Jul 242014
 July 24, 2014
State-Approved Marijuana University In Colorado Is Doing Well

The world of marijuana is a very complicated, evolving thing. Most people think of laws when they think of marijuana, but there is much more to marijuana than whether or not you can possess a joint in certain jurisdictions, and what the penalties are for violations. The marijuana industry is growing exponentially. New products and services are popping up daily, and keeping up can be hard. Navigating the industry, politics, rules, and regulations is no easy task. A state-approved university in Colorado is helping educate people on the subject. Per [...]

Jul 232014
 July 23, 2014
State Marijuana License Denial Stops Production Of Cheeba Chews

Cheeba Chews are a marijuana edible that I’m told is extremely strong. I had heard stories about Cheeba Chews packing a punch, but I always chalked it up to rookie consumers not knowing how to handle their edibles. But then I started hearing stories from proven veterans that ate some Cheeba Chews and were able to ‘ride the higher high.’ Since then I have been trying to get my hands on some to make the educated decision as to their potency. Sadly, it sounds like I may have to wait [...]

Jul 222014
 July 22, 2014
Washington Cannabis Edible Rules Need Improvement

The Washington State Liquor Control Board released new rules for cannabis edibles that are sold in stores. Washington started allowing recreational retail stores to sell cannabis on July 7th. The rules allow cannabis edibles in some cases, but not all cases. Cannabis-infused brownies and cookies are OK, but cannabis-infused candies are not. The reasoning behind allowing some cannabis-infused edible products to be sold, but not others? Cannabis-infused products that appeal to children will be prohibited. This seems kind of inconsistent and vague to me. Lollipops are prohibited because they will [...]

Jul 222014
 July 22, 2014
Canadian Marijuana Growers Should Get Agricultural Tax Breaks

Tax breaks and exemptions are created to help businesses grow and succeed so that they can contribute to the economy. Many business owners will tell you that without some of their larger tax breaks, they wouldn’t be in business. The agricultural industry is no exception. Agricultural companies in Canada rely on a lucrative tax break to stay in business. Unfortunately, legal cannabis growers in Canada will not be able to eligible for that tax break. Per The Telegram: Mayors in B.C. have been warning for months that commercial grow-ops could get [...]

Jul 212014
 July 21, 2014
Cannabis Businesses Need To Improve Their Internet Strategies

Everyday more and more people get their information from the internet or social media rather than through traditional sources, for better or worse. People used to largely get their information from newspapers, magazines, and other print media. Once radio and cable television grew in popularity, many people transitioned to those communication mediums to obtain their information. While people still use those resources to get their news and information, more and more people now get their information from Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other search engines and social media platforms. This is [...]

Jul 202014
 July 20, 2014
Safety First: Cannabis Edibles Recalled In Colorado

The Denver Department of Environmental Health recalled cannabis-infused edibles on July 17th due to possible contamination. The company that manufactured the edibles is At Home Baked. The suspected contamination may have been due to the company using unsanitary equipment that was not intended for food manufacturing. It’s worth noting that no one got sick from consuming the edibles, and that the recall may have been based on an arbitrary rule. Per The Cannabist: “We’re really frustrated with the entire situation,” said A.J. Ashkar, the co-owner of At Home Baked who [...]

Jul 192014
 July 19, 2014
Sting Operations Show No Colorado Cannabis Stores Selling To Kids

One of the first things that cannabis industry opponents say when trying to spread their message is that legalizing cannabis sales will increase children’s access to cannabis. That will then be accompanied by a surge in cannabis use by underage people these opponents claim. If recent underage sting operations in Colorado are any indication, those claims are unfounded. Law enforcement and state regulators recently conducted underage sting operations at cannabis stores in Denver and Pueblo. Underage individuals were sent into twenty different stores to try to purchase legal cannabis, similar [...]

Jul 182014
 July 18, 2014
Andrew Sullivan Keynoting The ICBC Is A Pretty Big Deal

As it has been reported widely over the interwebs, blogger and author Andrew Sullivan will be delivering the keynote address at the first International Cannabis Business Conference this September in Portland, Oregon. The conference features several true heavyweights and heroes of the cannabis community including Steve DeAngelo of Harborside, renowned grower Ed Rosenthal and Congressman Earl Blumenauer, one of our best champions in Washington, D.C. However, the addition of Andrew Sullivan to a cannabis conference is truly noteworthy. Sullivan is much better known as a libertarian conservative political commentator than he is for [...]

Jul 182014
 July 18, 2014
Six Out Of Ten Americans Support Marijuana Sales In Colorado

Legal recreational marijuana sales have been occurring in Colorado since January 1, 2014. I have heard many political analysts and pundits describe legalization as the ‘great public policy experiment of this decade.’ I have also heard marijuana reform opponents describe legalization as ‘the most dangerous public policy experiment of this decade.’ The fact is that there have been very few problems reported in Colorado and Washington since they legalized marijuana, and those issues have been insignificant compared to the benefits that have been afforded to Colorado and Washington. There have [...]

Jul 172014
 July 17, 2014
How Many Marijuana Strains Are There?

I have been consuming marijuana since 1993. The first time I smoked marijuana with a name attached to it was ‘The Project’ during that year. The strain was created by my friend’s step-dad who crossed two unknown strains that he obtained in Hawaii while on vacation in the late 1980′s. He originally just called his grow room his ‘project’ and the name became attached to the strain that was produced by the grow room. He said it was a pure sativa strain, and it packed a punch the likes of [...]