Aug 192014
 August 19, 2014
Attend The Oregon Growers Association Launch Event

One thing that has been very effective in the cannabis movement and industry is when like-minded people band together. When dispensary owners unite, good things happen. The same goes with marijuana growers. If you are a marijuana grower in Oregon, you should consider joining the Oregon Growers Association. They are having a launch event this Friday, and if you are able, you should attend. One of the guest speakers is someone I respect very much, Dave Kopilak. He is the best marijuana business attorney I have ever met, and when [...]

Aug 192014
 August 19, 2014
International Cannabis Business Conference: Launch Or Improve Your Business

The International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) takes place Saturday, September 13th and Sunday, September 14th at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon. The conference features preeminent cannabis industry entrepreneurs such as Steve DeAngelo and Ed Rosenthal and political leaders like Congressman Earl Blumenauer and Sebastopol, California, Mayor Robert Jacobs. The event also features an exclusive industry exhibit hall. “The International Cannabis Business Conference will provide great detail into opportunities on the ground now in states such as Oregon, Washington, Colorado and California. Additionally, we are proud to have speakers from countries [...]

Aug 142014
 August 14, 2014
Steve DeAngelo At The International Cannabis Business Conference

Steve DeAngelo, cannabis visionary, activist, and entrepreneur with over 40 years of experience will be delivering the keynote speech on Sunday at the International Cannabis Business Conference (link) at the Convention Center in Portland. DeAngelo co-founded Harborside Health Center - the world’s largest medical cannabis dispensary – located in Oakland, California. Harborside Health Center currently serves more than 120,000 patients, employs more than 100 people, and provides more than 250 laboratory-tested cannabis products. With sales over $30 million per year, Harborside is the second-largest taxpayer in Oakland, and has established itself as the exemplary model for dispensaries nationwide. [...]

Aug 052014
 August 5, 2014
International Cannabis Business Conference Featured Along With Other Industry Leaders

Cannabis law reform and the emerging cannabis industry are definitely hot topics for the media these days.The New York Times’ landmark editorial, “Repeal Prohibition, Again“, certainly brought the debate regarding our nation’s marijuana laws to the forefront of the nation’s mainstream political discourse and the media outlets across the country are examining the ins and outs of all things cannabis. The Portland Business Journal recently launched an extensive look at the burgeoning cannabis industry in Portland, Oregon, featuring a local medical cannabis dispensary, garden supply store, a law firm that specializes in [...]

Jul 292014
 July 29, 2014
Excited To See Earl Blumenauer At The International Cannabis Business Conference

With The New York Times now on board and polling showing that legalization is likely in my home state of Oregon (but it isn’t a done deal, so please donate to the cause), 2014 is turning out to be a monumental, landmark year for the cannabis law reform movement. The electoral victories in Washington State and Colorado in 2012 certainly set the stage for 2014, but the New Approach Oregon measure, along with legalization on the ballot in Alaska and Washington, D.C. (most likely), 2014 is proving to be a worthy successor. After landmark events, I often think [...]

Jul 222014
 July 22, 2014
Bring The High Times Cannabis Cup To Portland, Oregon

One of the first events I ever attended on behalf of TWB was the 2012 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles. Jay Smoker and I were provided passes to the event by High Times, and VIP passes by WeedMaps. On the drive down to Los Angeles from Oregon we were like school children on Christmas Eve. We had never been to a High Times event before, and didn’t know what to expect, but we were pretty sure it was going to be fantastic. We were not disappointed. We [...]

Jul 182014
 July 18, 2014
Andrew Sullivan Keynoting The ICBC Is A Pretty Big Deal

As it has been reported widely over the interwebs, blogger and author Andrew Sullivan will be delivering the keynote address at the first International Cannabis Business Conference this September in Portland, Oregon. The conference features several true heavyweights and heroes of the cannabis community including Steve DeAngelo of Harborside, renowned grower Ed Rosenthal and Congressman Earl Blumenauer, one of our best champions in Washington, D.C. However, the addition of Andrew Sullivan to a cannabis conference is truly noteworthy. Sullivan is much better known as a libertarian conservative political commentator than he is for [...]

Jul 162014
 July 16, 2014
Andrew Sullivan And Earl Blumenauer Headline International Cannabis Business Conference

Conservative blogger and frequent television pundit Andrew Sullivan will be joining liberal congressman and frequent bike rider Rep. Earl Blumenauer as speakers at the first annual International Cannabis Business Conference at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon. The two-day event takes place September 13 & 14 and also features bestselling author of “Too High to Fail”, Doug Fine; pioneering California dispensary owner of Harborside Health Center, Steve DeAngelo; and marijuanacultivation expert and author, Ed Rosenthal. With an initiative likely to be on the ballot this November, Oregon’s foray into marijuana legalization is also highlighted at the conference by two [...]

Jul 152014
 July 15, 2014
Canna-Business Set To Bloom In The Sunshine State

As the Sunshine State prepares to vote on Amendment 2 in November, business analysts are evaluating the potential of the largest market for state-regulated medical marijuana east of the Mississippi. Building on its history of launching canna-businesses in Colorado—the United States’ first legal recreational market—the MMJ Business Academy will host a weekend slate of programs for entrepreneurs that are preparing to enter the market as soon as it comes online. The Summit and Solutions program will be held at the Intercontinental at Doral Miami on July 19-20. “Florida has the [...]

Jul 092014
 July 9, 2014
National Cannabis Industry Association's Portland Event A Success

By Lindsey Rinehart The National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) held an intimate, members only event in Portland, OR last Tuesday that was very fun and informative. It definitely gives hope that someone is doing something on a federal level! The evening started slowly as people trickled in on Portland’s hottest calendar day of the year, at almost 100 degrees. A party room was reserved for the event at the hip Paragon Restaurant and Bar in downtown Portland that had an open end that allowed for overflow onto a private patio. [...]