Jul 142016
 July 14, 2016
New Episode of Charlo's Place: Making Dabs with Extracted CEO Ryan Hedrick

Yesterday, Extracted Colorado founder and CEO Ryan Hedrick swings by Charlo’s Place to offer education on rosin tech and to discuss his decision to go from being an employee to a boss. Ryan explains how you can make your own dabs at home with a flat iron and why he says this method of pressing rosin to create concentrates is better than other extraction methods. The Extracted CEO goes on to tell the story of how he went from working through the ranks at a number of processing sites to creating and running Extracted Colorado, a wildly popular early stage concentrate

Jul 132016
 July 13, 2016
Why Whoopi Will Win a Weed Award and It's a Victory for Women Everywhere

By: Meghan Ridley of Dope Magazine Whoopi Goldberg has been figuratively bleeding for causes across platforms ranging from entertainment to advocacy for decades. Starring in definitive roles and standing up for humanitarian causes has earned her numerous awards—including being one of only 12 artists in the world to receive an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony, better known as the EGOT. Now, with the launch of her medical cannabis brand aimed at relieving symptoms of menstruation and co-founded with seven-time High Times Cannabis Cup winner Maya Elisabeth, Goldberg may be en route to adorning her shelves with yet one more trophy—rounding

Jul 122016
 July 12, 2016
Washington Recreational Marijuna Sales passes $1 Billion

Written by Jake Ellison Well, Washington (and tourists and neighbors from border states), you’ve gone and consumed more than $1 billion worth of marijuana since the legal market began in July 2014. So far, the great destruction of our society has not occurred … or if it is ongoing, it’s slow and sneaky. What has happened, however, is that more than $250 million has been generated in excise tax to the state. And, the trend is grow, grow, grow: The highest total monthly sales figure was $86.7 million and that was in June. So, the growth in our nascent legal

Jul 112016
 July 11, 2016
New Study Finds the Average Amount of Weed Per Joint

USA — 0.32 grams. That’s how much marijuana is in the typical American joint, according to a rigorous statistical analysis recently published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence by drug policy researchers Greg Ridgeway of the University of Pennsylvania and Beau Kilmer of the Rand Corp. The amount of weed in the typical joint is actually an important quantity for researchers and policymakers to know. Marijuana is often sold by the joint in both legal and illegal markets. If you want to know how much weed people are consuming — which is highly important for things such as tax

Jul 082016
 July 8, 2016
Leafedin.Org : The Weed App Keeping Big Business At Bay

Normally reserved for the advocates and supporters of the cannabis cause, the future of cannabis is in danger of being monopolized by the interests of a few individuals with the goal of creating a “Big Marijuana” – much like what has happened already with Big Tobacco and Big Pharma. Outsiders with little to no interest in advancing the marijuana movement are eyeing the industry. The usual defenders, groups like NORML and the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), who have worked on for years on the cause need help defending cannabis against big business interests. Like the group of ten businessmen in

Jul 022016
 July 2, 2016
Announcing The July Dispensary Of The Month: Serra Cannabis

As a part of The Weed Blog’s initiative to promote responsible cannabis business practices, we’ve chosen to highlight a dispensary every month that exemplifies this goal. By focusing on high-quality cannabis brands, we intend to showcase the benefits the cannabis industry has brought to the community, the difficulties managing the constant wave of regulations, and the people that make this industry so incredible. For the month of July, our dispensary in focus is Serra, which has locations in Eugene and Portland, OR. In the short time recreational marijuana has been available in Oregon, Serra has already established itself as a

Jul 012016
 July 1, 2016
How Oregon Growers Are Putting Patients First

As more states pass medical cannabis laws and place this plant into regulated programs, it is essential that those involved remember that this legal industry was first born out of compassion for patients. Several growers in Oregon are making sure that continues to be the case. It is widely known in the cannabis community, and is now even stated on Web MD, that “your body already makes [cannabis]-like chemicals that affect pain, inflammation, and many other processes. [Cannabis] can sometimes help those natural chemicals work better.” Many growers are deeply committed to patient care and several throughout Oregon are making

Jul 012016
 July 1, 2016
Does Donald Trump Support Marijuana Legalization?

As with figuring out Donald Trump’s stance on anything, it’s difficult to nail down exactly how he feels about marijuana legalization. Not only are there a plethora of contradicting statements, but deciphering the context of his statements adds another layer to wade through. With legalization becoming more of a bipartisan issue by the day. With Congress allowing medical marijuana to be prescribed to veterans and no fines for banks working with the cannabis industry, the likelihood of any presidential nominee coming into office and dismantling the state laws already enacted seems incredibly unlikely. With that in mind, we look a

Jun 262016
 June 26, 2016
OLCC Plans Packaging And Labeling Workshops Will Provide Overview Of New Guidelines For Marijuana Products

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission will provide a series of workshops across the state of Oregon to provide recreational marijuana licensees and medical marijuana registrants information on new guidelines for recreational and medical marijuana packaging and labeling, as well as a pre-approval process and new electronic application system that will be available August 1, 2016. Although the OLCC is responsible for regulating recreational marijuana in Oregon, it also pre-approves packages and labels for both recreational and medical marijuana products.  OLCC is responsible for packaging requirements  Oregon Health Authority is responsible for labeling requirements  OLCC is responsible for managing

Jun 252016
 June 25, 2016
Attend The Oregon Quarterly Cannabis Caucus On July 12

I attended the last Oregon Quarterly Cannabis Caucus put on by the National Cannabis Industry Association, and it was oustanding. I’m hoping to make the upcoming one as well. NCIA is putting these on all across the country, and they are a great way to get updated on the last quarter, which in the cannabis world, always means quite a bit of information. See more information below: Join local members and supporters for NCIA’s third Oregon Quarterly Cannabis Caucus of 2016! Learn why you should attend your local #CannabisCaucus in 60 Seconds here: http://bit.ly/1UzLPhA NCIA’s Quarterly Cannabis Caucuses will educate,