Aug 302014
 August 30, 2014
Earl Blumenauer To Talk Federal Tax Reform For Marijuana Businesses At International Cannabis Business Conference

Congressman Earl Blumenauer,  U.S. Representative for Oregon’s 3rd congressional district, will be presenting at the first annual International Cannabis Business Conference in Portland, OR this September. The conference focuses on the emerging billion dollar cannabis industry and features an impressive list of experts in the cannabis industry.  Blumenauer is by far the most outspoken representative in the nation on the issue of reforming cannabis laws; he has been advocating for sensible policy at the state and federal level for over 40 years. In February Blumenauer drafted a letter to President Obama signed by 18 Members [...]

Aug 282014
 August 28, 2014
Doug Fine To Discuss Hemp Industry At International Cannabis Business Conference

Doug Fine, bestselling author, humorist, and journalist behind bestsellers like Farewell, My Subaru and Too High to Fail: Cannabis and the New Green Economic Revolution will be presenting at the International Cannabis Business Conference from September 13th and 14th at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, OR. Doug’s most recent book - Hemp Bound: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Next Agricultural Revolution - was written after two-year investigation into the economic and environmental benefits of industrial hemp, a soon-to-be billion-dollar industry with the potential to improve our farms, our diets, our environment, and wean us off [...]

Aug 272014
 August 27, 2014
Medical Marijuana Protest Planned For South Dakota State Fair

South Dakota is not a populous state, and is not considered to be a leader when it comes to marijuana reform. However, that doesn’t mean that South Dakota’s marijuana laws don’t need fixing, and it certainly doesn’t mean that there aren’t hardworking activists in the state. In fact, activists there are working very hard to spread awareness and acheive reform. They are planning a protest at the upcoming South Dakota State Fair. Per Black Hills FOX: Supporters of medical marijuana and industrial hemp are planning on staging a protest Friday [...]

Aug 262014
 August 26, 2014
International Cannabis Business Conference's Early Bird Tickets End Soon!

Get your International Cannabis Business Conference early bird tickets now before prices go up. I have covered many marijuana business conferences during my time at the Weed Blog and I can safely say that THIS conference is THE business conference to attend. The list of speakers will help any ganjapreneur succeed and give you the information you need if you are thinking of entering the cannabis industry. Even if you aren’t in the industry, this event will be entertaining and engaging. While I am admittedly proud of my home state, I am [...]

Aug 222014
 August 22, 2014
Participate In The Philly Marijuana March

Part of a statewide weekend of action encouraging marijuana legalization. Organizers are also holding rally events in Pittsburgh and York. PhillyNORML will march on Market Street from Independence Hall to City Hall. Gather at the corner of 5th&Market at 1:00PM. March begins at 1:30PM.  At City Hall we will demand that Mayor Nutter sign the decriminalization bill passed by City Council and end the practice of custodial arrests for cannabis. Stay tuned… more info to follow! #DecrimPhillyNOW Where: Independence National Historical Park 143 S 3rd St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106 When: Saturday, September [...]

Aug 192014
 August 19, 2014
Attend The Oregon Growers Association Launch Event

One thing that has been very effective in the cannabis movement and industry is when like-minded people band together. When dispensary owners unite, good things happen. The same goes with marijuana growers. If you are a marijuana grower in Oregon, you should consider joining the Oregon Growers Association. They are having a launch event this Friday, and if you are able, you should attend. One of the guest speakers is someone I respect very much, Dave Kopilak. He is the best marijuana business attorney I have ever met, and when [...]

Aug 192014
 August 19, 2014
International Cannabis Business Conference: Launch Or Improve Your Business

The International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) takes place Saturday, September 13th and Sunday, September 14th at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon. The conference features preeminent cannabis industry entrepreneurs such as Steve DeAngelo and Ed Rosenthal and political leaders like Congressman Earl Blumenauer and Sebastopol, California, Mayor Robert Jacobs. The event also features an exclusive industry exhibit hall. “The International Cannabis Business Conference will provide great detail into opportunities on the ground now in states such as Oregon, Washington, Colorado and California. Additionally, we are proud to have speakers from countries [...]

Aug 142014
 August 14, 2014
Steve DeAngelo At The International Cannabis Business Conference

Steve DeAngelo, cannabis visionary, activist, and entrepreneur with over 40 years of experience will be delivering the keynote speech on Sunday at the International Cannabis Business Conference (link) at the Convention Center in Portland. DeAngelo co-founded Harborside Health Center - the world’s largest medical cannabis dispensary – located in Oakland, California. Harborside Health Center currently serves more than 120,000 patients, employs more than 100 people, and provides more than 250 laboratory-tested cannabis products. With sales over $30 million per year, Harborside is the second-largest taxpayer in Oakland, and has established itself as the exemplary model for dispensaries nationwide. [...]

Aug 052014
 August 5, 2014
International Cannabis Business Conference Featured Along With Other Industry Leaders

Cannabis law reform and the emerging cannabis industry are definitely hot topics for the media these days.The New York Times’ landmark editorial, “Repeal Prohibition, Again“, certainly brought the debate regarding our nation’s marijuana laws to the forefront of the nation’s mainstream political discourse and the media outlets across the country are examining the ins and outs of all things cannabis. The Portland Business Journal recently launched an extensive look at the burgeoning cannabis industry in Portland, Oregon, featuring a local medical cannabis dispensary, garden supply store, a law firm that specializes in [...]

Jul 292014
 July 29, 2014
Excited To See Earl Blumenauer At The International Cannabis Business Conference

With The New York Times now on board and polling showing that legalization is likely in my home state of Oregon (but it isn’t a done deal, so please donate to the cause), 2014 is turning out to be a monumental, landmark year for the cannabis law reform movement. The electoral victories in Washington State and Colorado in 2012 certainly set the stage for 2014, but the New Approach Oregon measure, along with legalization on the ballot in Alaska and Washington, D.C. (most likely), 2014 is proving to be a worthy successor. After landmark events, I often think [...]