Sep 162014
 September 16, 2014
Andrew Sullivan On The ICBC: Best. Conference. Ever.

We here at the International Cannabis Business Conference sincerely thank all of our attendees, vendors and speakers. You all made our first international conference an amazing success and experience. The reviews from everyone involved were tremendous and we are very happy that people gained valuable information and networking connections. We look forward to future conferences, events and ways that we can assist the cannabis community and industry succeed in the years and decades to come. Keynote speaker Andrew Sullivan, like many of our speakers, wowed the audience with his wit [...]

Sep 152014
 September 15, 2014
Is Warren Buffett Getting Into The Marijuana Industry?

For so long, members of ‘traditional business’ scoffed at the marijuana industry. Investors from other areas of business wouldn’t touch the marijuana industry with a ten foot poll. That all changed after the 2012 Election when Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana. Slowly but surely, more and more investors have jumped into the marijuana arena. It sounds like even Warren Buffett might be trying to get in on the action. Per Bloomberg: Ice cream, candy and soft drinks helped make Warren Buffett a billionaire. Now a subsidiary of his Berkshire Hathaway Inc. [...]

Sep 142014
 September 14, 2014
Recreational Marijuana Sales Increase In Washington

Recreational marijuana sales have been legal in Washington State for more than two months now. The roll out of legal recreational marijuana sales in Washington has been racked with delays and hurtles. There are still not nearly enough stores open or supply to meet demand. With that being said, things are improving in Washington, albeit slowly. Per Seattle PI: Retail sales of state-licensed weed in Washington topped $12 million by Sept. 8 … and sales keep climbing. The improvement of sales in recreational marijuana here mirrors the steep growth in [...]

Sep 122014
 September 12, 2014
International Cannabis Business Conference Is This Weekend

The International Cannabis Business Conference starts tomorrow in Portland, Oregon. If you are trying to get into the cannabis industry, or are already in the cannabis industry and want to network with the best people in the industry, you should be attending this event. Speakers include United States Congressman Earl Blumenauer, Brian Vicente from the successful Colorado legalization campaign, and legendary cultivation expert Ed Rosenthal. Even my long time favorite edible chef Amber Senter will be there, plus many, many more speakers. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. [...]

Sep 112014
 September 11, 2014
Colorado Recreational Marijuana Sales Surpass Medical Marijuana Sales

Recreational marijuana sales have been legal in Colorado since January 1, 2014. For the first six months, medical marijuana sales were larger than recreational marijuana sales. In some twisted form of irony, that mathematical fact was used by marijuana opponents like Kevin Sabet to indicate that legalized marijuana wasn’t working because people weren’t buying enough. Well, Mr. Sabet, you can feel relief knowing that recreational marijuana sales in Colorado have officially surpassed medical marijuana sales. It’s time for him to pick a new talking point I suppose. Per The Cannabist: [...]

Sep 102014
 September 10, 2014
My Candid Cannabis Conversation With Andrew Sullivan

Andrew Sullivan is a bestselling author and one of the top political and cultural pundits of our time. His independent blog, The Dish, is one of the top blogs in the world. The blog existed on several different media outlets, including Time Magazine, The Atlantic and The Daily Beast. In 2013, Sullivan shook up the media and the blogosphere world when he announced that he was taking his blog independent, separating himself from any corporate overlord and was going to sink or swim based upon subscriptions paid by his readers. [...]

Denver To Ban Unlicensed Dab Making

 Posted by at 7:23 AM on September 9, 2014  Marijuana Business News
Sep 092014
 September 9, 2014
Denver To Ban Unlicensed Dab Making

I have always said that butane hash oil (BHO) making should be left to the pros. There is too much crappy dabs out there right now for one, and it’s a public safety issue for two. I think that people that know what they are doing should be allowed to make BHO at home, but unfortunately, amateurs are ruining that right with every apartment explosion that occurs. Working with a dangerous material like butane is not something that every average Joe should be doing. Only people that can follow strict safety [...]

Sep 092014
 September 9, 2014
Laura Blanco, Top Activist from Uruguay, At The International Cannabis Business Conference This Weekend

Uruguay helped transform the global debate surrounding cannabis law reform when the country just started to consider legalizing and regulating marijuana. After the country’s legislative body passed President Mujica’s plan to make the country the first in the world to end cannabis prohibition, the global debate was revolutionized yet another step. No longer was full legalization a theoretical concept, now such a law was a reality and countries around the world took real notice and it kick-started serious debates in countries across the globe. Laura Blanco has been at the [...]

Canadian Marijuana Stock Prices Rise

 Posted by at 11:47 AM on September 8, 2014  Marijuana Business News
Sep 082014
 September 8, 2014
Canadian Marijuana Stock Prices Rise

Cannabis stocks are a very tricky business. Just about every cannabis company that offers stock in America is a scam. As I always say, they rely more on the hype surrounding the cannabis industry to sell their stock than they rely on the quality of their product or service. These companies are easy to spot. If you want to evaluate an American cannabis company’s stock, take a step back, look at their product or service, and ask yourself, ‘are people really buying this product or service right now?’ Or even [...]

Sep 082014
 September 8, 2014
Another Medical Cannabis Dispensary Lawsuit Filed In Massachusetts

Determining the best candidates to receive a medical marijuana dispensary license is important. It’s not just about who has the best business background, or who has the most money. The right people need to get licenses to ensure that patients get the best medicine at the best price. Giving a license to one applicant over the other can result in poor medicine quality, supply shortages, price gouging, and a number of other issues. That’s why I don’t like license lotteries. The licensing process in Massachusetts has been racked with issues, [...]