one that is worth articulating over The Weed Blog. However, I can only articulate this point so much, so I decided to ask the prime examples of truly remarkable women in the cannabis industry/movement what they think about the topic. To begin the Women of Cannabis series I interviewed Stacia Cosner, the Deputy Director of Students for Sensible Drug Policy and friend of Women Grow: How long have you been

Jul 262014
 July 26, 2014
Weed Blog Interview - Brianne O'Neill From VapeXhale

I was lucky enough to talk to Brianne O’Neill, the head of marketing at VapeXhale. Brianne O’Neill is the right hand wo(man) to Seibo Shen, founder and CEO of the company. Considered a Jane-of-all-trades, not only is Brianne the only female on the team, but responsible for much of the behind-the-scene dynamics when it comes to maintaining VapeXhale’s reputation as the leader in innovative vaporization technology. With her strategic mind, she develops and implements all marketing initiatives used to promote, build and drive product sales. Brianne is a prime example of a woman business leader thriving in the marijuana industry, a business

Mar 242014
 March 24, 2014
The HIGH TIMES Interview: Ziggy Marley

I have smoked out and listened to Ziggy Marley’s ‘One Good Spliff’ more times than I can count. When I moved out on my own for the first time, all I had in my apartment was a copy of ‘One Good Spliff’, my mattress, some clothes, and a bag of marijuana. I didn’t have food in my fridge, but I had a copy of ‘One Good Spliff’ and and some weed to smoke, and I was fine with that. Check out this interview with Ziggy Marley. Ziggy Marley sat down with HIGH TIMES to discuss his new album and explain

Nov 042013
 November 4, 2013
Interview With University Of West Florida Students For Sensible Drug Policy Chapter

This Students for Sensible Drug Policy chapter interview on TWB will be with University of West Florida. Chapter representative Ethan Watters was kind enough to send over the following responses (TWB questions are in bold, above Ethan’s responses): How long has your Students for Sensible Drug Policy Chapter existed? –Over a year and a half. How many members does your Students for Sensible Drug Policy currently have? –We have about ten active student members. We have 15 when you count our additional associate members. What is your chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy doing to recruit new members? –We

Mar 282013
 March 28, 2013
Have You Read The Cannabis Cookbook 'The Ganja Kitchen Revolution'?

As my interest in wild experimentation in the kitchen when it comes to Cannabis and my favorite potables and edibles has grown, my level of research on the topic has grown in proportion. During one such well-medicated adventure on the internet in search of more appealing recipes I stumbled upon a blog dedicated to the subject. Not only had Jessica Catalano of The Ganja Kitchen Revolution put together an appealing blog, but had also had a cookbook published on the subject via Green Candy Press. This book “The Ganja Kitchen Revolution: The Bible of Cannabis Cuisine” not only possesses a

Mar 252013
 March 25, 2013
Wash. Pot Czar Predicted $50/oz, Said Those Concerned About Price "Smoke Too Much Pot"

Last summer on Show #29, I interviewed Professor Mark Kleiman, a UCLA Public Policy analyst who had written a book on marijuana legalization. He is now Washington State’s “Marijuana Czar” – actually, the CEO of the company that was awarded the bid by the Washington State Liquor Control Board to implement the state’s new marijuana legalization regulations. At the 4:20 mark of the video (naturally), Kleiman answers my questions about the economic effects of marijuana legalization at the state level, expressing that the cost to the retail customer should be about $40 to $50 per ounce. Later, at about 7:24,

Mar 252013
 March 25, 2013
Diane Goldstein Interviewed By News Media At Southern Cannabis Reform Conference

Below is an interview of Diane Goldstein at the 2013 Southern Cannabis Reform Conference in Atlanta. “With more than 20 years in law enforcement, Diane Goldstein has made numerous arrests as a longtime foot soldier of the war on drugs. After joining the Redondo Beach Police Department in 1983, she rose from a Patrol Officer and School Resource Officer to Sergeant in the Special Investigations Unit, finally retiring as a Lieutenant Commander in 2004. During her time on the frontlines, her perspective on the war on drugs shifted gradually to strong opposition. It was a change forged not only through