Apr 232014
Washington State Marijuana Retail Licenses Lottery Rolls Out This Week

The Washington State Marijuana Retail Licenses Lottery begins today with a total of 334 retail licenses to be awarded. Washington State University’s Social and Economic Sciences Research Center will be conducting the lottery for the state’s liquor control board, which oversees the marijuana retailers once they become licensed. Approximately 1,500 applicants are in the lottery pool. With such a large applicant pool, the lottery process is expected to take all week with the board reviewing background checks on not only the applicants, but also their investors and financiers. The Washington State Liquor Control [...]

Apr 122014
Colorado Makes $3.2 Million In Taxes On Legal Marijuana In February

Courtesy of The Joint Blog Legal cannabis sales has earned the State of Colorado over $3 million in tax revenue for the month of February alone. This number represents an increase of roughly $300,000 from the tax revenue earned by the state in January. Of the $3.2 million collected, $1.43 million came from a special 10% sales tax on recreational cannabis, with $438,253  coming from the state’s standard 2.9% sales tax. The states 2.9% sales tax on medical cannabis produced $1.02 million in tax revenue in February. Denver County generated the largest amount [...]

Apr 082014
Announcing The First International Cannabis Business Conference

Following the sold-out Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conferences (OMMBC) in Ashland and Eugene, Oregon, producer Alex Rogers announced the first International Cannabis Business Conference.  The event will take place Saturday, September 13th and Sunday, September 14th at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon.  It will feature preeminent cannabis business owners and political leaders from across the globe, as well as an exclusive exhibit hall for cannabis-related industries. “The International Cannabis Business Conference will focus on the emerging cannabis industry in the United States and around the world and provide networking opportunities [...]

Apr 062014
Marijuana Jobs Are At An All-Time High

I received the following e-mail. Getting a job in the marijuana industry is not easy. I don’t know this site too well but figured I’d pass it along if you are trying to crack into the industry – it just might provide the lead that gets your foot in the door: 420careers.com (www.420careers.com), the leading marijuana industry job board website, has announced that because the marijuana industry is expanding so rapidly it is creating an unprecedented demand for marijuana-related jobs throughout the country. Currently, more than twenty states allow medical [...]

Apr 032014
Want To Be A Cannabis Journalist?

By Anthony Martinelli TheJointBlog.com, a leading cannabis news and information website, has announced that it’s hiring a team of writers. According to a post on the website’s official Facebook page; “We’re currently looking for a team of writers to help us increase the content flow of our website. Ideal candidates will be those passionate about cannabis law reform.” Formed in January, 2013, TheJointBlog.com has had their content picked up by numerous mainstream media organizations including MSNBC, the Huffington Post, the Dallas Observer and the Boston Globe. Those interested should e-mail their resume [...]

Apr 022014
Did CBS Halt WeedMaps' Pre-Paid Digital Billboard Ad In Time Square?

I have been friends with the people at WeedMaps for a couple of years now, and I have always been a fan of what they do. They have done a lot to increase safe access for patients by letting them know where to find the good stuff, and their CEO Justin Hartfield has done a lot by giving his money and his time to reform organizations. Earlier today I posted an article talking about how WeedMaps was launching a billboard ad in Time Square, which I thought was outstanding. However, [...]

Apr 022014
Medical Marijuana Sales Are Now Legal In Nevada

Nevada’s medical marijuana patients had a big day yesterday, as medical marijuana sales became legal. Well, they became legal on paper. The rollout of a dispensary program is still waiting to happen. So while medical marijuana sales are legal, it doesn’t mean that they are going to happen anytime soon. You can’t sell without a license, and it will be a bit before licenses are issued. “There are so many what ifs,” said Adam Mayberry, spokesman for the city of Sparks according to the Reno Gazette-Journal. “The reports I have [...]

Apr 022014
Weedmaps Launches Electronic Billboard Ad In Times Square

Courtesy of The Joint Blog Weedmaps, the leading listings and review site for marijuana dispensaries, today announces the launch of its New York City marijuana resource website, weedmaps.com/nyc, which is being publicized with a 26-by-20 foot electronic billboard in Time Square, the Big Apple’s first mainstream marijuana advertisement. With the tagline “High, NYC,” the website and advertisement aim to bring about awareness of and mobilize a community for marijuana in advance of its legalization in New York City. “With the recent adoption of marijuana legislation across the country, Weedmaps has received [...]

Mar 242014
Colorado Supreme Court: Attorneys Can Work With Marijuana Businesses

I have a lot of attorney friends, many of which specialize in working with marijuana businesses. I know that many of them worry about possible legal ramifications for working with marijuana businesses. Federal law considers marijuana illegal regardless of state laws, and attorneys are not supposed to help their clients participate in illegal activity. This puts marijuana business attorneys at risk, and there hasn’t been much case law providing protections for attorneys that work with marijuana businesses. The Colorado Supreme Court approved a rule change today that eliminates the threat [...]

Mar 182014
First Medical Marijuana Dispensary License Issued In Oregon

It appears that the Oregon Health Authority has started it’s first round of approvals for medical marijuana dispensaries in Oregon. It’s been a long journey for safe access in Oregon. Which dispensary was ‘officially’ the first will be tough to say, but the first one I’ve seen is Greener Side in Eugene. I just saw the following post come across Facebook: By Anthony Johnson I just got off the phone with Joseph Hopkins of the Greener Side in Eugene and he was very happy to announce that they have been approved for [...]