Jan 302015
 January 30, 2015
Win Free Tickets To The High Times Cannabis Cup In Portland, Oregon

Last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting some of the fine people from the Shango dispensaries. Shango has two locations in Portland, and they have some of the most premium medical marijuana I’ve seen in quite sometime. They are currently doing a contest, which I felt needed to be passed along because I know we get a lot of Oregon readers, especially from Portland. Below are more details, and make sure to check out Shango if you are in the area, and follow them on Twitter to find out about other contests and deals they have: Are you a go-getter?

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Jan 262015
 January 26, 2015
Women And Cannabis Events In Missouri

By Amber Langston How do marijuana laws affect women differently than men? What role do mothers, sisters, and daughters play in improving our current marijuana policies? Ladies, please join Show-Me Cannabis for one of these upcoming meet-and-greet and activist planning meetings with a feminine slant. Guys, you are welcome, too, but please remember this is a space for women to dialogue! Columbia February 4 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Cafe Berlin Kansas City February 5 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Bluebird Bistro Saint Louis Date and Location TBA Springfield March 24 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Location TBA Want to

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Jan 262015
 January 26, 2015
Marijuana Meets Tech Investment At Cannabis Industry "Arc Tank"

On the heels of major VC Peter Theil and Founders Fund investing into the cannabis sector, more than 275 high net worth investors from around the world will gather in San Francisco for a ‘Shark Tank’ – like pitch forum on Monday, January 26th and Tuesday, January 27th hosted by The ArcView Investor Network. Investor members of the network will be reviewing pitches from more than 20 cannabis-related companies seeking funding. Justin Kan, who recently sold his company Twitch.tv to Amazon for close to $1 billion and who is now a partner at the tech industry’s top business incubator, Y

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Jan 232015
 January 23, 2015
Medical Marijuana Advocacy Group Runs Ad In USA Today

The country’s leading medical marijuana advocacy group, Americans for Safe Access (ASA), formally announced its third annual Unity Conference, “Wellness is Winning: Advancing Evidence Based Medical Cannabis Policy,” by running an ad in USA Today. The conference, which is being held in Washington, D.C. on March 27-31, 2015, will highlight medical and legal experts, policymakers, and a wide array of workshops and panels focusing on scientific research, strategic planning, and skills building. On Tuesday, March 31st, ASA will host a press conference at 11am, followed by Congressional lobbying visits by hundreds of patient advocates. What: National Unity Conference: “Wellness is

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Jan 222015
 January 22, 2015
International Cannabis Business Conference Day 2: Getting Down To Business

A couple of days ago, I blogged about the fact that the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) brings together both cannabis activists and the industry to share information and network. Taking place on February 15th, in San Francisco, California, day one concentrates on activism, while day two focuses on business, but at the same time, doesn’t forget the importance of activism. We named the ICBC in Portland last year the Marijuana Event of the Year and this one will certainly be on the short list for 2015. Day two kicks off with travel guru Rick Steves, a true hero in

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Jan 202015
 January 20, 2015
International Cannabis Business Conference Focuses On Activism On Day 1

When we named the International Cannabis Business Conference The Weed Blog’s Marijuana Event of 2014, it wasn’t just because the event was a great time. Of course, it’s a great time with the cannabis community converges upon a cannabis friendly city to network and share ideas, but it’s because the event melds both activism and business together. Marijuana businesses and the activist community haven’t always gotten along, and I have certainly called out businesses that only want to make money and shared appreciation for businesses who are in the cannabis field for the right reasons. The success and failures of

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Jan 162015
 January 16, 2015
International Cannabis Business Conference Early Bird Tickets Offer Ends At Midnight

The International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC), named the Marijuana Event of 2014 by us when it was held in Portland last year, is being held in San Francisco on February 15th-16th, and it is not to be missed if you can make it to the Bay Area. The ICBC brings together some of the best minds from marijuana politics and the business side of things to give cannabis industry entrepreneurs and activists the best information possible. One of the major reasons that I am willing to support the ICBC is that I know that the folks working to put on

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Jan 102015
 January 10, 2015
Event: Recreational Marijuana In Oregon And What To Expect for Your Business

I received the following alert from The Canna Law Group, if you are considering entering the marijuana industry in Oregon once legalization is implemented, I suggest you check this event out: To all marijuana entrepreneurs heading into the brave new world of recreational use in Oregon, Expect the Unexpected from Measure 91: In November 2014, Oregon joined Washington, Colorado, and Alaska as the third state to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. Measure 91 contains many provisions pertaining to the organization and licensing of recreational marijuana businesses. Measure 91 also puts the fate of the recreational marijuana industry in the

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Jan 092015
 January 9, 2015
Rick Steves Knows: Two Americas When It Comes to Marijuana

Most of our laws work very differently for wealthy people and people battling poverty. Wall Street executives that endanger the world’s economy don’t see any jail time, but someone shoplifting to help feed their family just might. Same is true, if not more so, when it comes to our marijuana laws. Everybody loves Willie Nelson, the iconic musician, but if he were William Nelson, working-class construction worker, with the same number of run-ins with the law, he probably would be serving a prison sentence. When you add in people of color, you see even more disparate treatment. Personally, I became

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Jan 032015
 January 3, 2015
Attend The National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference 2015

I have never attended The National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference put on by Americans for Safe Access, but I know some people that did, and they said it was outstanding. A couple of years ago one of my good friends Jim Greig (R.I.P.!) received a major award at the event, and I know that it truly touched his heart. He often told me about the people he met there, and how the networking helped his activism. Below is more about the event, along with a link of where to get tickets to it: Americans for Safe Access believes that when

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